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Cryptic Studios Announces Neverwinter For 2011 Release

The MMO developer sets its sights on a class-based co-op RPG based in the Neverwinter universe.

Rumors had Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios pegged as the creator of a Neverwinter-based MMO. These were half-true, according to a recent reveal by Atari that has pegged Cryptic as the developer of what sounds precisely like what you'd expect from an RPG with Neverwinter in the title, with decidedly unmassive co-op support.

Neverwinter, as it's simply being referred to by the publisher, will feature five classic Dungeons and Dragons character classes. You'll be able to control just one of these at a time while AI or up to four other people will compose the rest of a given group. Character customization is being promised.

Groups will quest of course, though the nature of these quests isn't being discussed quite yet. According to press materials, you and your cohorts will be able to generate your own quests with a "user-friendly" system tentatively named Forge. Like much of the rest of the currently available details, this sounds at least thematically similar to the expandability found in the Neverwinter Nights series.

A shot from the game's official website. 
Neverwinter is set for a Q4 2011 release on the PC. It'll be a part of a multi-product release plan that'll see a launch of a Wizards of the Coast-created tabletop game as well as a new trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. The first book of this series--a series that just so happens to be what the game is inspired by--releases on October 5. Atari is saying it lays the groundwork for the game.
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Posted by Sammo21

Hopefully they do better than they did with Champions Online.  Then again, Bill "Caustic To Your Game" Roper isn't invovled with Cryptic so...
Yeah, I'm still bitter about my wasted lifetime membership w/, I don't want to talk about it.

Posted by Sign

This could be interesting, especially if the trilogy from Salvatore is well done.

Posted by MelissaPeterson
@TekZero said:
" @hematurge said:
" Hell yes. Local co-op would have been nice. "
On a computer?  Dear god.  Please tell me that they are not planning on making this into a console game "
I dearly hope not, because that would just destroy the game for hardcore fans of the series
Posted by jbrocky

I like the idea of this game's MMORPG, it's not traditional, it sounds like a good mix of MMORPG and Diabloish style MMOG gameplay, I like it.

Edited by carminedemattia

From Italy... 
I love much NWN 1.. I make server and hakpack for years...  
I play all  campaign.. wonderfull... 
NWN 2 was not so great how the first, when he come out was incomplete..full of bug..rember the 1 patch??? 
Yeah a bit improvments to a grafic.. nice story.. but wat we have lose?    The possibility of make server game and make all what possible make with the first NWN.. INFINITEEEE STORY! 
So after the nwn 2 i wish every day how many people and friend to have a NWN3 how the first  chapters...and now???  
.....i'm very dissapointed... 
but what we can make? a petition? send many e-mail? 
I dont want pay every monthly...i don't want a nwn 3 without a single player campaigns.. and i dont want a product so bad how championship online or star trek..... 
very very sad.... 
sorry for my english ^_^