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Crytek Sells Homefront to Deep Silver

The game's publisher has rescued Homefront: The Revolution from the troubled studio.

Homefront is switching hands yet again. First, it was from THQ to Crytek. Now, publisher Deep Silver has wholly acquired the franchise, including all creative assets for Homefront: The Revolution from Crytek. Development on the game is being moved to a new studio, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

The news comes in the wake of Crytek struggling to pay employees and finance projects. We haven't talked about Crytek's issues much on Giant Bomb, but the studio's deep troubles have been well documented by Jason Schreier at Kotaku.

Homefront: Revolution had been under the care of Crytek UK. It's unclear if the original development staff will relocate to Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, or if the game will suffer any delays.

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Posted by Rotnac

Wow... This game is turning into another DNF.

Posted by SomeDeliCook

@rotnac said:

Wow... This game is turning into another DNF.

Not really, this game has only switched developers (and even then it was a different team within the company) not delayed endlessly or media silent.

A new Half-Life is the next DNF

Posted by deathfromace

@gaff said:

You sometimes have to wonder if the Homefront IP is actually cursed.

I don't wonder if it's cursed but I do wonder if the IP is worth it.

Edited by Rotnac

@somedelicook: A new Half-Life being the next DNF would require it to exist in the first place.

Posted by afrofools

Maybe Crytek got butt-raped by external politics. Countries are now placing trade sanctions on Russia, and I think Crytek's F2P title Warface was popular in that market.

Posted by kubqo

Just when that game started to look really cool...

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Guess we'll still be getting this game after all...

Edited by bybeach

@gaff said:

You sometimes have to wonder if the Homefront IP is actually cursed.

I know it is beaten to death by now, but Homefront seems to be surviving better than it's performance warrants so far, and Crytek is the one sinking. Why, hello there THQ, I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you...something like that.

Sure agree with that poster about Space Marine, I would have loved a sequel to that one. The glow from that one reminded me of the fate of Freedom Fighters.

Posted by NeoZeon

I actually enjoyed the multiplayer in the first Homefront quite a bit, but obviously I'm the minority on that one. I just hope the developers are doing alright: This sounds like a mess in just about every way

Posted by Uberjannie

Homefront was short, story had flaws and werent really any good. And for that, they took full price.

Edited by Viking_Funeral

Nothing new for Crytek, unfortunately. They did this with FarCry, as well.

From their point of view, they can always develop a new IP, and maybe sell it down the line. Not that I have confidence in this happening --- it's definitely a long shot from my perspective --- but I can understand why they chose this move.

Posted by LarryDavis

Did anyone hear about nordic games wanting to purchase the THQ name because "nordic games" wasn't widely known? Wouldn't it be hilarious if in 6 months we read the headline "Deep Silver sells Homefront to... THQ"

But the name THQ was synonymous with Garbage Products for so long that I think Nordic would be better served to just build their own reputation. Putting out Darksiders 3 would be a nice start for that.

Edited by Blitz_Kill

@gaff: Or just if it even needs to exist. The market is still flooded with shooters from sci-fi to brodude, 1st to 3rd person. A desperate sequel to a half-assed game isn't going to change the world.

Posted by madlands



Posted by Bunny_Fire

i proberly in the minority but i'm happy that Homefront hopefully has found a new home.

Posted by Korwin

I do sincerely hope that the technology side of Crytek survives long term. The market needs a little more variety in it's engines, otherwise we'll just end up in a situation where almost every game looks or plays similarly like the last go round with UE3.

Edited by ThatOneDudeNick

I hope Crytek can recover. Even their bad games are pretty good. I like pretty much everything they've put out.

Posted by DarkeyeHails

@gorillamopena said:

Seems like a crazy idea, but how about just nobody makes a new Homefront? Where is that Bombcast clip where Jeff is a video game CEO just asking "why" about Prey 2?

Prey 2 was an incredibly promising game from what little we knew of it... I never understand why people bring that reference up. People were stoked for that game. If someone can take the concepts that worked in Homefront and fix the rest it could be a cool game.

In this particular case, the reference is being made since Homefront was not very good and there is little to find incredibly promising in a sequel. So, why is a natural question at that point.

Whether or not the reference itself is problematic is a different matter.

Posted by Branthog

I can't wait for Homefront to come out, just so I can buy it and play it and marvel at the hilarious failure it is sure to be. Coming from a fairly shitty game that felt old when it launched and then booted around three or more different publishers/developers -- it has "really pretty Duke Nukem Forever" written all over it.

I would be glad to be wrong. I like the very raw concept of the original Homefront game. I would like nothing more than for it to be a tremendous game and a real joy to play.

Edited by Branthog


I've never heard of this show, but as an America, let me guess what I just saw in German: Was it a nagging exhausted wife with her big, dumb, dopey, baffoon of a husband? (Of course it was, because that's every sit-com of the last thirty years).

Posted by myslead

deep silver has deep pockets...

Edited by jakob187

They bring on the Timesplitters gang, the Homefront IP, and then this news springs up?

I guess both of those really ARE cursed. That sucks!

Posted by YukoAsho

If I remember correctly, wasn't Crytek going into free-to-play? Actually, what the hell happened to Warface?

Posted by Hailinel

@myslead said:

deep silver has deep pockets...

I'm guessing that they didn't have to buy the IP for very much. Crytek bought the Homefront IP for a relatively small sum during the liquidation of THQ's assets. Deep Silver probably didn't pay Crytek that much more to acquire it for themselves.

Posted by superNoid

The Homefront premise is terrific, execution is really missing. Believe it or not, I actually think that its in better hands with Deep Silver than its previous 2 owners.

Posted by Baltimore

Maybe Crytek can now pay it's employees. :(