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David Jaffe Leaving Eat Sleep Play After Twisted Metal

Designer downplays reported casual future, but confirms eventual departure.

David Jaffe joined Giant Bomb for one of its many reaaaaaally long podcasts this past E3.

David Jaffe will leave Eat Sleep Play after the latest Twisted Metal is finished, according to comments by the designer on Twitter.

The initial report on Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play came from The Salt Lake City Tribune, which reported both Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play would technically be parting ways, but both pursuing casual games.

Jaffe downplayed the characterization of his future career as a casual game designer on Twitter.

“Talking2peeps about some big, huge next gen game ideas I'd love for us2make, as well as cool stuff in the browser space (action oriented, gamer centric)& a few things in between,” he said.

In essence, it appears that very little groundwork has been laid for Jaffe’s life after Eat Sleep Play, only that he’ll continue to work on Twisted Metal following its launch, but will move on soon after.

Jaffe also clarified there are still no plans to produce downloadable content for Twisted Metal.

“We're totally supporting game post launch with balance tweaking, tuning, and bug crunching, he said. “But I've been saying for a YEAR there was no DLC planned. But the team- me included- is still cranking on TM post launch.”

Twisted Metal launches next week.

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Posted by Olymp1c

@rudyarr: layoffs should be no surprise, they just finished a game.

Posted by Zero_

That glowing ass image was uploaded by me! :D This is the 2nd time it's been used, another time by Navarro...

Posted by jasondesante

@Zero_: screen cap during the livestream? :D

good job on the pic! :D lol got a good laugh at that comment :D

Posted by probablytuna

Although I have no interest in getting Twisted Metal, I would like to see what his next big game idea would be since I adore God of War.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

That was fast.

Posted by Zero_

@jasondesante: Haha, yeah during that awesome livestream. The whole chat just couldn't stop talking about his glowing ass, I had to take a screenshot for the better of humanity.

Posted by I_smell

I think David Jaffe is like the best developer around, but every time I see him in an interview, people are givin him a hard time!
Step off, games press!

Posted by Jace

@Delta_Ass said:

Twisted Metal's gonna be that bad, huh?

Yeah, it's gonna be so bad that he's going to start his own company after TM hits shelves.

There should be a logic exam required before posting.

Posted by joeq1159

I don't know how I feel about no planned DLC for Twisted Metal. This could be great, allowing the developer to focus completely on making the game great and then, if the game sells well maybe DLC will be an option. Hmm As for Jaffe leaving, for some reason I don't really care. It's not like he's not making games anymore.

Posted by thetolsonator

Total bummer.

Posted by PXAbstraction

@Altersparck said:

Brad Muir is in that picture. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Brutal Legend 2 with Jaffe designing the open-world vehicle sections? Think about it.

Posted by g11d

Is Sony taking Jaffe back into the fold - what "peeps" was he talking to about NEXT GEN STUFF? This could be crazy good news!

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