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Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Arrives Next Week for $15

Downloadable content to work a bit like BioShock 2's Minerva's Den.

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I’m still finding it hard to believe Deus Ex: Human Revolution was such a kick ass game, one that I haven’t started playing a second time yet, simply because I want the experience to feel fresh when I get back around to it. Fortunately, I’ll have another reason to dive back in soon: downloadable content.

Eidos Montreal announced today that The Missing Link, which plugs in a narrative gap towards the end of the main story, will arrive for $15 on all three platforms on October 18.

Several team members came through San Francisco last month to show off The Missing Link, and while they admitted it’s slotted during a certain moment towards the end of Human Revolution that makes convenient narrative sense, they were adament this was not content cut from the main game.

To that end, the team said it would have been easier to simply augment the slew of content cut from Human Revolution, but the hope was to use the downloadable content as a way to show off how far the game’s technology had come from inception to completion and actually implement lessons learned from the game’s development. The art assets are brand-new in The Missing Link, the lighting looks improved, and that orange/ gold color scheme appears to have be ditched for a redder look.

And while you’re stripped of powers for a so-far undisclosed reason in The Missing Link (does it really matter?), that actually sounds pretty great, especially if you’re familiar with how BioShock 2’s Minerva’s Den worked. Like Minerva’s Den, The Missing Link will allow players to progress through most, if not all, of Human Revolution’s skill tree over the add-on’s heavily condensed time period. If you played through Human Revolution one way, The Missing Link will provide you with the opportunity to try something else. As someone who played the game as a stealthy hacker, maybe I’ll go all-guns this time.

Basically, I want to play The Missing Link.

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