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Drew's Top 10 Next Endurance Run Candidates

IF we ever finish Persona 4, we're going to need something else to play.

As a video producer here at Giant Bomb, specifically the one who hits "Start" and "Stop" on the Endurance Runs, I like to think I have a keen eye for what makes good web entertainment.  When (if?) Vinny and Jeff finish Persona 4, we'll need a game that can live up to the high bar P4 has set.  Here are some games we're considering.

10. Peggle

9. Noby Noby Boy

8. Battletoads

7. Madden NFL 09

6. Korg DS-10

5. Halo 3 Multiplayer

4. Rumble Massage

3. EVE Online

2. Desert Bus

1. SpeedTree

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Posted by drewbert
Posted by DrX25

You guys should do Desert Bus.

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

EVE Online Endurance run would be.........amazing?

Posted by AndrewB

What about Braid? That time rewinding potion... I hear it *never* runs out. Could make for an awesome endurance run then, eh?

Posted by Mattalorian

SpeedTree endurance run... You listening, Endurance Runners?
Make it happen.

Posted by FlappyHands

Haha, EVE Online endurance run would be insane, and possibly awesome. As for SpeedTree, that would also be sweet.

Posted by JohnDudebro

I would love a SpeedTree endurance run. Forty half-hour videos of the guys just watching trees get build. Sounds awesome to me.

Although I suppose Rumble Massage would be more about "endurance", if you catch my drift. HEY-OH!
Posted by PowerSerj

Halo 3 multiplayer would be flippin sweet.

Posted by futuramafreak

Noby Noby Boy

Posted by slantedwindows

do an endurance of every cRPG on snide's list.

Posted by RobtheRobot

I think Noby Noby Boy would be best because of the multiplayer mode coming out, both jeff and vinny could have days of fun eatting each other........ They're goal could always be to get to mars!

Posted by Gagewhylds

Endurance is needed for many of these games fo sho.  And some only a highlander could complete.

Posted by Lies

You guys should do Halo 3, but only in the Grifball and Rocket Race playlists.

Posted by Dalai

Needs more RapeLay.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies
DrX25 said:
"You guys should do Desert Bus."
Posted by Hamz
Lies said:
"You guys should do Halo 3, but only in the Grifball and Rocket Race playlists."
I would actually agree with a Halo 3 endurance run. The key concept of seeing how long they can endure high pitched voices screaming insults down the mic at them before they snap and do a Jay & Silent Bob, going to said kids house one by one and giving them a beating.

God I would pay good money to see that. Good money!
Posted by Steven

Dude yes.  Desert Bus.

Posted by Seroth

Where is Rapelay?

Posted by rargy

No Brad's beard?  I could watch 45 minute videos of that.

Posted by Rudy

Eve online!!!

Posted by HydraHam

pokemon snap

Posted by musdy

Speedtree FTW!!!

Posted by TripMasterMunky


Posted by mgssnake

Good luck finishing Halo 3 multiplayer. Also Rapelay and Big Rigs would be awesome to watch.

Posted by Crono

eve online gogo

Posted by Dane

Madden NFL 09, duh.


Posted by LordAndrew
Dalai said:
"Needs more RapeLay."
Seroth said:
"Where is Rapelay?"
TripMasterMunky said:
The people have spoken!

Desert Bus and SpeedTree sound fun. :)
Posted by Video_Game_King

(Stupid question) What's an endurance run? I have a vague idea, and I'm suggesting Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for it. Why? Death is permanent, and this is a hard game.

Posted by MeatSim

SpeedTree FTW there's so much commentary Vinny and Jeff can make about trees.

Posted by CharleyTony

any pokemon or megaman starforce game...

because I would never play it but I d like to see what its alla bout

Posted by giyanks22

Lol at Halo 3...

Posted by BoG

I vote for Desert Bus.

Posted by stephengotlost

I would love to see some videos of Jeff playing Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3, along with the hilarious commentary.

Posted by IzzyGraze

April fools! Yeah, I vote for Speedtree or Rumble Massage.

Posted by unangbangkay

I might suggest EVE Online, but I'm not that sadistic. From what we've learned watching you and Vinny play P4, a good Endurance Run is more about the "run" than the "endurance". An Endurance Run needs a definite ending, and plenty of changing content for you guys to talk about and for us to watch, without too much menu-navigation or grinding, which kicks out more than half of the list. P4 sidesteps the issue by making you choose when you want to grind, but you're beginning to get your asses kicked since you can't use up valuable video time making cash or fusing proper personas. It's a good thing Jeff's been playing on his own time, because I really fear for you dudes.

So if we were going to pick from the list alone, I'd suggest Battletoads, but if you guys are amicable towards a write-in contestant, I suggest:

  • Odin Sphere - Strong plot, looks pretty, short-but-sweet cutscenes and a unique aesthetic.
  • Steambot Chronicles - It's nonlinear in the same way that Persona is, but with a lot less grinding and more robot fighting.
  • Way of the Samurai 1 or 2 - It's awesome and quirky, and I want WotS 3 to come over from Japan, so any promotion is good.
  • Robot Alchemic Drive - I wrote most of the GB entry on it, IT IS WHAT YOU WANT.
  • Ace Combat 4, 5 or Zero - It's HAWX without the suck.
  • Sakura Taisen - No chance right now since it's in Japanese, but rumors are that NISA is bringing ST5 over sometime this year, so it'd be AWESOME if you did that. For the comedic potential just look at the "let's play" thread on SomethingAwful!
Posted by AuthenticM

Eve Online! C'mon!

Posted by Arkthemaniac

Pac Man.

Posted by Babble

Eve Online would be amazing.

Posted by Tolkienfanatic

EVE all the way.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

I'd love to see Jeff attempt to curse his way through Battletoads.

Posted by iAmJohn

If there is no RapeLay Endurance Run, I will stop going to this site and send you guys a box filled with anthrax.

Haha!  Just kidding about that first one!

Posted by Kyle

The only one I want to see more than SpeedTree is Rumble Massage.

And actually there are a bunch of guys that do crazy Desert Bus marathons every year for charity. God bless them. o_o

Posted by Arkthemaniac
Kyle said:
"The only one I want to see more than SpeedTree is Rumble Massage.And actually there are a bunch of guys that do crazy Desert Bus marathons every year for charity. God bless them. o_o"

Address them by name, sir. I believe that playing the game for 5 days straight in shifts has earned them that.
Posted by Kyle

Definitely true. Didn't remember the name til I read the wiki just now :P

Posted by Shadow


Posted by NickL

i was kinda sad not to see RapeLay as number 1

Posted by HatKing

Obviously RapeLay would be my first choice, but otherwise I'd like to see EVE Online...actually that'd probably be really boring.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

this is a terrible list besides eve online. But eve online, hey thats a good idea!

Posted by LiquidPrince

Noby Noby boy, just because they'd be so confused.

Posted by MGSolid86

EVE Online!!!