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E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event Recap

We get our first look at an exploration-heavy Zelda Wii U game, even if it is very brief. Also, Nintendo's getting into the Skylanders game with Amiibo.

Nintendo comes out with a fairly significantly goofy animated and live-action intro with Reggie and Iwata going at each other. Looks like they got the Robot Chicken guys to animate some of the transitions here. At least these guys look like they're having fun.

  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS features a big portion of the beginning of the conference.
  • Ah, Nintendo's getting into the Skylanders game with Amiibo. Looks like these are actually some kind of partnership with the Skylander team. Each figure will have a chip that can send and receive data. The figures will interact with the gamepad, and it looks like Super Smash Bros Wii; you can make a custom Amiibo character that can be imported into the game. Mario Kart 8 will also eventually get support for it.
  • The next Yoshi game will take some tips from Kirby's Epic Yarn; Yoshi will have some light levitation abilities, can eat up and spit out other Yoshis in co-op. Looks adorable in a way that's pretty similar to Epic Yarn, but with more 3D elements. Yoshi's Wooly World will be arriving in 2015.
  • You get a game, you get a game; every Mario character gets a game! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker stars everyone's favorite diminutive amphibian as he searches a 3D world for...I'm guessing treasure.
  • Zelda! "Revisiting the conventions of Zelda would be our theme for Zelda on the WiiU." After a bit of history, we get our first glimpse of the game. A big, realistic-looking open world; "can enter any location from any direction." Sounds like exploration will be more important here, and it sounds like you won't be locked into Dungeon 1 - Dungeon 2 - Dungeon 3 progression here. Link's quickly attacked by some kind of crazy sci-fi enemy that shoots laser beams at him; he responds with some bomb-arrows to take it out. Everything looks pretty sharp and smooth; a bit of cel-shadedness, but it looks quite good.
  • Bayonetta 2 is still a Wii U exclusive, it looks like. Huge enemies and plenty of big setpieces to come, it would appear. And...Zelda and Samus Aran outfits? Look like the game will probably also include the first Bayonetta.
  • Hyrule Warriors. Looks like you'll be located on fairly large maps, and your troops will let you know if they're in trouble; you'll have the choice to go after them or stick with yourself. Two-player mode will not be splitscreen, but you'll be able to have one player on Gamepad and one on the screen. Zelda, Link, and many other characters will be playable. Comes out September 26, 2014.
  • Speaking of Epic Yarn, looks like a sequel of sorts is coming along: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in 2015.
  • Some kind of sci-fi anime-inspired space saga. Humanity has been pushed from Earth by the forces of the Growth empire, and war rages. Ah, it's a mech game. Action both planetside and in space, it looks lie. Very cutscene-heavy trailer. Xenoblade Chronicles comes in 2015. A port of the Wii game?
  • Mario Maker arrives! Make your own custom 2D Mario levels. Looks like you'll be able to use whatever graphical style of mario you want, whether it's old-school NES sprites or modern Super Mario Bros. U. Everything is 2D, though, so no Super Mario 64 level editor or anything.
  • Splatoon, an "eight player, four-on-four online action game." You claim your turf by splattering ink on the ground, rather than shooting everyone. Covering ink claims territory, and the team with the most territory at the end of the match wins. Characters will transform between humans and squids; humans can fire ink, and squids have higher mobility. This actually looks like a really neat implementation of new mechanics in a third-person multiplayer shooter.
  • One more little teaser: Some kind of anime Zelda thing? Kid Icarus appears, alongside Palutena. I guess this is another character reveal for Super Smash Bros. And...dark Icarus?

Plenty of stuff to digest here, and we'll be trying to track down more trailers and videos for all of this stuff as soon as we can. Miyamoto appears for a bit to announce that there'll be a lot more going down today on Nintendo's Twitch stream and YouTube, so...hey, I'm going to go try and find that stuff!

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Posted by Y2Ken

Feeling even better about my Wii U purchase a few weeks ago now. Some neat stuff coming.

Squid abilities.

Posted by danlongman

Thanks for writing these up @rorie really awesome!

Posted by Winternet

I love @rorie's attempt to decipher what was going on in that Xenoblade bit.

Posted by Hailinel

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a sequel, Rorie!

Posted by stryker1121

Love these wrap-ups, thank you for the hustle, Mr. Rorie.

Edited by Deathpooky

Between Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, and the first party stuff, it's seeming increasingly worth it to get a Wii U. Probably the best and most unexpected showing so far from any of the major companies. Half a dozen things that looked really cool here, compared to a couple interesting though already known quantities at the other conferences.

Edited by Nomin

No metroid?

Posted by Video_Game_King
Posted by digitaldiatribe

@rorie Toad is not an amphibian. He's a mushroom.

Posted by radioactivez0r

Thanks for getting these up quick rorie, I wasn't able to watch/listen along with the crew.

Posted by lovett01

Heres some HD screenshots of Zelda, Damn it looks nice

Posted by Wolf3

Some games I'm legitimately interested in here. Captain Toad, Epic Yarn...

Even Zelda. I'm actually even interested in Zelda, as it sounds more like a REAL sequel to the first two least conceptionaly.

It's incredibly lame though that these games aren't just getting released multiplatform.

Posted by TheMathlete

I have to say I'm pretty happy with Nintendo's showing this year. I got exact dates for most of the games that I've been waiting for (Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors), some more info and release periods for Smash on Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Yoshi's Woolly World and even some cool new stuff like Captain Toad, the new Kirby and Splatoon. I do wish we got some more info on SMT X Fire Emblem and the new Zelda, though.

Posted by MocBucket62

I got to hand it to Nintendo, this might of been the best list of newly announced games for the show. Yoshi's Wooley World looks great and seeing Alex melt over it made me smile, that Kirby Canvas Curse sequel looks awesome with that claymation look and Captain Toad looks sweet!

And that Iwata/Reggie fight was a sight to be had!

Posted by paulunga

Is there no video of Giant Bomb talking over Nintendo Direct yet?

Posted by melodiousj

You guys missed the post-show chatter, where they confirmed Layton+Phoenix Wright and Fantasy Life for North America.

Posted by elko84

Squids, y'all

Posted by Brackynews

@nomin said:

No metroid?


Edited by NorseDudeTR

I’m absolutely sure the Toad in Toad’s name is not a reference to amphibians, but I still LOVE the idea that he is an amphibian. Totally made me laugh. You win again, @rorie.

Also, this made me happy I have a WiiU/3ds.

Posted by Malarkain

Someday there will be a new 2D Metroid. Guess I can make myself feel better by playing through Super Metroid again this year

Posted by ArbitraryWater
Posted by Taargus_435

So nothing new for the 3DS.

Posted by ripelivejam

@wolf3: wow it's almost like they want you to buy a wii u...

Posted by Video_Game_King
Posted by Dixavd

I like how @rorie thought the Xenoblade Chronicles X was a re-release of the Wii game. As someone who played Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, that trailer looks nothing like it (it looks more like Xenosaga than Xenoblade, heck maybe Star Wars/FFXII style).

This is supposed to be their new name for the X (not final title) game from last year (same X logo as well) but I wouldn't blame you for not recognizing it.

Edited by Sydlanel

That squid girls splatoon game has a most terrifying potential for "fanart"...

I'm sorry I shouldn't even have mentioned it.

I felt good about this Nintendo direct.. but nothing really inspired me to get a Wii-U I guess they preach to their faithful.

Posted by HellknightLeon

Look at all the fucks I give. Nothing from Nintendo I care about. Man that sucks.

Posted by nasedase

Did Rorie imply that the Kirby Curse game was a sequel to Epic Yarn?


Posted by Brackynews

but I still LOVE the idea that he is an amphibian. Totally made me laugh. You win again, @rorie.

Matt's such a Fun Gi.

Posted by freakin9

There's a certain brilliance by Nintendo that they are able to keep their fans loyal even though they don't age their games with their audience.

I mean sure, people complain, but the game sales numbers tell another story.

Posted by LordelX

Are you trolling by saying Xenoblade Chronicles X is a port? Obviously, you haven't seen any other trailers of it, then. It's a very compelling reason to buy a Wii U.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Best intro of E3.