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EA Will Make All Your Star Wars Games Now

The publisher has struck a deal with Disney to grant them the exclusive license for the franchise.

Something tells me that, for a lot of you, EA was not the publisher you were looking for.

Ever since Disney shuttered former all-things-Star Wars publisher LucasArts in the wake of its purchase of Lucasfilm, we have been left wondering who would be tasked with resuming production on the world's supply of Star Wars video games. Now we know the answer.

EA has stepped up and Jedi mind-tricked Disney (or, more likely, paid handsomely) for the exclusive license for all Star Wars games in the "core games" category. This means Disney will still have the license to produce its own games in the mobile, tablet, and online gaming categories. However, if you want to make a major console, handheld, or PC game with the words "Star" and "Wars" in the title, you'd best be working for an EA studio.

It would extra help if you worked for DICE, Visceral Games, or BioWare, as EA's announcement of the deal specifically cites these studios as the ones tasked with bringing more Star Wars video games into the world. BioWare, of course, already has experience working with the Star Wars brand, producing the original Knights of the Old Republic RPG games (though only developing the first one internally), as well as the Old Republic MMO, which is perhaps most notable for costing EA an exceptional amount of money. On a possibly related note, financial terms for this deal were not disclosed.

"Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe,” said EA Labels President Frank Gibeau. "Now, we own the exclusive rights to those dreams," he did not add, but I imagine he thought to himself at least once.

We'll bring you more on this deal as it becomes available.

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Posted by gamefreak9


Posted by JoeyRavn

At least they can't fuck up worse than Jar Jar Binks, right?

... right?

Posted by TheCableKid

1313 back on?

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SimCity city sets for all major Star War's universe planets forthcoming?

I think the best thing that could come out of this would be the ability to build my own Mos Eisley.

Also, the obligatory:

Posted by Rodiard

Star Wars: Need For Lightspeed: Podracers

Edited by TorMasturba

I naively proclaim! Maybe now we will get an ACTUAL KOTOR 3 instead a homogenized KOTOR MMO.

Edited by Extreme_Popcorn

DICE, Visceral and BioWare are cracking studios, I'd love to see what they could do with the Star Wars universe.

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KoOR 3 Proper please

Posted by RoyCampbell

Posted by PopeShabooda

This isn't as bad as it sounds. I did a bunch of research on this, and

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Posted by HadesTimes

I'm sorry this wasn't the publisher we were looking for....

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that DICE is probably going to make a Star War first person shooter that may or may not resemble a certain modern military first person shooter that they currently make while also being a sequel to a game that may or may not feature a lot of similarities to the aforementioned shooter, but instead, is located in a science fiction based setting.

DICE is totally making Battlefront 3

Posted by djou

Mass Effect and SWKOTR cross over game from Bioware!

Posted by JayEH

I am so excited about this. The great part is that they are giving Star Wars to three great developers so I hope to see Battlefront 3, KOTOR 3, and a Star Wars Horror Game?

Posted by Toxin066

Could be okay with this. Battlefront 3. KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

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BioWare made a great Star Wars game in the past. I'm not that optimistic given EA's recent track record, but I'm not angry that they got the license.

Posted by Itwastuesday

star wars sucks

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Can I get BioWare to make a proper Knights of the Old Republic III now?

Posted by mcmax3000

There is no way this goes over well with the internet NO WAY.

Posted by SeanFoster

They deserve each other.

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Well that didn't take long. I wonder if this was the plan all along (IE, license out to a major publisher who is willing to pony up for the benefit of having a top shelf IP under their belt), or if EA made a rather convincing pitch/blank check. Either way, kinda surprised they'd double down on Star Wars after The Old Republic fizzled.

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At least now we'll finally find out the proper currency exchange rate for Imperial Datari Credits to the Dollar.

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I never imagined things could get any worse for the Star Wars franchise... It appears I spoke too soon.

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I've got a bad feeling about this...

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@rodiard said:

Star Wars: Need For Lightspeed: Podracers

Best possible outcome.

Posted by machinerebel

Guess that means another generation of terribly mediocre Star Wars games. Mark it down, because I guaranty that every release is going to be met with hostile reactions by the gaming community, justified or not.

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Urgh. I don't doubt the ability of their developers to make good games from that franchise, but there's always the question of, "How will EA screw over the consumer this time?". Them getting exclusive rights is only good for EA, not for the development community or consumer at large.

I suppose this is still a better scenario than Lucasarts making more games in what their state was, but still, not optimistic here.

Posted by Vyper

Finally, we can get Madden X Star Wars.

Posted by Rirse

RIP Star Wars

Posted by ajamafalous

@extreme_popcorn said:

BioWare [...] I'd love to see what they could do with the Star Wars universe.


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So one money grabbing company strikes a deal with another money grabbing company? Makes sense.

Posted by StarErik

New Rogue Squadron, please! <3

Posted by Anupsis


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what the fuck?

Edited by Katkillad

New Tie Fighter or no thanks.

Posted by wrecks


Posted by Irvandus

Cause Star Wars games were awesome before this.

Posted by Slay3r1583

Great idea. That certainly went well for them last time.

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Posted by Bamsen

aawww man that sucks

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  • A multiplayer-centric Battlefield-like DICE game set in the Star Wars universe? Hell yes! That's going to put an end to the dismal invisible inaudible shit-for-feedback bullets of late. Laserfight! *pew pew*
  • The chances of Bioware making a KotOR-like RPG experience just skyrocketed. *salivating*
  • Visceral is the wildcard here. Looking forward to seeing what they're going to come up with. Most likely Visceral will be tasked with the inevitable movie tie-ins. Star Wars with strategic dismemberment? Check.

Great news, as far as I'm concerned. I want to play all of these games like now! Hopefully the guys and gals at DICE and Bioware and Visceral feel the same way about this news, and bring their games to life with an extra dose of passion.


Posted by Shuborno

Somebody's gotta make the yearly licensed cash in titles for those upcoming yearly Star Wars movies. Might as well be the company completely unconcerned with a negative public perception.

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Awesome!...if they let Bioware/Pandemic (they're still a part of them, right?) make some more single-player KOTOR games instead of janky-ass boring MMOs and make that goddamn Battlefront 3 this is the best thing. If neither of those things happen this is the worst thing in the entire world ever.

Posted by Parsnip

Turns out, I kind of don't care. Star Wars has no special place in my heart, so this doesn't really move me in any direction.

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I bet EA coughed up a lot of cash for this. They've backed themselves into a corner IP wise and this might be the secret door hidden behind a bookshelf that they were looking for.

Posted by teekomeeko

At least EA has the cash and clout to be able to handle this. Better than friggin' Disney and their terrible game development decision-making.

I'll keep myself hopeful for some good Star Wars content. I don't like the universe in general, but a fun game is a fun game. And I hope they revive 1313; that had some actual positive buzz around it, unlike darn near anything else Star Wars related is a very long time.

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FORCEBALL! The newest sports video game sensation! Pre-order your copy today at your local GameStore location.

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If this means we actually get some decent Star Wars games coming out because EA now feels the pressure to make money back from that deal, then great.

Posted by drumpsycho89

hmmmmmmmmmmm i cant decide if this is good news or bad news....