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For A Cartoon Lady, Catherine Is Pretty Hot

The Persona team's next game is a... horror/love story? Animals with ties?

Famitsu has revealed the next game from Atlus--specifically the team responsible for the Persona games, which immediately makes it more interesting around these parts. It's Catherine, and it's some sort of action-adventure thing involving freaky, tie-wearing animals and a "mysterious woman" named... Catherine. It looks kind of hot, here's the first trailer:
If you're not into the whole "hey, this is in Japanese" thing, has dissected a bit of it, along with some of the other info to come out of Famitsu's coverage. The game's official site will launch next week, and the game is destined for release on PlayStation 3 and 360 this Winter... in Japan, anyway.     Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
Posted by NemesisTheory

I am all over this game. I loved Persona, I loved most of the other MegaTen games, so I can't wait for something HD out of these guys!

Posted by mutha3
@Zeik said:
" @mutha3:  Only if it's actually part of the MegaTen franchise, which from what we've seen it doesn't appear to be.  (Even if it theoretically took place in the same universe it wouldn't necessarily make it a MegaTen game.) Atlus USA doesn't just slap Shin Megami Tensei on every game they release, only ones that are actually part of the franchise. "
...How do you define what counts as ''part of the franchise'', though?
Persona hasn't had the ''Megami Ibunrokou'' tagline in Japan since Persona 2, its simply known as Persona nowadays. DDS1/2 also lacked the Megami Ibunrokou subtitle and the series is simply called ''avatar tuner''. I think Atlus Usa has two requirements for slapping ''Shin Megami Tensei'' on a game :
-Did Atlus JP make this game?
-Is Jack Frost in it?
Edited by Zeik
@mutha3:  By that logic Etrian Odyssey would also have gotten the Shin Megami Tensei moniker, as it was both developed by Atlus of Japan and had Jack Frost in it. (Granted in only a cameo form.)
There are certain staples of the franchise that persist through even some of the more radical incarnations of the franchise. Even without the Shin Megami Tensei title attached fans still easily recognize games that are part of the franchise, and Atlus has never attached that title to a game that was not considered part of it. So far there's nothing about this game that would make it recognizable as a MegaTen game. That could change of course, but I have an inkling that it won't. This appears to be a completely new IP.
Edited by mutha3
@Zeik: Fair enough.Admittedly,  I'm just  hoping for P3/P4 cameos:P
Hoping this takes place on Tatsumi port island.
Posted by MeatSim

This is no Persona 5 but this looks crazy I want to see more of it.

Posted by Zeik
@mutha3:  I wouldn't hold out hope for those, this seems like a game that's pretty focused on Vincent's character. Having random Persona cameos just for the sake of having a "Hey, remember these guys?" moment would be kind of lame. 
Better to just hope for those when P5 does eventually come out.
Posted by lilarchie232

That got me really excited for some reason, I'd totally get behind an American release of this game.  Also, kick ass music.

Posted by endaround
@Zeik: Well Sting is basically part of Atlus now, so they have their IPs.  And there is also Radiant Historia coming out in November.
Edited by mutha3
Yeah, I realize a cameo would be pretty lame, but hey, a man can dream, right?



" @Zeik: Well Sting is basically part of Atlus now, so they have their IPs.  And there is also Radiant Historia coming out in November. "

Sting is owned by Atlus now, sure, but that still doesn't mean the quality of Sting's games have anything to do with Atlus R&D1
Posted by zityz

There seams to be a bit of No more Heros Vibe with the "sex" and that catherine chick reminds me of Sylvia. 
Either way it looks like some sort of fever dream you'd have after eating too many pizza pockets.
Posted by BAM
@Zeik said:
If a Demon's Souls sequel were to be made it's entirely up to From Software, not Atlus or Atlus USA. "
Actually, it'd be up to Sony--From Software did develop Demon's Souls, but Sony owns the IP.
Posted by OriginalGman
@mutha3:  As much as that may irk you, calling it SMT: Catherine if it has anything to do with the SMT universe outside of cameos would probably be a good idea. Who cares what's printed on the box? Does calling Split/Second: Velocity simply "Split/Second" in North America make that game any less fast for us?
Atlus USA throws the SMT label around on the chance that someone recognizes the branding, but not the game. If it drives sales, more power to 'em. We all know the Japanese games industry could use the help. When America starts having live Persona music concerts, we can probably remove the SMT label.
Posted by mutha3
@OriginalGman: At this point I think its the other way around, though.The reason Atlus slaps the SMT label on Persona games is so that people pay attention to the other games in the series.
It doesn't irk me that much, I just think its funny.
Posted by FluxWaveZ
@OriginalGman: All SMT games have been RPGs.  This is not. 
Trailer's great, even though it didn't show much.  It just looks awesome.
Posted by geirr

So it's like real life only the chicks and the furries are hotter. 
Now we just need US/EU confirmation. 
Atlus, make it so.

Posted by Smallerz

I was never going to moan about how a HD Atlus game would look graphically, but I have to say this looks amazing. I really, really like the look of this game.

Posted by Afroman269
@FuzzYLemoN said:
" Holy shit, it's that guy from P3P!

Also, I really, really like the 3D anime thing. Reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles... but way better. "
I knew that dude looked familiar! I'm very interested in this game now but at the same time I hope this won't delay Persona 5.
Posted by ahriman22

At least a year and a half before a release here, so I'm not interested.

Posted by Zeik
@Afroman269:  I'm actually glad they're taking the opportunity to wet their feet with a PS3/360 game before jumping into P5, even if it means waiting longer for it to be released. I would hate for them to jump into a game like P5 and get overwhelmed with their inexperience with hardware, making for a lesser game than it could have been.
Posted by OriginalGman
@FluxWaveZ:  Devil Survivor is strategy RPG. SMT: Online is an MMO. The Raidou Devil Summoners are action RPGs. We have no idea what the gameplay in this is like, aside from him walking around in his boxers and climbing stairs. Will there be leveling up? Demons? Is that what is needed to make it an RPG?
Besides, nothing in the SMT name says that a game has to be an RPG. Just like Halo Wars isn't an FPS, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy isn't an RPG.
Posted by FluxWaveZ
@OriginalGman: All of those you mentioned, Strategy RPG, MMORPG and action RPG all have RPG roots.  We don't know how the gameplay is like, but in interviews, there have been absolutely no hints at it having any RPG elements and they've never referred to it as being an SMT game.  At this point, we only know it's called "Catherine", with no prefix, and that it's an action-adventure horror title.
Posted by Zeik
@OriginalGman:  If this was an RPG Atlus probably would have labeled it as so. RPGs are their bred and butter, and where most of their fanbase lies, there would be no reason to shy away from that label if it was one. It seemed pretty clear that they were emphasizing that this wasn't an RPG.
Granted there might be a few RPG elements here and there, since they show up all over the place these days, but probably not enough to qualify it as an RPG.
Posted by ghostNPC

I'm really glad this is not a Persona game. New IP is always welcome; tired of hearing the same story over and over.

Posted by OmegaChosen

If his story in P3P is anything to go by, he cheats on his girlfriend with this Catherine girl but then has to get back with his girlfriend because she's pregnant. Not sure where the nightmare land comes into that. Should make for an interesting game though.

Posted by Yummylee

Freakin sweet trailer. Made me all...relaxed....O.o 
I really like the gameplay graphics too.

Posted by ISuperGamerI
@ricetopher said:
Rofl that's what I'm thinking I saw some random sheep and tits.
Posted by dbz1995
@Hamz said:
" Looks really interesting.  I can't wait to have to deal with the infinite amount of "Catherine for next Endurance Run!" topics now :( "
I didn't even think of that. But I probably wouldn't want it since I'll be getting it. Then again, that's just me being selfish.
Posted by OriginalGman
@FluxWaveZ:  And like I said in my second paragraph, it isn't an experience points system that designates what fictional universe all of those games subscribe to. If this game has some kind of law versus chaos mechanic, or uses themes from ancient mythology, then it's probably a SMT game. And even if they don't call it that in Japan, Atlus USA should not be faulted for using it over here (if they even want to) to drive sales, of this game or other SMT games. 
Persona 4 didn't sell up to Atlus' expectations in NA. Does a name on a box matter more than a company you like continuing to make games?
Posted by FluxWaveZ
@OriginalGman: I don't care about the name, but Persona 3 wasn't called "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3" either.  If they don't call it SMT in Japan to drive sales (which would be more important than the Western audience), I heavily doubt they'll call it "Shin Megami Tensei: Catherine" over here.
Posted by Azteck
@Hamz said:
" Looks really interesting.  I can't wait to have to deal with the infinite amount of "Catherine for next Endurance Run!" topics now :( "
I read that as "Catherine for next endurance run tops"
Now I am in the mood for making shirts again. Thanks!
Posted by vinsanity09
@ateatree said:
" Am I wrong in taking a hint from the "Nocturne" that pops up early in the video? I expect it's related to the SMT of the same title. Let's hope getting it across the seas goes well. "
I think it's more of a "from the creators of Nocturne..." kind of quote
Posted by Jazz

I don't see what the problem is with working out whats going on. 
Main guy, we know, has a problem sleeping...thus the weird sequences with the sheep (counting sheep) 
He's in a relationship with a..sigh..blonde woman that may, or may not be causing said problem with sleep. 
There's a dream world and real world which are seemingly differentiated by art style. 
It will deal with identity (masks) sexuality (masks and erotic overtones) and reality (two different states of being) 
I barely understand Japanese, but thats what I got from one look at the trailer. Geeze, if it's not burly men waving around guns and shooting people, it seems to be too much for some.

Posted by TheYear20XX

The Aristocrats!

Posted by FluxWaveZ
@Jazz: A user from NeoGAF posted something that makes a lot of sense, also: 

 Let me guess, those "sheep" are actually other young "vegetarians" like him who are stuck in the dream world. And if you stay in the dream world too long you actually begin to turn into a sheep which is why the MC has horns and why one sheep still has a tie.

You probably die in reality if you die in this "dream world" which explains why the lonely dead man on the news, and by the same way you died in the dream which explains why he was burned to a crisp.    

Posted by NegativeCreep

Hope Atlus doesn't pussy out content wise with the American release. Seriously guys, don't pull a Yakuza 3 with us....

Posted by RVonE

Studio 4C's nvolvement with this project makes me really stoked to see more.
Edited by Zeik
@NegativeCreep:  Atlus is not one to censor their games. I mean they left in green tentacle penis monsters in Persona, some cleavage and suggestive themes aren't going to deter them.
Posted by FluxWaveZ
@Zeik said:
" @NegativeCreep:  Atlus is not one to censor their games. I mean they left in green tentacle penis monsters in Persona. "
Also: teenagers shooting their heads off (along with a 10 year old kid).
Edited by PenguinDust

Look interesting.  Love the music.  Gave me that SMT vibe. the sheep represents what?  The best thing about this is that it is an original game produced for the HD consoles (360 & PS3).   That alone makes me happy about this. 
Anyone else get the feeling from the trailer that this might be Kinect & Move enabled? 

Posted by mutha3
@PenguinDust: I assume the sheep(along with Vincent) are Catherine's victims
Posted by FluxWaveZ
@PenguinDust said:
" Anyone else get the feeling from the trailer that this might be Kinect & Move enabled?  "
What?  No.
Posted by OriginalGman
@FluxWaveZ:  Right, I don't expect them to call it that either, and agree that this game probably has nothing to do with SMT. But in Japan, every person who even remotely knows about RPGs knows what Persona is. They get TV commercials, they have concerts; it's not a niche title over there. 
On the other hand, Atlus USA has to struggle to get these games noticed over here. They do awesome pre-order incentives, and they have an emailer that reminds me daily about Etrian Odyssey III's new trailers. They've managed to grow a loyal fanbase here, and part of that might have been because they added the Shin Megami Tensei label to a few games that didn't otherwise have them. So when your average Final Fantasy player walks into Gamestop, "Oh hey, I think I've heard of that SMT series, isn't it big in Japan? I have no idea what a Digital Devil is, but I'll try this."
So yeah, I don't care what they call it, either. Obviously we have similar tastes in games, so none of this applies to us. They could call the next TWEWY "Herpes Revolution 4000" over here and I'll still buy 10 copies.
Posted by the_purgatory_station

 this game looks really interesting and amazing. 
I want XXXL Quick Look of this...
The Japanese Version...

Posted by FluxWaveZ
@OriginalGman said:
" So yeah, I don't care what they call it, either. Obviously we have similar tastes in games, so none of this applies to us. They could call the next TWEWY "Herpes Revolution 4000" over here and I'll still buy 10 copies. "
Haha, agreed!
Posted by Deathpooky

I've always wanted an anime sex / fancy goat fighting game.  Glad Atlus was listening. 
But really.  What the hell?  Talk about a game I could never play in front of other people, even if it is an awesome Atlus game.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

wow, uh... wow.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised coming from Atlus but hey.
 Looks pretty cool so far... loving the art style, loving the soundtrack.
I'm intrigued, definitely wanna see some gameplay, though

Posted by Shadow

So Atlus is taking care of the Rapelay sequel?

Posted by Aegon
@FluxWaveZ:  Are they even making a sequel to TWEWY?
Posted by ChrisTaran

I never import games, but waiting a year for this to get localized for North America is not going to do it for me with this.  I shall be importing the Japanese PS3 version of this.
Also, I think we have our GOTY winner right here.
Sooooo excited for this.

Posted by NegativeCreep

Wow. I guess they can get away with a LOT more content wise with an older protagonist.  I'm stoked, this looks AMAZING. 
Atlus is really pulling out the stops lately with their games (Trauma Team was a FANTASTIC game with cool characters to boot). Did the Persona games actually sell well in North America?