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Frank West Finds Fortune This Fall

A repackaged Dead Rising 2 starring Frank West instead of Chuck Greene is heading your way.

It's a disc, not DLC. Not to cast a dark shadow over this entire product, but that's the number one question people have had when they hear about Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. While one gets the impression that Capcom is holding back on at least some of the information that might make the concept of replaying the events of Dead Rising 2 as Frank West instead of Chuck Greene sound like a more appealing purchase, the initial burst of information doesn't exactly make this sound like a trip worth re-taking.

It's a "what if?" scenario. What if Frank West was the guy that went on the zombie-killing game show, Terror is Reality, right before a zombie outbreak exploded into Fortune City? Well, for starters, Frank's in a completely different situation thank Chuck was. He doesn't have a daughter that needs Zombrex to survive. Instead, he's a fading star, making a living by endorsing baldness remedies, who decides that an appearance on Fortune City's game show might help revitalize his career. After wrestling some zombies (guess Frank's just not into motocross), he discovers the host, T.K., giving keycards and explosives to Brandon, one of the psychos that appeared in DR2. After breaking out his camera and taking some shots, he's jumped by some security guards, and all hell breaks loose, as it did in the previous game.

The camera mechanic appears to function much like it did in the original Dead Rising. You'll snap pictures to earn PP, which levels up your character and give your additional health, inventory slots, and moves, just as before. The photos get tagged with different themes, again, as they did previously. In the first sequence with T.K., it's possible to get horror, erotica, drama, and outtake photos by simply running around the scaffolding and finding different things to shoot. But Frank West's growth isn't strictly built around photography. You'll also build combo weapons, and there will be new weapons to tape together, letting you form new zombie killing tools.

The game was originally conceived as a "Director's Cut" before the team up at Capcom's Vancouver studio realized that what people seem to keep asking about is Frank West. In addition to the new lead character, load times will be improved, hopefully reducing the annoying issue of leading survivors back to the safehouse and having to go through a lengthy load just to drop them off. The developers say that they're taking all of the DR2 feedback into consideration. Hopefully that will result in a better game. Another potential improvement is the inclusion of a checkpoint system that will automatically save your progress at critical points.

Though most of the areas we were shown were taken directly out of Dead Rising 2, there will be new areas as well, including one that "isn't a casino or a mall." Still, it's hard to shake the feeling that most of the game will involve running through those same areas, beating up zombies in a nearly identical way. I feel like Capcom just hasn't shown enough of the game yet to make this make sense for anyone other than the biggest Dead Rising 2 fans out there. It's probably no coincidence that this Fall release is also being pitched as a "fans version of the game." Considering unofficial price listings at retailers are already pegging this as a $49.99 release, I suspect they'll have to be pretty big fans of Dead Rising for this to sound like a deal.

Then again, perhaps Capcom has enough up its sleeves for this to stand on its own. We'll have to sit on our hands and wait for more information to see if there's more to Off The Record than it initially seems.    
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Posted by MEATBALL

Haters gonna hate. Capcoms gonna Capcom.

Forgive me if I can't find any outrage to pull out and spew all over the internet, but it's not like this behaviour is anything new for Capcom. As someone who didn't get around to buying DR2 colour me semi-interested, although I think I got my helping with Case Zero.

Posted by 234r2we232

I'm surprised they can cut down loading times, what with Frank's giant forehead being included.

Posted by Seroth

Okay, I'm fine with a "Director's Cut" version of the game at a discounted price, but I hope this doesn't become a trend for all of Capcom's game...yeah, they do it all the time, but I don't want Dead Rising 3 to have a "Off the Record" version, too.

I'm also kind of disappointed that they're choosing to revisit the Fortune City story, especially after Case West left the story open for something much more. With all the focus on Frank, I'm kind of afraid that they'll retcon Chuck out of canonicity, making the original Dead Rising 2 kind of worthless.

Faster loading sounds good. Makes me hope for other engine improvements, like maybe a better framerate. And maybe a co-op system that actually works. Having played Dead Rising 2 co-op multiple times, I ran into a LEGION of problems which were never fixed, not even in Case West. Ridiculous how that could happen.
Posted by ajamafalous
@Zabant said:
" Capcom releasing the same game with a few character changes? SAY IT AINT SO. "
Posted by Nomin

Jeff's initial impression doesn't paint too convincing a picture that this game will be anything more than just a lazy retread and would instead be better served as a DLC. I trust his years' worth of acumen in these things, but I can't shake off the feeling that it will be a better introduction to the franchise than it will be a product targeted toward the fans of the previous game.  

Posted by Mikewrestler5

This is a bunch of bullshit. No one cared about DR 2 or its DLC, and now they're doing this? Really?!

Posted by ZmillA

If they don't let me store weapons somewhere, no thanks

Posted by Wrighteous86

Is there really any reason they decided to make this non-canon aside from knowing where certain psychopaths were supposed to be at certain times based on Chuck's encounters?

We don't really know where Frank was during the events of 2, right? He just shows up inexplicably for Case West.  I might've been a bit more interested if this was a side-story, like the original Half-Life expansion packs, because those actually added to the original game both in content and in plot (not that DR is loved for its plot). If this is just "how Frank would react" plus a handful of new bosses, than I'm not interested. I hate "what if" stories.

Posted by Agent47
@Mikewrestler5: Wow you people just really listen the Jeff's reviews huh?Just cause you like your games pussy easy doesn't mean it bothers us.Besides the game was a headache but it was MADE for co-op(even though it didn't function well)just like L4D.Co-op makes the game 100 times better.
Posted by Superman64

As someone who loved Dead Rising 2...I'm not going to buy this. I already have DR2, I'm not going to shell out $60-$40 for the same game, but with Frank West. That's just stupid.

Posted by dudeglove

Day 1 purchase.

Posted by ProfessorEss

Removing photography from Dead Rising 2 was one of the best parts of Dead Rising 2, so hearing that they're putting it back in isn't exactly whetting my whistle.

But at the same time, Dead Rising 2 was so excellent that I don't know if one little game mechanic that I didn't like much really has the power to totally ruin the whole thing.

I'll just keep watching for now.

Posted by SkinnyBlue

I'll need to know more before I even consider buying this. This just doesn't sound like a good idea to me, especially if they are going to be charging $59.99 for it.

Posted by MatPaget

Why does Dan Aykroyd keep claiming he's Frank West?

Edited by Castiel

So this is basically the version they should have released to begin with. 
You know what I'm fucking tired of? Companies releasing games, which they then rerelease a year later as a improved version. I paid full price for DR2, and now they release the version which they should just had released to beging with!?!

Man fuck this shit. This is disrespectfull to the customer. I love games, but there's a lot of stuff I don't like about game development and publishing. It's starting to get a point where I just don't won't to buy a new game. Instead I should just wait a year, because by then they will have released the better version of the game.

Posted by billthearle
@Venatio:  I agree,  shallow and pedantic.
Posted by TerraDelu

$29.99 MAX, but something like this should really be $19.99. But, like Jeff said, we don't really know all the details yet, so maybe Capcom will surprise us?

Posted by Axdemon

Really glad I skipped DR2 now. A better version of the game with a better lead character for a cheaper price? Between this and GOTY editions, developers are making it really hard for me to go to the store and buy their game on day one.

Posted by Semantix

How the mighty have fallen. While starting out fairly strong with the original Dead Rising and having a return to form with Street Fighter IV, Capcom have been absolutely poor this generation. From terrible new franchises such as Dark Void, Lost Planet to lackluster sequels such as Devil May Cry 4, RE 5, Bionic Commando, BC: Rearmed 2, Dead Rising 2 and so on, it's just not the Capcom I once knew and loved.

 Add to that their ridiculous propensity for double dipping; such as this and their greedy attitude towards DLC including charging people for stuff already on the disc/ready at release (RE5 Versus, MVC3 bonus characters, Mega Man 9/10 extra modes) and theres no wonder Capcom fans such as myself are so disappointed. To think, just last generation we got Killer 7, Okami, RE4, REmake, Viewtiful Joe and DMC 1 and 3 to name just a handful of the killer titles they were pumping out. 
Posted by project343

Frank looks like he put on a few.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Soo... it's pretty much the same game, but with different cutscenes. I have trouble fathoming why anyone would want more Dead Rising, but I'm also someone who didn't even manage to finish Case Zero so take that as you will.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Just wait until it's cheaper.

Posted by Vaancor

*Looks at his limited edition he had sitting in his closet since last Christmas due to a sell on Amazon that hasn't been opened yet, looks at this trailer and news of retail release, swears and punches desk*

Posted by heavyplay

If this were DLC, it would be an instant buy for me. As a disc, I'll eventually get it a year later when it hits the bargain bin.

There is no way anyone will pay full price for this.
Posted by agentboolen

Anything over $29.99 for this double dip sounds like to much.  I'm all for a 3rd game but a 3rd game with new locations, not a re-hash. No thanks Capcom, and in the 3rd game lets drop the game show gimmick please, it worked in the 2nd game but I'm over it now.

Edited by Reverseface

I hope they take out the timers on missions or make them longer, they took the fun out of the game for me.
You couldn't mess around making weapons and killing zombies cause you always had to get to the next case or save another survivor there was no time for fun. Really spoiled the game.

Posted by jelekeloy

If it turns out to be "Dead Rising 2: runs-well-and-psychos-are-better Edition," I'm all for this.

Posted by MrKlorox

It better come with a built-in trainer. The ability to knock the clock back an hour at the press of a button is what made this game worth playing on PC.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Actually this sounds pretty cool.  I blew off DR2 because
there wasn't a Frank West in the game.  So now that they're
making one with FW, I guess I'll pick that one up instead of
playing the old DR2 from yesteryear.

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Obviously, this is a mandatory buy for me.

Edited by Vextroid

Really love the series and was going to play through Dead Rising 2 on 360 but got rid of it when I grew tired of my 360 over the PS3, but I tried the PS3 version of DR2 and the constant Frame-rate issues and Screen-tearing issues really put me off. More so the Frame-rate, I didnt mine the tearing in the first game.

Hopefully Blue Castle polish up the engine for the PS3 so it plays more smoothly like the 360 and its an insta-buy for me!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

If this has an infinite mode, automatic day one purchase regardless of price.

This is still a really weird thing to do.

Edited by MrKlorox

Final Fight Guy on SNES all over again. Even the most progressive classic Japanese game company is still stuck in the 90's.

Posted by Napalm
@walterkovacsv said:
" wtf is capcom doing. "
I have nothing more to add, Your Honor.
Posted by MikeFightNight

Considering I rented DR2 and had a blast, I look forward to doing the same with this.  Hell I might even buy it.
Posted by superpope

Well heres their chance to fix the whole "no kifewrench" thing that was wrong with the original.

Posted by Eyz
@kingzetta said:
" Man capcom can you go a month with Re-releases something?What's next Dark Void but with Ryu in it? "
I'd buy THAT...for a dollar :P

I was waiting for a re-release of Dead Rising 2 with the 2 a sort of Game of the Year/Special edition...and instead we get that?? A whole WHAT IF scenario?? Doesn't this sound like something that could have been released through DLC, keeping the original DR2 as a frame and only replacing Chuck by Frank??
Posted by radioactivez0r

@AxDemon: I totally get you there.  The only games I can stomach first-day buys on now are ones I am really excited for (Portal 2, Arkham City).  Everything else gets a re-release or drops in price too fast to warrant it - plus Amazon keeps doing 33% off Deals of the Day on 2 week old games.

@Reverseface: DR2 was intended for you to play through it multiple times.  There's just no way to enjoy the game if you try to complete the story missions AND get in some good ol' zombie bashing fun in a single playthrough.  
Posted by Echo

Is that a different voice actor? Seems different, not sure if I like it.

Posted by virtorio

Cool.  If only it didn't play like a Dead Rising game.

Posted by blaakmawf

I like Frank West, but this seems shifty.

Posted by RockinKemosabe

This totally reminds me of the "Separate Ways" campaign in Resident Evil 4 where you played the game from Ada Wong's perspective. So you know, Capcom has totally done this in the past, though it'll be a stand alone thing not packed in with the original game like Resident Evil 4. 

Posted by ZeroKarizma

It's still too soon to judge.  Maybe this will be cool.

Posted by Vao

Release the daughter with his camera and you have to run around getting film or batteries for it or it will die. 

I've given up on anything with capcom on it, I don't feel like paying for a game that gets a rerelease announced six months later. 
Edited by craigbo180
@Echo: Yeah different voice actor, sounds like the same guy who did the voice in case west but its not been confirmed yet.

*EDIT - Embarrasingly after a quick check I guess its the same voice actor that did the voice in the original and in case west he just sounds really different, I have played both games recently and the delivery is not the same.
Posted by SonOfABlogger

Is this just Dead Rising 2 with Frank West? Seems unnecessary.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

Such a wasted effort.  With a few changes, Dead Rising 2 could have been a great game.

Posted by ExplodingTuba

Capcom, WTF?! I love and appreciate everything you do, but a re-release of a game that you've already come out with that has slightly different skins and voice work and then package it on a disc? Have you learned nothing since the ridiculous number of releases you had with the Street Fighter series?

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I never bought Dead Rising 2, so this might be a smart purchase.

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