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If you had "this morning" in the "when are all these music games going to become way, way uncool" pool, You're Winner !



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Funny timing, as I just bought Rock Band today (it just got launched in mainland Europe proper).

But yes, this is very, very unfortunate.

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No, you guys are not even close to half-way there...

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ohh god thats horrible, but not as bad as I expected. Matt Lauer is a jerk... GO Meridith!!!

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That guy at the end is hilarious.

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well its official Rock Band is dead to me...well atleast until RB2 is out

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Look at Al Roker on the drums.  They're playing to a prerecorded video, hehe.
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Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

Posted by Spencer

I think I have seen enough of people on TV trying to play videogames.

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Those guys know how to rock!

Sorry, I mean suck. I typo'd.

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I was really surprised to see them air that.  It was so ridiculous, I think it may have actually done real damage to the Rock Band brand.  Imagine if you're one of the wider audience (non-gamer) and see how totally stupid those people looked.  You would not go and buy that game.  I'll bet the PR guy that decided to let that air is getting his ass chewed right about now.

Though, it does say something about the reach of Rock Band.  What I couldn't understand is that Meredith didn't know the damn words or melody to Livin' on a Prayer.  Is it just me, or is that not a song most people know (especially of her age).  Maybe she's too old for it.
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That's it, the end is near.

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I just became deaf and blind, from continuesly stabbing myself in the eyes and ears in hope that it would make it stop... Unfortunatly, it will still haunt my dreams.

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No comment....

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That just ruined rock band for me. O_O


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Oh good god...

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How come they get to play Rock Band 2? I wanna play it.

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I shook my head, I did.

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Lol Meredith is doing great hahahaha this is funny but very unfortunate

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Still they're putting a bit more effort  into most people that play rock band with that zombie like stare

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She's so flat.

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Oh my eyes....

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Wow, and not the good wow.

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I cringed so much, I've become permanently disfigured.

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Oh my god, that's how I look when I play???

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Al Roker rocked the drums!  I am so embarrassed for them.

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I felt my IQ drop.

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i thought it was going to be the big rigs theme song in rock band, but even worse. lol

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they fail

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How terrible...

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Ouch, their dignity

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Is that black guy O. J Simpson? If not, why do the crowd boo him when the camera zooms in close?

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Incidents like the one depicted in the above video may be occurring closer to you than you think. Maybe down the street, maybe next door, maybe even.. in your own home! (dun dun dunnnnnnn). To see it on a show like Today is pretty funny though, especially since she's totally tone deaf :P

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What. The . Fuck.
I'm glad I didn't watch that today.

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I remember when they were using the Wii Fit. I felt embarrassed for them.

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Oh my....the apocalypse is near.

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Wow. I'm so embarrassed for them that I had to shut it off.

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Why did they have to do that, WHY!! They know they suck at video games and they are just going to embarrasse themselves on live tv. WHY DAMN YOU WHY!!!

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Oh, God.....

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they got to play rock band 2?....son of a bitch.

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I feel bad. I feel like I just went to school without any pants on.  Is this a normal reaction to this video?

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Anyone feel more pumped for guitar hero WT or Rock Band 2 now after this?

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I saw this while flipping through the channels this morning... I cringed.

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It's nice for the guys at harmonix, free advertisment. At least that's what it looks like.  Nick_verissmo please don't start cursing on the blog.

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I actually thought that was funny. Im not like OMFG good morning America played a game I want to play.....so therefor it is no longer cool.

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lol.  awesome!

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I really hope that was party mode (no fail mode).
Because i fail at rockband singing, while blond screaming person doesn´t.
I like that they were all playing on easy, but aside form that:
That was horrible!