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Get Beyond Good & Evil Free With...Cheese?

Say what now? Next thing you know there will be old 2600 copies of E.T. popping up in Cracker Jacks.

Friendly Giant Bomb user Lucas May sent over a strange, depressing note about possibly the weirdest video game tie-in promotion I've ever heard of. Apparently residents of Canada can purchase the Cheese Heads brand of mozzarella cheese (which appears from the pictures to come in the highly desirable string configuration) and receive a free PC copy of Michel Ancel's excellent but largely unappreciated Beyond Good & Evil.

No mail-in order or anything required, it's right up in the package! Here's the photographic evidence.

We all knew BG&E didn't sell anywhere near the number of copies its quality warranted, but man, did they really overproduce it that badly? Oh well, this seems like a win-win for Ubisoft. Clear your warehouse of excess inventory? Check. Build awareness for the upcoming sequel? Check. Plus, when you end up with a package of string cheese, everybody wins.

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Posted by Kyle

"Problem is that it doesn't work very well on a modern PC. I bought it from Steam when it was on sale and it's got so many graphical glitches that it's unplayable."

Google. the problems are easily fixed if you know what to do with the many options.

Posted by monkeycrap

Shaun White Snowboarding now included