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Giant Bomb Is Moving Servers Thursday Morning

You may experience some oddness on the site early on Thursday. Apologies for any disruptions.

It's moving day for this little guy.

Giant Bomb and Comic Vine will be in read-only mode from 7 AM until approximately 9 AM Pacific Time on Thursday while we move our servers to a new colocation facility. During this time, posts to the forums, wiki edits, personal messages, and other site changes may not be copied to our new servers, so you may not wish to make any major changes during this time, and you may see some weirdness such as disappearing forum posts if you do attempt to write anything to the site. However, you can still read all available posts and content. After 9 AM, you should be pointed at the new location, but if you continue to see a red bar across the top of the site, you may need to refresh your DNS. You can find some instructions on how to do that here, although the specific techniques will vary based on your operating system.

Apologies for the disruption. In the long run we hope that this move will improve site stability and reduce downtime.

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Edited by Winternet

All I could read was that Giant Bomb will be under seaserpent rules for 2 hours.

Posted by squrler

Amazon? Amazon??? AMAZOOOOOOOOOON!!!!

Posted by Oobir

Thanks Giant Bomb Staff, IF that is your real name.

Posted by Snail

@slag said:

whoah bustin' out the ole @staff user account.

Haven't seen that one in years!

They use it on their Game of the Year articles every year, actually.

Edited by Evilsbane

Thank you Giant Robot, Goodnight!

Edited by spdiscus

I like AWS. Are you folks switching to a CBS-owned colo?

Posted by SupberUber

I experience oddness everyday on this site.


Posted by Pop

I want to be the guy this time, even if I'm not making any sense.

I liked it better on the old servers. That thing that those servers did aren't present on these ones.

Posted by GaspoweR

I was hoping for some new releases image shenanigans during this period but I am disappointed.

Edited by mrpibb

and we're in our new colo!

Posted by coribald

Moving down from AWS to a colo? you've gotta worry about things like "hardware". AWS has its (small) share of issues, but I'd put everything in my colo up there if it was up to me.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I didn't think this would affect me, but then when I was walking out the door to head to class this morning I pressed play on the newest bombcast and... couldn't connect.

I don't download them since my phone has limited space, Thank god for my backup entertainment on the Giantbomb Video buddy!

Posted by mrpibb

we are actually still on VM's. Only the data stores are on real steel which should be faster and more responsive.

Edited by peritus

I experience oddness everyday on this site.

Thats what we subscribe for.

Posted by alanm26v5

Site was crawling for me the last 2 or so days, much snappier today. So thanks for that.

Posted by Excast

Yeah, definitely noticing a marked improvement in page load speeds. Nice job top men!

Posted by tysonwritesel

Thanks for the hard work keeping the site up. Your effort is appreciated.

Edited by TruthTellah

*clicks some pages, loads a video, and uploads a gif*

Posted by mr_shoeless

Thanks for the hard work keeping the site up. Your effort is appreciated.

Posted by kmg90

Is now using the CBSi servers? Roundtrip times are definitely a bit faster. Does this impact video serving, or are you still using Akamai?

Edited by Jetpaction

Not sure if the issue is on my side but speed has been dramatic for me since the move, especially downloading videos take ages with speeds that max out around 250kb/sec. Not even enough to stream a video. I'm on a 50/4 Mbit connection in Europe, and trying to download the QLEX from Galak-Z in HD format but it's not going any faster than 250kb/sec and I had to resume the download a few times already because it times out.

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