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Giant Bomb's Extra Life 2013 Marathon, All in One Place

Are you a bad enough dude to sit through 49 hours of us being super dumb for charity?

Hey, what were you doing last weekend? Oh, you weren't watching Giant Bomb's 49-hour live stream for the Extra Life charity effort, when we raised over $113,000 (and counting) for the Children's Hospital of Oakland? I wonder if I could take a moment of your time to ask you what it is you have against SICK KIDS.

Oh, just joshin'. If you couldn't make it for the live nonsense, have I got all kinds of good news for you! For one, you can still donate until the end of the year. For another, we've exhaustively archived every last damn minute of our live streams, which ran from 9am Saturday morning to 9am Monday morning. You can head over to a special hub page we made to house all this lunacy and watch it all in one easy place.

And if the idea of watching 49 hours of goofy video somehow isn't immediately appealing to you, watch this promo clip from our friend Hamst3r and get back to me.

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Posted by TheCheese33

I would watch 49 hours of Windjammers.

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Man, should I add all of those to qlcrew? Maybe I will...

Posted by Pie

Very cool. Would it be possible to stick the Drew and Alexis stream from last year there too?

Posted by Khann



Posted by MarkWahlberg

This was great. You guys were great. Video games.

Edited by Rejizzle

Well. My next two days are booked up.

Posted by Lausebub

Great! Now I can finally watch the hour of Windjammers I missed.

PS: Windjammers is pretty great.

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Posted by MeatSim

Gonna catch up on the parts I missed this weekend.

Edited by Tennmuerti

Niiice, i missed a few hours here and there. And it's all fancy and segmented too, ooooooo

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Posted by Bicycle_Repairman

Now in shame, i will watch those few hours i missed while giving in to my one and only weakness: sleep deprivation...

Great work!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I will do my best to watch all of the non-Dota footage that I missed while it was live.

Posted by FunkyS


Posted by UncleBenny

well, there goes the rest of my... life.

Posted by Y2Ken

Thank you for highlighting all this madness. I might run it in the background again some time, just to relive the moments.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Trying to get through all of Tested's charity stream first...and I watched a bunch of these live without sound sooooo...yeah I'm gonna watch most of this. Goshdangit.

Edited by Kain55

I missed most of Brad's stream, and the last 8 hours of the crew's stream so I know what I will spend my time watching for the next few days.

Posted by xenolon

Somebody please make an edit of just the Windjammers matches. I would enjoy the hell out of that.

Edited by andrewf87462

Excellent! And it's good to see a written article from Brad again, we need more of this.

Posted by Claudia

Now I know what I'm going to do this weekend...

Posted by ripelivejam

@mooseymcman: you're missing out on 48 of the 49 hours then :(

Edited by SlashDance

Posted by drewbert

@pie said:

Very cool. Would it be possible to stick the Drew and Alexis stream from last year there too?


Posted by marchcarax

Great!! will watch that I missed. Excellent work on everyone, including Pascual, Crispy and the other community folk. Really enjoyed your stream Brad. Looking forward to more Dark Souls shenanigans.

Posted by cloudymusic

I'm ready for this content. All of it. Put it inside me.

Posted by JoeyRavn

I'll already downloading all ~45 GB of Extra Brad. So. Fucking. Cool.

Posted by rmanthorp
Posted by ghostyTrickster
Edited by csl316

Whenever I popped in, something dumb was happening. It was great.

Edited by Roboculus92

that's a really nice promo

Posted by AuthenticM

That extra-life video subcategory is a great idea. Thanks for also putting in last year's Halo marathon.

Edited by HatKing

Edited by ripelivejam

am i wrong in thinking brad didn'ttake too badly to dark souls, especially considering his state at the time?? i think he may actually do quite well in it under more favorable circumstances.

(or he'll curse up a storm and blame the game, either would be fun to watch ;) )

Posted by Undeadpool

Well...I guess my entertainment needs for my days off for the next couple of weeks are handled...

Posted by ftrevelin

"Are you bad enough dude to sit through 49 hours..."

Man, I was already dumb enough to sit through some 40 of those live, and love every second of it :P

Still waiting for Brad's Dark Souls stream...

Posted by BenderUnit22

I've seen just about enough Windjammers to last a lifetime by now.

Posted by ChrisTaran

If I never see Windjammers again I will be so, so happy.

Edited by AMyggen

Brad did a really fantastic job with his stream, and I loved the main stream too!

My only suggestion for next year is for Brad, or whoever is doing it alone next year, to have a more prepared schedule. Not for our sake, because I thought his selection of games was pretty stellar, but for the player's sake. I'm guessing it will help to have the day more or less mapped out, without having to scramble for games after being up for 20+ hours.

Posted by UberExplodey

Brad laughing at his farting barbarian at 4 in the morning made that first marathon for me.

Edited by CoinMatze

Fuck the haters! More Windjamming!

Posted by Megasoum

@brad@jeff Seriously guys, you need to print a giant cardboard check and film yourself bringing it to the Oakland Hospital. You can't pass an opportunity to give away a giant cardboard check!

Posted by bybeach

If I never see Windjammers again I will be so, so happy.

I'd say all these comments, but as sure as Hell has fire Jeff will be force feeding us an hour of windjammers every day and calling it in his best 48-hour Nick Nolte voice 'Here's your Endurance Run for ya'. That mistake has already been made w/ Dota 2.

And Windjammers is pretty damned cool, but I have seen it every time they have played it. Enough to know Vinny is a veteran.

I'm starting out with Brad's stream, he and friends did really well. So cool to hear Will Smith in Borderlands 2. Then I want to catch up with what the crew did during the second night.

Edited by Winternet

Despite having watched all of those beautiful dumb 49 hours live, all I want to do is to watch it again.


Posted by datarez

All the screengrabs on that hub page are awesome. Excellent work on the copy for each as well, top notch!

Posted by Brackynews

@csl316 said:

Whenever I popped in, something dumb was happening. It was great.

Whenever I woke up, Windjammers was happening. It was great.

Posted by Indigotravel

Oh man! I really don't have time for this! :-/

Posted by ShaggE

49 hours of video games! All at once! All for you!

Edited by qualus

Oh crap. I stayed awake for over 50 hrs already last weekend.. I'll let Jeff sum up my feelings from those hours. Great fun, though.

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