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Posted by Ryan
Posted by MysteriousBob

If I met someone with that, I'd smack them across the face.

Posted by Novyx


Posted by NMC2008

So when he dies, will someone give him a tattoo that says "Fatality"?

Posted by iAmJohn

Yakuza tattoos sure have gone downhill.

Posted by Evilsbane

Ouch O.o

Posted by Atlas

That's amazing.

Posted by Imperial_ninjA

thats an awesome tattoo 
(also scope-tat memories)

Posted by august

Jeff's been working out.
Posted by Somadude

Wow, looks like it hurt.
Posted by Phished0ne
@iAmJohn said:
" Yakuza tattoos sure have gone downhill. "
Posted by Sil3n7

I believe this is actually #361 right before tattooing this by your crotch.

Posted by Zaapp1

Is that Fatal1ty?

Posted by dbz1995

Props to the tattooist for doing that amid the screaming shrieks the victim must have produced..

Posted by JokerClown88

get a better artist?
Posted by JonathanMoore

Veeeery nice.

Posted by EpicVandal

wonder if the next step is to put the background in

Posted by TooWalrus

No Ryan, that is an awful idea.

Posted by Hawk456

Kudos to him.
I'm sure he'll still think that was an awesome idea in 20 years when he thinks back on how stupid he was... that gives me an idea... I'm going to get a Zhu-Zhu Hamster tattooed on my balls.  Or maybe I should have Super Mario 1-1 tattooed up my leg... the castle at the end of the level can be my butt crack.

Posted by Gargantuan

The proportions are wrong. The concept is ok but the execution isn't.

Posted by guiseppe


Posted by Crono

He just needs to add Dan Forden in the corner of that fight and it'll be complete.

Posted by ThatFrood

this was not a flawless victory

Posted by BigLemon

Dude that's from Aziz! I love Aziz!

Posted by InFamous91


Edited by MeatSim

If your gonna get a tattoo you gotta go all out like just like that one.

Posted by SuperJoe

 Well, at least it isn't a tattoo of Jackie Chan vs Jackie Chan.

Posted by trimon

lol he looks like he's about to be sacrificed to a pagan god

Posted by erinfizz


Posted by mracoon

By no means is it good but I'm glad someone did it.

Posted by HatKing

Wouldn't one of the characters be dazzed when it said "Finish Him"?  Sorry for ruining the credibility of this tattoo.
Posted by evreche

That tattoo is a great form of male birth control.
Posted by Zaapp1

There's a little tattoo on his right arm as well, what could be on his front side???

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I am Ed Boon and this is my game!

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Where are the life bars 

Posted by Kratch

Can't wait to see it when he's 87 years young!

Posted by xrolfx

This is amazing. That dude is amazing. 

Posted by Damian

I'm pretty stupid for all things MK. But this is ... not good.

Posted by kennybaese

I don't even want to know how much alcohol (and god knows what else) this guy consummed before getting this. 
On second thought, I totally do.

Posted by Brake

Shouldn't one of them be all dizzy?

Edited by nnilley

Thats a horrible tattoo.

Posted by TreeHouse

life = ruined

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Looks really bad.  If it was done by a decent artist, I would like it.  But that tattoo is blotchy, extremely poorly designed, and poorly proportioned.  He must have gone to some shitty biker chop shop for that.  
Eh, Kudos to the guy for getting it thoe.  Just to bad his tattoo artist ripped him off.  Probably another cool guy acting on impulse.  
Word to the wise.  If a tattoo artist asks for payment up front or sticks up a bunch of stencils in the front room.  Walk away!

Posted by BABS

That is almost as cool as this one 

Posted by munnyman5

It's not bad. I mean, whatever floats his boat. Dude got his skin cut-up-and-ink'd for a game he must love, good for him. Now he can take it wherever he goes.
I wouldn't get that tattoo though. Nor the spiderman one. Jesus.

Posted by SuperBobaFett

Would've been rad...had the art itself not sucked so bad.

Posted by Bgrngod

Nice putting a giant "I'm a dipshit" sign on your back.  Grats on that.
I bet his hunting buddies love having him around when they are trooping around the forest.  Any wild animals that may attack should go after him first, provided his friends have convinced him that hunting shirtless is the way it's done.

Posted by LiquidSwords

So lame!
Posted by EthanML

Why does it look like his arms are the wrong way round =S

Posted by solidlife

pretty crappy if ya ask me lacks the execution. 

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