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Grand Theft Auto IV Episode Two Due By Halloween

Take-Two lays out release schedule from here to 10/31/2009.

Take-Two dropped its financial earnings report today with a few bits of info about games that have already shipped. For example, did you know that as of January 31, Grand Theft Auto IV had shipped over 13 million copies into stores? That's kind of a lot. Also, 2K's Carnival Games line has broken four million copies over three games. That's also kind of a lot.

But the interesting part of any quarterly call is the forward-looking bit where they lay out a list of games that will be shipping in the future. In TTWO's case, the game list covers Take-Two's releases from here to October 31, complete with announced platforms.

That's a pretty good list for 2009. Beaterator is probably the one product on that list that might sound foreign. That's a Rockstar-branded music creation thing that was originally announced as a PSP release that would have hip-hop's own Timbaland affiliated with it. Considering that still lists all of those facts, it's sort of strange that they didn't list any platforms alongside it during today's news.

The original version of Beaterator was a Flash app that Rockstar posted online back in 2005. It's still online, in case you want to toss together some funky loops while you wait for more info.
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