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Grim Fandango Update Also Coming to PC, Mac, Linux

It's another "console" exclusive that's not really exclusive at all. Hooray!

The celebrated adventure game Grim Fandango is getting a new coat of polish, and besides showing up on PlayStation 4 and Vita, Tim Schafer's classic is also coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.

Double Fine confirmed the unsurprising news on Twitter yesterday, but it's always good to know for sure.

The rise of the "console" exclusive is one of the stranger video game marketing terms in 2014. Microsoft and Sony don't consider the PC to be a competing platform, so the companies often announce games as a "console" exclusive, even if it's coming to other platforms--i.e. PC, Mac, Linux--at roughly the same time.

Now, we wait.

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Posted by fisk0

I'll still primarily grab this for my Vita, but if it turns up on GOG it'll be an instant purchase there too. If it only comes to Steam I'll probably wait for the winter sale.

Posted by havelava

I mean on one hand, this is cool to know, on the other hand if I cared about gaming news like this I'd go to Polygon or Kotaku or one of the other million sites designed around quick info. Scoops...why are you doing this to me...

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Well, as a PC-gamer, I can only cheer for this trend!

Posted by ComradeCrash

Well at least everyone gets a chance to play this game for the first time. Like me!

Posted by brotherstereo


Posted by conmulligan

I always assumed it would be coming to PC but it's nice to have confirmation.

Posted by Benmo316

It seems the word exclusive has lost all meaning, in general, lately. What does it even mean anymore???

Posted by LaserJesus

The term "console exclusive" seems to refer to the fact that a game is coming to PC and only one of the consoles. Double Fine used that term in a backer e-mail for Massive Chalice after the Microsoft E3 panel trying to reassure backers that it was still coming out for PC, and it just confused me as I'd woken up late and missed half the Microsoft press conference and it just made it sound like the game was suddenly an XBox One exclusive. I had to search around to confirm that yes, it is still coming to PC.

The term needs to die.

Posted by AMyggen

One of my all time favourite games, can't wait!

Posted by fetterdave


Posted by KaiUnderneath

Who spells it "horray"?!

Posted by TruthTellah


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Yeah, blame Adam Boyes at E3 "[Grim Fandango] will be coming exclusively to ps4 and ps vita..."

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is this news? not having a go but i'm sure i knew this already didn't tim say this straight after the announcement (well pc at least)

edit: tim tweeted this after the reveal


Talk about other platforms soon! Sony's been a great help making this happen & we're excited to be working with them on the console version!

so not exact but obvious what it meant

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The fact that they don't bother keeping this stuff off the PC suggests that the PC is not a competing platform to Sony or Microsoft, if it was then they would treat the PC the same as the XB1 or PS4 and lock up the release

Posted by Wolfgame

Maybe I am just going crazy, but I thought when they first announced this game they had said the remake applied to a ps4 and pc version. Maybe I was just making assumptions but I was surprised when this suddenly became a news article over past couple of days.

Posted by D_W

I could have sworn this was announced when they announced the game. Ah well, I'm glad it's coming to PC for sure then. I didn't get to play it back in the day.

Posted by naeblis213

I think console makers need to look up the word "exclusive" (i.e. available to only one person or group). Still, it's better for all consumers if the game is available on more platforms so I'm not complaining. Just think they need to rephrase it to say "It's coming to PC AND [insert platform here]."

Posted by ajamafalous

Do you really mean to imply that the term 'console exclusive' originated in 2014? Because it happened all of last gen and was equally as dumb then, too.

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Quelle surprise

Posted by TheBioLover

Uh, it is a console exclusive. It won't be on Xbox One or Wii U.

Posted by RedSquirrelBrown

There's a few games out there now that make me want to buy a cheapish PC purely for indie games

Posted by Nightriff

I'll be grabbing it on the PS4 (Vita as well if it is cross buy) but options are great. Can't wait to finally play this game.

Posted by simkas

Uh, it is a console exclusive. It won't be on Xbox One or Wii U.

It's not exclusive to consoles or any single console, so it's not a console exclusive.

Posted by Veovisjohn

Don't know what all the complaining that this is not news in the comments is about. Patrick states in the article that it's "unsurprising news...but it's always good to know for sure." After E3 I definitely got the impression it might be PS4 only so it's good to have it cleared up.

Any which way, I'm insanely excited to replay this game. One of my favs.

Posted by Ravelle

Console exclusives are usually exclusive until they sold enough.

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Console debut: Timed exclusive to one of the consoles but is likely coming to PC too. Sometimes it's just a port of some game that is already available on PC

Console exclusive: Coming to only one of the consoles and PC.

Only expect a game to actually be exclusive if they only call it exclusive with no added word, although sometimes even that is wrong and it will come to PC too (although most likely not). Sony will sometime say "Only on Playstation" which usually also means that it is a true exclusive. Otherwise always expect a PC version unless you are explicitly told that it won't come to PC.

Posted by Pr1m8

@veovisjohn: you could ask why something this obvious gets a story? but no ones done that cos we all know why.

chem trails

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I'd still consider that a 'Console Exclusive' since a Computer isn't considered a console.

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I was beginning to wonder how you take a classic PC game and remake it for consoles without at least throwing a bone to the folks that have kept the genre going in a major way since its heyday. Good job, Adam Boyes, Double Fine and the lawyer collective that still collect a paycheck off the unused husks of former-LucasArts IP.

Posted by jimmyfenix

@nightriff: Yup it is going to be a treat on Vita.

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The rise of the "console" exclusive is one of the stranger video game marketing terms in 2014. Microsoft and Sony don't consider the PC to be a competing platform

I'm fairly sure this is not a 2014 marketing term at all. I feel the use of this term and the general ignoring of PC gaming as a competitor to console gaming has been going on for many years.


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The rise of the "console" exclusive is one of the stranger video game marketing terms in 2014.

I feel like these vague exclusivity claims have been a thing for quite a while, so I'm not sure why we're getting up in arms about it now. I don't think I've seen it any more this year than I have in other recent years.

Posted by falling_fast

i'm fine with this. more pc games yay :]

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

It's console exclusive for Sony. The term is only talking about their other non-PC competitors. Announced at a trade show that is overwhelmingly console focused. I don't think that was ever deceptive or unclear.

Posted by Brake

I honestly thought this was already a thing.

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I don't understand why Sony and Microsoft don't view the PC as a competing platform. I'm not complaining at all either, because I have a great gaming PC and a Wii U, which right now is sort of the optimal combination in my opinion. What has prevented me from buying an Xbox One or PS4 is the fact I have just about everything I want. Sure sounds like a platform that is competing directly with the consoles.

Posted by defcomm

Ah, that's great to hear! It's a bummer that we needed official confirmation for a legacy, point and click PC game to appear on PC. A month later no less.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Never played this before. I'm excited to see what the fuss is all about, although adventure games aren't really my thing

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why the hell did i buy an Xbox One

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I don't know where games journalists have been, but console exclusives have been here for years. Remember all these exclusive Summer of Arcade games like Braid, Limbo, Castle Crashers, Bastion, etc that eventually made it to PC and some even to the PS3?

Posted by Paindamnation

The rise of the "console" exclusive is one of the stranger video game marketing terms in 2014.

I feel like these vague exclusivity claims have been a thing for quite a while, so I'm not sure why we're getting up in arms about it now. I don't think I've seen it any more this year than I have in other recent years.

I've seen it more in recent years, because of the WiiU, PS4, Xbox One, because they want you to buy their console, so they want to claim that right. Like Titanfall is only on Xbox, that is currently it's flagship product outselling everything else, because you can't buy it anywhere else. That's just my two cents though.

Posted by Chet_Rippo

nice nice

Posted by JimmyPancakes

I'm convinced Patrick is trying to teach us a lesson, maybe "This is what the site would be like if we did news like Kotaku, IGN etc. IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?"

This kind of news story is exactly what Jeff said Patrick wasn't going to be doing when he was hired, I hope thats still the case. Of course if its pressure from CBS management to increase page views, I'd rather suffer this kind of non-journalism than give up all the other great content. (Quite a bit of which is produced by Patrick I might add)

Posted by RE_Player1

I feel like there are better things to worry or be annoyed about than the term console exclusive but whatever floats your boat.

Posted by kerikxi

I don't feel deceived at all, never have. Console exclusive has always covered the big three. Platform exclusive would rope in PC/Mac/Linux/etc. We don't call PC only games console exclusives. It's generally understood these days that most console games will make their way to PC eventually, right? This doesn't seem like something worth getting snarky over.