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Halo: Reach Gets Release Date; Millions Played The Beta

Yes, Halo: Reach will be released. Find out when!

Dude, roll! Roll!
The Halo: Reach beta was kind of a big deal. According to Microsoft, just about 2.7 million dudes logged onto the Internet and gave Bungie's latest online FPS test a spin, collectively racking up over 1,826 years of play time (16 million hours) over the mere two weeks the Halo: ODST-tied download was available. Those are impressive numbers, for sure -- but they're not as impressive as the amount of people who were, undoubtedly, gifted a diverse verbal bouquet of unflattering, yet spectacularly creative dirty names to use on others courtesy of the experience.   
Speaking of Reach, Microsoft and Bungie confirmed this lovely morning that Reach itself will hit in September as expected. The game's worldwide launch kicks off September 14th, with a Japanese release on the 15th. We've been told by an incredibly unreliable source that two dudes have already lined up in front of a GameStop in Alaska in preparation for its inevitable midnight launch party. They have chairs; they have sleeping bags; and oh yes, they have empty bottles. 
The Reach beta officially ended on May 20th, making a many sad panda out of the deep pool of beta testers. Considering the numbers, we're guessing that more than a few of you gave Reach a shot. If you somehow managed to missed it, we got your back: Brad and Drew gave Vinny a lesson on the maps, modes, and weapons that were available in the beta before it was thick with players.
You're ready for September, right?
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I'm definitely looking forward to Sept 14, but unlike a lot of people I'm more interested in playing the revamped single-player campaign that Bungie has been promising (i.e. one that's supposed to be open ended like Halo CE).

Posted by MaddProdigy
@Belonpopo:  I just wanted to check, you're kidding right? Because the only reference they made to the community was that people in online video games swear a lot...if you were unaware of this...dude I don't know what to say, fail.
Separately, beta was awsome and I can't wait for the real game. Welcome to the site Brad N
Posted by Swish

I am way more happy to see Chet on Giantbomb than Halo dated

Posted by dagas

It's possible to change the privacy settings so that you can only hear people in your friends list. It's the only way to play IMO.

Posted by Agent47CSim2
@PapaLazarou said:
" The gameplay just looks like a PC MP FPS from the 90s :\ 
That's an awfully stupid thing to say isn't it?