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Here Are the Best Selling Games in June (Hint: Duke Wasn't #1)

Duke will have to settle for second place.

Maybe next time, Duke.
Maybe next time, Duke.

June, usually a slow period for video games, turned out to be the month when Duke Nukem Forever was finally released, after more than a decade of development and several complete reboots.

The NPD Group has released its monthly sales report for the games industry, bringing word that Duke Nukem Forever will have to be content with the number two spot. L.A. Noire took the top spot.

L.A. Noire sold 419,000 copies over the course of the month, while Duke Nukem Forever sold 376,300, I'm told. It's crucial to note, however, that these numbers do not include digital sales, only physical.

Here's the complete list, sans numbers for the rest of the games:

  1. L.A. Noire
  2. Duke Nukem Forever
  3. inFamous 2
  4. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  6. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  7. NBA 2K11
  8. Mortal Kombat
  9. Cars 2
  10. Just Dance 2

No sign of Alice: Madness Returns or Shadows of the Damned, two games that are definitely worth playing.

So far, only Microsoft has issued a statement on this month's numbers, announcing Xbox 360 outsold all the other hardware platforms and moved an impressive 507,000 units during June.

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Posted By rawilliam

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?? What´s next?

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Posted By vorhenze

@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

I don't understand why people still buy 360's I don't mean this in a fanboy insulting way I'm actually really curious What are you playing?

Seems pretty easy to guess. If they didn't already own an 360 then they are potentially playing a lot of games. If they did already own a 360, perhaps they had to purchase a new one after their old one died, so they can play the games they are already playing, watching Netflix, etc. Everyone I know that owns an 360 is on their second 360.

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Posted By BoneChompski

Once Alice is $25 on Steam I'm pulling the trigger. Looks cool.

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Posted By lockwoodx

@Luck3ySe7en said:

"Detective Cole Phelps, badge 247"

"What can i help you with, detective?"

"Any messages?"

"Yes, Coroner Carruthers has asked you to come down to the morgue to positively identify the Dukie Nukem gentleman you murdered on sales charts."

"Thank you, ma'am"

Ignorance at its best as the derps blissfully ignore the fact digital sales were not included in the article. The real murder, is how Steam is murdering consoles day after day lol.

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Posted By Example1013

I'm sure MIcrosoft isn't padding those numbers with the free XBox 360s that they're giving away with their back-to-school computer deal.

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Posted By chickdigger802

@example1013 said:

I'm sure MIcrosoft isn't padding those numbers with the free XBox 360s that they're giving away with their back-to-school computer deal.

to be fair, they are probably only a small margin. They do require you to pick up some pretty specific models of laptops last time I checked.

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Posted By theuselessgod

ALWAYS BET ON...wait...

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Posted By Branthog

Three good games surrounded by nothing but shit. I'm still going to buy a copy of Duke, myself. I don't know if I'll ever play it, but it belongs on the shelf.

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Posted By danimal_furry
@MrCellophane said:
What the fuck is this shit.  If you don't count digital, of course a console-only game beats a game which is primarily distributed via Steam.   Get your acts together people!  Also, if I sound angry it's because I'm drunk.

The end of that comment is full of win.
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Posted By Raineko

I think DNF was a pretty cool game. It felt old but that's because it actually is old, the levels were probably created over 5 years ago. The one liners were as funny as always and except for the 2 weapon limit I didn't have a problem playing that game.

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Edited By SomeJerk

Shadows of The Damned on PS3 and 360 combined: 24 000 sales

Child of Eden: 34 000 sales

Might as well stop releases of everything not a shooter or a sports game in the US, ain't that right Nintendo?

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Posted By the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

im kinda surprised that DNF sold more than Infamous 2... 

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Posted By wickedsc3

Damn, duke sold way better than i would have thought. Just goes to show reviews don't sell games. Duke got a shit review and sold more than infamous 2 that got a good review.

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Edited By thekingoftoilets

""Coochie Coochie"".... get it.... #2.... that's what sold second best this past month........
I will say that Infamous did pretty good for an exclusive, and given that most of the games on the list are multi-platform, thats cool. 
Also, I will never get the appeal of the just dance games (not to say there is anything wrong with them). my fiance made me play it, then we went over to a friends and played dance central, now she wants to get a kinect. I guess a majority of people find it fun to have your right hand be the only responsive part of the body?

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Posted By xaLieNxGrEyx
@SockLobster said:
@xaLieNxGrEyx said:
@Vexed said:
@xaLieNxGrEyx said:
I don't understand why people still buy 360's    I don't mean this in a fanboy insulting way I'm actually really curious   What are you playing?
There's a list of top selling games right there and 7 of them are on 360.... So maybe that's what people are playing? >.>
I was refering more towards exclusives   I'm just wondering what right the 360 has to be the top selling console...   I haven't played mine since I beat Alan Wake and Metro. To each his own I suppose.
People use the 360 for more than just exclusives, it also usually has the best version of multiplatform games. For instance, the 360 version of MK is superior to the PS3 version. Speaking of PS3, there's a console that I only play exclusives on, the latest being Infamous 2.

No it's not.  
The consoles both shair laggyy matches, as well as lag free fights.  
The PS3 controller is far superior for fighting games, and the console supports Kratos as well as more easily patched with a download or hotfix.  
Dy-sync was patched on PS3 while 360 got some bullshit redownload your shit fix.  
So I disagree, but feel free to think what you wish.
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Posted By SlasherMan
@somejerk said:

Shadows of The Damned on PS3 and 360 combined: 24 000 sales

Child of Eden: 34 000 sales

Might as well stop releases of everything not a shooter or a sports game in the US, ain't that right Nintendo?

Um, both those games are shooters, though. You know... you shoot things in them...
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Posted By VilhelmNielsen

2nd place is bad enough!

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Posted By jonnyboy

I'm still Playing Duke Mutiplayer. Yeah it's janky as fuck but it's still a ton of fun.  
Servers are full too, apparently quite a few people don't really give a shit for review scores.

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Posted By Trodorne

YAY INFAMOUS 2 is in the top 3

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Posted By tunaburn

call of duty is still on the list!? holy shit

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Posted By hermes
@trodorne said:
YAY INFAMOUS 2 is in the top 3
Quite impressive, considering is the only one of the first 4 that is not multiplatform.
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Posted By PeasantAbuse

You'd think that whoever wanted Black Ops would have had it by now.
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Posted By Norusdog
@sins_of_mosin said:
@PXAbstraction said:
Once again, not only do those numbers not include digital sales, they don't include ANY sales outside the US! I really wish more stories would mention this. There are other places in the world that buy games.
Once again this is a US site so that additional info isn't needed.   Can't believe the Xbox 360 sold over 500k consoles in the month of June.  That is impressive!
how is that impressive?  Considering most of them are probably REPLACEMENT 360's..not original buys.
great games but shit construction.  There's NOTHING impressive about those numbers considering the systems construction "quality"
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Posted By DrMcKittrick

Shadows of the Damned is going to be one of those games that goes for $200 on ebay in 10 years.

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Posted By shulinchung

Does this list include PC games? It saddens me to know that the Witcher 2 isn't on the list.

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Posted By EverydayOdyssey

How did Infamous 2 sell compared to the first?

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Posted By brownsfantb

How is NBA 2k11 still in the top ten? It's a great game and all but the season's over. Who's still buying this?

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Posted By aidros

more than likely that the LA Noire sales were primarily retail, given that the game is so large in size.

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Posted By kmg90

I find it hard to believe 500,000 360's were sold last month, not trying to troll but what does the system have that would prompt such sales numbers?  I would be jumping ship from that console the way the game industry is handling new games ( new game purchase incentives for online games?)
Pay for Xbox Live, the internet connection used to connect to xbox live and now if you buy second hand or share games with friends pay for mulitplayer access to individual games.

 I never believe self-published numbers, they always seem to be inflated (like including just shipped to store consoles and not just sales)
I face palm that Black Ops is still selling good, when so many other games offer more better online experiences. I wonder if they count the bundled PS3 Call of Duty SKU as a sale of Call of Duty in which I also curse Sony for bundling such a overplayed and overrated game with the system in which new system owners won't look for new better games since they have their call of dooty


The current state of gaming industry makes me sad-face and angered

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Posted By BR4DL3I9H

People actually bought Duke Nukem!?!
Crack really is a wonderful thing.

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Posted By Swoxx

Black ops still on this list, thats crazy

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Posted By MeatSim

People just had to see what DNF was after all these years.