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Here Is A Somewhat Confusing Noby Noby Boy Video

Looks awesome? I can't tell anymore.

Namco Bandai dropped this video of Noby Noby Boy onto Youtube yesterday.


I still don't know what the hell is going on here. All I know is that the game is out next week and I'm going to exchange some of my hard-earned American dollars for a chance to figure out what it all means.
Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
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Posted by Jeff
Namco Bandai dropped this video of Noby Noby Boy onto Youtube yesterday.


I still don't know what the hell is going on here. All I know is that the game is out next week and I'm going to exchange some of my hard-earned American dollars for a chance to figure out what it all means.
Posted by Coltonio7

I get it now!

Posted by PowerSerj

I lol'd

Posted by Arkthemaniac

Dude . . . GOTY.

Edited by skywing

The more I see of this game the less I want to play it.  I don't understand whats the point!?!?
I feel like whats-his-face over at Namco Bandai just feels the need to top Katamari.  Not in intuitive game play but sheer craziness.  This looks like a glorified tech demo to me.

Posted by Teptom

Looks inspirational.

Posted by License_To_Bill

I understand. It's a Cold War parable.

Posted by DuckofDoom

It's good to see someone finally utilizing the Cell processor to it's fullest. Those cars are so realistic.

Posted by logson

I laughed watching this video. I've laughed at quite a few clips of this game. I  think it was Nick Suttner that I heard describe it less like a game and more like a tech demo or playground. Whatever the case may be, my laughter is a good sign, because I have awesome taste.

Posted by ybouc


Posted by KnifeySpoony

I watched blankly, then laughed, then linked it to a bunch of people. I guess the video worked.

Posted by coffeesash

This looks even better than Mario 128! Seriously though, growing up on Monty Python, surreal stuff like this makes me laugh :3

Posted by Vigorousjammer

w-wh-wha-what?! o_O

I do no understand this video WHATSOEVER! @_@ ...

Posted by ZombiePie

Uhhh ok so where's the game?

Posted by erinfizz

I do not know what it is, but I must play it. I dig weird.

Posted by dsplayer1010

Maybe it makes sense if you're high

Posted by Rodiard

I'm looking forward to this.  Hopefully it will be as bizzarely awesome of an experience as the first time I played Katamari Damacy.

Posted by quag19

either im really high or this is just that retarded looking

Posted by Bucketdeth


Posted by Grilledcheez

I don't know what's going on, but I want it.

Posted by LordAndrew

What did I just watch???

Posted by lantus

Awesome!! I think this will end up being the best $5 I'll ever spend lol.

Edited by stephengotlost

I think their marketing attempt is to confuse the market as much as possible in hopes of luring them into purchasing the title out of curiosity.

Posted by Mattalorian

Either I'm drunk, or Noby Noby Boy is designed to make you feel that way.

Posted by Zuul

WTF? ^^

Posted by Diamond

I think the whole point of the game is going to be trying to figure out wtf is going on, but in a good way.

Posted by MeatSim

Japan scares me sometimes.

Posted by HatKing

I think I got it.  I think the object is to get untangled.  Look at it, it appears the whole time he is trying to get him self off of that spinning object.  The character makes some disapproving sounds when he becomes more tangled to support my theory.  Again I'm sure this game will be a novel concept that will be fun to play for a bit, and a good laugh when your hosting a party and everybody is drunk, but I'm sure all that will ware off quickly and you'll have a poor looking simple puzzle game.  Just like Katamari.

Posted by calf_exercises
Posted by wisdumcube

There is no coherent explanation for what I just watched. It defies the English language.

Posted by SaucySala

I want to buy this NOW.

Posted by FCKSNAP

In the 1up features before everyone got eviscerated, they talked about how the director only wanted to make a "toy" and not really a "game" with an end goal, but a social goal. Basically you make him as big as possible an add the length to the total tally on the server and everyone tries to make it to the moon and beyond in total length.

But I have no fucking clue what this video is about.

Posted by clarke0

This is weird as hell but I would totally pay 5 bucks to see what its all about.

Posted by Crono

I was thinking about it and... *aneurysm*

Posted by bulletclip6

all i could do was laugh. i want it though

Posted by Lifestrike

"pure action game"

Posted by Vance_Helsing

Unintelligible footage of PSN games for me is a religion, and Noby Noby Boy is the s***.

Posted by Octopus_Prime

oh my god what just happened

Posted by CashBailey

I have dreams like that when I eat pizza before bed.

Posted by strangeling


Posted by daftdethmonkey

And this is why we love the PSN.

Posted by AdventChild

Oh of it all makes sense.

Edited by Trnck

Maybe it's untying itself?

Posted by destruktive


Posted by Kohe321

The was strange...

Posted by creamclouds
It's Katamari in REVERSE
Tripping (echo-echo)
Posted by JJGIANT


Posted by JJGIANT


Posted by cikame

I don't know what the hell it is, but there's an empty hole in my life that its appealing to.

Posted by Sliqcore

However trendy you want to be buying weird, playing this game for any sustainable amount of time may prove to be far more difficult than saying you will. Unless there is some genius mechanic behind it all, but really, how often is that the case?

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