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Here's The GTA4: Ballad Of Gay Tony Trailer

Sing a song of downloadable expansions from Rockstar North.

Rockstar just sent out the latest trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony, the second Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable expansion to Grand Theft Auto IV. And here it is.  

Remember that even if you don't own GTA IV itself, you can play this one, along with the previously released episode The Lost and Damned, by grabbing the upcoming GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City retail disc. How does this one strike you? Ready to head back to Liberty City's mean streets? Brad Shoemaker on Google+
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Posted by Brad
Posted by Everyones_A_Critic


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Player's really laggy for me, I'll watch it once it's buffered.
Edit: Trailer was meh.

Posted by Lucifer
@Everyones_A_Critic said:


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Fingers crossed Microsoft will care about their own platform and release it for GFWL.

Posted by Baillie

Looks good.

Posted by Insectecutor


Posted by Pie

Looks pretty neat (a helicopter picks up a train cart with you on the back!) but im not sure about getting this.

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic
@Insectecutor said:
"Gay. "
I lol'd.
Posted by Karmum

Is that a helicopter carrying a subway car? A subway car?
I want this game right now. One more month.

Posted by dexterslu

Parachuting finally back into GTA - Awsome. Looks pretty similar to Lost & The Damned, Bad or Good? eh, not sure.

Posted by coonce

i dunno what happened.... but i lost my pants.

Posted by GeekDown

Can't wait for Episodes From Liberty City so I can finally play the DLC.

Posted by TheDoorman

dance party.  oh yeah.
Posted by Druminator

Looks like there will be a fight club!

Posted by dankempster

I can't wait to get a hold of this, it's one of the precious few games that I'll be picking up in the rest of the year. I'm not too keen on the whole parachute thing, though. Moving back into the wacky stylings of San Andreas would be a backwards step in my eyes. 

Posted by TheAdmin
@Everyones_A_Critic said:
" @Insectecutor said:
"Gay. "
I lol'd. "
it's all about the lulz on Giantbomb!
Posted by WEGGLES

Looks awesome.
Gun helicopters? A helicopter picking up a train? Parachutes? Golf Carts? Day one buy for me!

Posted by Droop

Do want.

Posted by TJ

1.10 spotted Niko  
exclusive this games got NIko!!!!!! (or som1 that looks like him from behind)

Posted by HandsomeDead

Pjanoo in the trailer > Whatever shit was in the Lost and Damned trailer. Good arrows. Looks like i'll be picking this up.

Posted by CoolDrMoney has the HD trailer. Once again, that is Ask for it by name.

Posted by _Phara0h_

I just seen this on GT and I must say I'm more excited about this one then Lost and the Damned...... And when it comes out on disk I'm there.....

Posted by clubsandwich


Posted by pakx

nice. can't wait.

Posted by Gregomasta

The dancing sold me.

Posted by manurok1

Looking forward to this pretty much by default. Looks like the playable character has a considerably higher status than Johnny and Niko so this looks like it's going to be very fresh addition.

Posted by Crono


Posted by btk88

Awesome can't wait the song is Eric Prydz - Pjanoo

Posted by Coltonio7

Awesome musiiiic

Posted by JoxxOr

That trailer is AWESOME . 
I'm so getting this one and not the "lost & damned" =)

Posted by TheMustacheHero


Posted by Oni_Evangelion

eric prydz ftw

Posted by SmasheControllers

Awesome, Win!

Posted by Sarnecki

Looks god damn awesome.  The music puts it past awesome into Flaming.

Posted by Gearhead

Que Hillary Duff walking in and talking about the word 'Gay.' :P

Posted by SammydesinasNL

AA12 Shotgun, FN p90, UZI, transport helicopter, parachute, caddy car, new small helicopter with guns.... THIS IS AMAZINGZ!!! Definitely buying. Looking forward to the now possible trinity.

Posted by nickyvegas

i just can't quit this game.  They keep pulling me in.

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

is that the dude who was part of that diamond mission that both niko and johnny were part of?

Posted by HatKing

I saw a P90, despite pretty actively not being a gun enthusiast that is my favorite gun...probably something to do with it looking all high tech and nifty.  Anyway I was pretty much set on buying this as soon as it was announced so this trailer didn't really do too much to change my opinion of the game.  I guess I'm a little more excited now just because it looks like it is coming together really well.
Posted by HawkSE

Parachuting is back!

Posted by mattysen

Pjanoo = sold

Posted by Yummylee

So glad to know I won't have to have Luis struttin around like some high-school jock. Plus the suits are buttoned up!! Pure high-class style right here xD
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Posted by DrBobUK


Posted by WallacetheGreat

Wowzerz, I can't wait any longer for this!
*takes off pants*

Posted by LethalKi11ler

pjanoo =buy

Posted by 100eyes

That's exactly what I needed to buy this.

Posted by Krenor

It looks great, lets hope I have the money when it comes out

Posted by SilverArrows

can't wait to get back into GTA4 again, for the 3rd time. 
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