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Here's This Year's Crop Of Spike VGA Announcements

Who's ready for some sequels?

Another holiday season means another Spike TV Video Game Awards means another slew of brand new video games getting announced. This year, sort of like every year, we've got a metric tonne of big franchise sequels on our hands. (I spelled "ton" the fancy way because it's Saturday night and what's more exciting than video game news on a Saturday night? Nothing, that's what.)


I'm filing this one first under the "least likely to actually happen" clause. It's SSX Deadly Descents. Wherever Sean Coonce is right now, I promise you he is stoked

The next Elder Scrolls game is called Skyrim

In a lot of ways I think Bethesda's RPGs are the best things going in the game industry right now, so it's pretty great to know that a new one will be out this time next year--11/11/11, actually--although this teaser shows you next to nothing about it. But watch it anyway! The hero of Kvatch would want you to.

Mass Effect 3 is in fact real


Uncharted 3 charts itself on November 1 2011

Please to be watching this trailer, hmm? 

There is a fourth Forza game and it is Forza Motorsport 4

Having myself recently discovered the joy of driving video game cars, I'm optimistic I might actually be able to graduate to a real driving game like Forza 4 by the time it ships next fall. Here's a trailer.

Prototype 2 is a video game

The first Prototype is a game I like less the more I think about it, but that's mostly because the concept for the game has so much potential, I want to see a game that really makes good on all of it. Let's hope this sequel is that game.

Guillermo del Toro's video game is called  Insane

There's not a lot to say about this one yet other than that it's a horror game and it ain't coming out anytime soon. Del Toro might be a Hollywood big shot, and those guys may not have much of a track record of actually shipping games, but the guy holds BioShock in especially high regard, so I'm at least cautiously optimistic that he actually cares about making a good game.

Resistance 3 out September 6, 2011

I've somehow never managed to play through a Resistance game on the PS3, but perhaps next year is the year that will change.


Here's a new Batman: Arkham City trailer

We've known about this game since the last VGAs so this isn't exactly an announcement per se, but I'm including it here because goddamnit do I want to play a new Arkham Asylum game. Man, that game was something else. This cannot come out soon enough.
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Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Oh wow the next Call of Du- oh wait it's SSX. 

Posted by metalsnakezero

So many games to look forward to.

Posted by Jazz2

2011, The year all nerds went broke :p

Posted by Nictel

*Insert girly scream here* 
Wish it was november again. :P

Posted by carlthenimrod

More games being announced then I would've thought...

Posted by Cwaff
@mrfluke said:
" if theres one thing we can all take away from the vga's is that 2011 is the year where we all go broke  dead space 2 deus ex human revolution marvel vs capcom 3 sly 4 the last guardian mortal kombat  la noire mass effect 3 elder scrolls 5 the old republic dragon age 2 batman arkham city  little big planet 2 the 3ds infamous 2 the next assassins creed gears of war 3 crysis 2 team ico collection street fighter vs tekken tekken vs street fighter megaman universe  uncharted 3 spec ops the line bastion catherine  like fuck i could keep going but i bet you guys get the idea "
Never before has anyone made such a list that I want pretty much everything on it...
Posted by 2HeadedNinja
@Verb4tim said:
" Dragon Age 2 looks like dumbed down sequel. Mass Effect 2 stripped some rpg elements, so i have no idea what to expect from the sequel. Plus Bioware is adding multiplayer to ME3, so i fear that the sequel is going to have more shooting but less RPGing. But atleast i am really excited about the new Elder Scrolls because i can count on Bethesda to deliver a great RPG game. "
where has that been said? Did I miss something?
Posted by Dixperiken

Excitement! That mass effect 3 trailer sent shivers down my spine... 
Now back to WoW.

Posted by Mijati

So, what's left to be announced at E3 next year?

Posted by Saltank

MASS EFFECT 3 and Batman: Arkham City. GOTY.

Posted by GrandMarshal

sooo many 1's


so many games in late 2011 and so many games in early 2011 - my wallet is looking at me right now and frowning. Still Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, Batman 2, Elder Scrolls 5, Forza 4 and a new SSX!!! Sweet Mary Mother of God!!!!! lol :D

Edited by Terranova

 2011  is going to be a great year for games and a damn expensive one just wish they would space them out a bit, having Batman AC , Mass effect 3, and Elder scrolls V pretty close to each other doesn't help much.

Posted by Althox

Damn... Elder Scrolls, ME3, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2. The list just goes on for 2011... Will be a massive year.

Posted by CactusJack

Posted by Blackmamba85


Posted by Demonstride

New Elder Scrolls and ME3 Next year will be the best year EVER.

Posted by PenguinDust
Mass Effect 3...well, we knew that was coming anyway so I was a bit disappointed that all the speculation just added up to that.   
Elder Scrolls V - "Bleh" trailer but absolutely wonderful news to hear it's official and has a projected date of release. 
SSX - Why does is look like the ice climbing level from Modern Warfare 2
Batman: Arkham City - Awesome in every sense of what a trailer this early should be.  It got me very hyped to play this game. 
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - a little weak, but it's great to see Nathan and Sully again, so it will be cool. 
Resistance 3 - very disappointing.  It looked like a continuation of Resistance 2 which was also a disappointment. Props for showing in-game footage, though.
Posted by Gizmo

I paused a few screens from the Del Toro announcement trailer. 
I saw tentacles, and squid suckers... 
This is the Lovecraft thing I heard he was working on?

Posted by JoeGJ

Man, I hope Skyrim is chock-full of Vikings.

Posted by Bloodlines
He is making a movie about At the Mountains of Madness. Thats the only lovecraft stuff i have heard he is working on. And Call of SSX looks meh.
Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by ssj4raditz

These in addition to all the other stuff already slated for 2011 makes me very happy indeed. The announcement that got me most excited was, unexpectedly, a new SSX. Friggin' love that series, glad to see that EA hasn't abandoned it!

Posted by fillmoejoe

Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Forza 4 and Batman Arkham 2? Count me in on this.

Posted by Titl

I Got Nerd chills all over my body from th ME3 Trailer. I want that game now.

Posted by TurtleKing

I think I'm addicted to the Mass Effect 3 teaser! 
2011 is looking like a fantastic year for gamers, anyone have ideas on how we can all get November off work? Fake pandemic perhaps?

Posted by TheCheese33

I'm so angry with Bethesda. Even after they had a bunch of extra time because of Obsidian developing the follow-up to Fallout 3, they're still sticking with that busted-ass Gamebryo engine. I am done paying $60 for a fixer-upper.

Posted by iizcallum

Sooooooo excited for SSX, hope it's not too big a departure from 3 though.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

alotta 1's in those trailers

Posted by jamaicanidler
@fillmoejoe: You forgot the best one. I'm guessing you only have an Xbox. Uncharted 3 :)
Posted by forkboy

I have to wait 12 more months for Mass Effect 3?  Nooooooooooo.  But it seems so long since I finished Mass Effect 2.

Posted by jamaicanidler

I'm happy they announced all the games we know about here so that next year at the other shows, esp E3, they can reveal new IPs and hardware. Maybe Nintendo will announce the next Nintendo console and say it'll release 2012. The PSP2 is a sure thing for E3 too. I'm mostly looking forward however to a new Sony/Multiplatform IP :). Oh, and The Last Guardian.

Posted by Marlowe

Between Elder Scrolls V, Arkham Asylum 2, Uncharted 3, Forza 4 and about 20 other games I was already exited for 2011 is going to be great

Posted by RYNO9881

The elder scrolls trailer was really cool and the batman trailer was kinda badass. Can't wait.

Posted by gbrading

The Mass Effect 3 teaser has me hooked. For me that was the best teaser there was, especially having it set in London. I cannot wait!
Posted by UItros

Dragons in next Elder Scroll pl0x? :D

Edited by Leadcat

When I heard there was a new SSX I was hyped, but the tone of that trailer was the exact opposite of what I look for in an SSX game. Hopefully it turns out ok because I loved that series. 
Mass Effect 3, the surprise was kinda ruined... I would totally have been blown away had I not known it was going to be Earth. Still a good teaser though!
Out of these I'm definitely most excited for Skyrim right now. I can't wait to return to Tamriel! This probably means I'm going to install Morrowind again at some point soon.

Posted by SomeJerk

So much doom & gloom, where is confirmation that they're sticking to the same version Gamebryo we've seen them use since Oblivion? Gamebryo is not a bad engine, it is what the purchaser of it does with it - like stick with the same framework they developed for too long (Oblivion, FO3, NV).
Warhammer Online does not suffer from the GameBryoisms of Oblivion/FO3/NV, because it's on a later version GameBryo, Oblivion's GameBryo is the 2003 version.

Posted by Jerome85

Mass Effect 3 and the new Elder Scrolls game are the only two I am interested in.

Posted by avantegardener

2011 you are a thing of beauty. Wallet, I'm so very sorry.

Posted by allenibrahim

What's the last thing Max von Sydow is saying in the Elder Scrolls trailer? I'm hearing "Dragon Ball!". Dragon Boy?

Posted by JackG100
@allenibrahim: Dragon Born...
Posted by AndrooD2

11/11/11 is one badass release date.

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

I am really looking forward to Mass Effect 3, Batman, Elder Scrolls V, and possibly the new SSX.
Skyrim is interesting for me because I have not actually put a lot of time into the previous games, but their handling of the Fallout franchise has me interested.

Posted by Hector

So excited for ME3!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO

Posted by fillmoejoe
@jamaicanidler said:
" @fillmoejoe: You forgot the best one. I'm guessing you only have an Xbox. Uncharted 3 :) "
No PS triple, I would love to play Uncharted though.
Posted by jamaicanidler
@fillmoejoe: I'm playing through the 1st one now. It really is a well written game, and the actual gaming mechanics work beautifully. I'll jump into 2 as soon as I'm done too xD. I styll need to play Mass Effect 2 though. Think i'm gonna get 1 for my PC and get 2 on my PS3.
Posted by august
@jamaicanidler said:
" @fillmoejoe: I'm playing through the 1st one now. It really is a well written game, and the actual gaming mechanics work beautifully. I'll jump into 2 as soon as I'm done too xD. I styll need to play Mass Effect 2 though. Think i'm gonna get 1 for my PC and get 2 on my PS3. "
You do realize you won't be able to import your save, right?
Posted by jamaicanidler
@august: Yeah I know. I'd just be playing for the story and the experience. Is it worth it or should I just jump into 2 and get the story recap?
Posted by fillmoejoe
@jamaicanidler said:
" @fillmoejoe: I'm playing through the 1st one now. It really is a well written game, and the actual gaming mechanics work beautifully. I'll jump into 2 as soon as I'm done too xD. I styll need to play Mass Effect 2 though. Think i'm gonna get 1 for my PC and get 2 on my PS3. "
So i guess you'll get ME3 on PS3. The 2nd Uncharted looks really good to me but I would play the first one.