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Hey, Guess What? Super Meat Boy Is $10 Until November

Over 300 levels! Do the math!

We’re a mere twelve hours out from the release of Super Meat Boy-- Team Meat’s long-in-development, ridiculous platformer/controller-breaking simulator—and it seems like things couldn’t be going better for the indie team; reviews of the game have been ecstatic, and Brad likes the game so much transported him to some sort of "Platformer Hell" (which is like Bullet Hell, but worse) from which the only escape is an endless series of perfectly timed wall jumps
Yep, it sure looks like Super Meat Boy has tapped into the little masochist inside all of us, and with success. Is there anything else that Team Meat can do to try and convince you to cover levels with meat guts?

How about making the game cheaper before the game comes out?

Team Meat has revealed that Super Meat Boy—originally set to retail on XBLA at $15--has been reduced in price for a limited time only. If you buy Super Meat Boy before November 1, the game will be yours for the low, low price of $10.


== TEASER ==After November 1, however, Super Meat Boy returns to its initially announced $15/1200 Point price, so if you own a 360 and have even the slightest interest in jumping from wall to wall, fighting evil fetuses in robot suits with monocles, or you just Wanna Be The Guy, you would be foolish not to buy the game before its price goes back up.

You won’t lose out on anything buying the game as this reduced price either. All players who purchase Super Meat Boy will still have access to Team Meat’s run of free DLC levels.  As the devs say on their website, Team Meat had initially planned on reducing the price to $10 as a Christmas sale, but because SMB’s (Oh man! I just got that!) release fell so close to December, they decided to bring the Christmas sale early. Consider this sale your early Christmas present.
A Christmas present of Meat.
While you’re waiting for Santa to come down the digital tube with the aforementioned sack of meat, enjoy even more footage of Brad cursing at Super Meat Boy, which is perfect for Christmas since Brad cursing is a gift that keeps on giving.
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Avatar image for apoloimagod
Posted By apoloimagod

Oh great! Now I HAVE to buy this! There's just no excuse :-P

Avatar image for cramsy
Posted By Cramsy
@TehFlan said:
" @TheIneffableBob said:
"fuckin jesus christ that is like $15 per level  "
Wat. "
It's a million bucks, don't worry about it. 
Avatar image for ladyshayne
Posted By LadyShayne

I didn't need any more incentive to buy this game, but the sale definitely doesn't hurt.

Avatar image for sephirm87
Posted By sephirm87

Just realized something about Super Meat Boy.... The entire game takes place inside the Meat Dimension.

Avatar image for mrklorox
Edited By MrKlorox

Damn... I was planning on skipping this game. Now I'm not so sure.
@Vigorousjammer said:

" Awesome, now I can get Costume Quest AND this, I thought I was just gonna get Costume Quest and leave that leftover 950 points sitting on my Xbox LIVE account. but no longer! now I can leave that leftover 150 points sitting on my account! "
And if you spend 400 more MSP before November, you get 800 back.
Avatar image for joeltgm
Posted By JoelTGM

hey no fair, I have to get it for PC, where's my deal :( 

Avatar image for phoenix87
Posted By Phoenix87

Man, I really wish it was coming out on PSN, and the $5 dollar discount is like insult to injury.

Avatar image for golguin
Posted By golguin

I was already getting it based on the quick look, but now I'm SUPER getting it.

Avatar image for winsord
Posted By Winsord

I wasn't going to for $15, but I feel that I must for $10.

Avatar image for roger_klotz
Posted By Roger_Klotz

Well, looks like I'm going to buy and play super meat boy. I am super excited. Ho Ho zing!

Avatar image for cjmhockey
Posted By cjmhockey

I will definitely be getting Super Meat Boy at that price.

Avatar image for skrutop
Posted By skrutop

That's like 400 pesos per level.  You can't not want to not to have to have it.

Avatar image for cjmabry
Posted By cjmabry

I am sooo buying this. Looks super addicting.

Avatar image for hector
Posted By Hector

I'm sticking to Costume Quest1

Avatar image for taborcarn
Posted By Taborcarn

This game just looks way too crazy.

Avatar image for herbiebug
Posted By HerbieBug

Discount meat!  0__0

Avatar image for romination
Posted By Romination

This is the best news. Now I have to buy it and I can convince my girlfriend it's a great idea. 

Avatar image for pop
Posted By Pop

Still no news on steam release? 

Avatar image for deactivated-57d3a53d23027
Posted By deactivated-57d3a53d23027

30 levels for a $1. Going once... going twice... going 400,000 times.

Avatar image for immuniity
Posted By Immuniity

I'm really excited for this. I no fully well i will not finish it though...

Avatar image for habster3
Posted By habster3
@Immuniity said:
"I no fully well i will not finish it though... "
I doubt many people will.
Avatar image for papercut
Posted By papercut

If this game ways a junior high school girl, I'd take it behind the gymnasium and impregnate it.

Avatar image for forcen
Posted By Forcen
@Pop said:
" Still no news on steam release?  "
It's coming in November.
No word on Achievements, Leaderboards and/or Steam Cloud...
Avatar image for spiceninja
Posted By spiceninja

On Major Nelson's blog he says it will be 800 points until November 21, not the 1st like this article says. Is that a typo on Major's part or is the typo in this article?

Avatar image for crusader8463
Posted By crusader8463

So just in time to screw over the PC release after delaying it for a month. AWESOME THANKS!

Avatar image for warofart
Posted By artofwar420
@Forcen said:
" @Pop said:
" Still no news on steam release?  "
It's coming in November. No word on Achievements, Leaderboards and/or Steam Cloud... "
I'm sure they have to have one of those at least. Everybody calls me George.
Avatar image for eviljester1214
Posted By EvilJester1214

i wish to also rage at this game with joy
i will be snaggin this!

Avatar image for coombs
Posted By Coombs

I can't wait until 1am, 
God am I going to be tired for work in the morning

Avatar image for terkader
Posted By TerKaDer

Played at PAX prime was pretty awesome.

Avatar image for northsarge
Posted By NorthSarge

Who said this wouldn't count towards Brad's death toll? it should.... maybe not for every death.... but like +1 for every 100.... it adds up...

Avatar image for mackj
Posted By MackJ

Hooray for meat.

Avatar image for tobygw
Posted By tobygw

I do like me a challenge

Avatar image for beard_of_zeus
Posted By beard_of_zeus
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" On Major Nelson's blog he says it will be 800 points until November 21, not the 1st like this article says. Is that a typo on Major's part or is the typo in this article? "
I'm not sure what to think. Last I knew, there was no specified date; it was just supposed to be on sale until sometime in November. That's what the Team Meat blog says at the moment.
Avatar image for comradecrash
Posted By ComradeCrash

I might just get this so I can swear like Brad! :D

Avatar image for malakhii
Posted By Malakhii

I will buy this. And I will hate myself. 

Avatar image for gee
Posted By gee

Damn, I'm such a sucker for price breaks...  Since Costume Quest and SMB launch on the same day, I'm really loving that free 800 MS points deal for October (when you spend 2400).

Avatar image for branthog
Posted By Branthog

This seems like a fun enough game and all, but I can't imagine paying anything more than $10 in the first place. I guess people really have just swallowed the new Microsoft XBLA price-points without much question. Now they just need to up it to $20, so $15 will look like a sweet deal.

Avatar image for colsen138
Posted By colsen138

this and costume quest this week, stoked

Avatar image for karmann
Posted By Karmann

If it were on psn, I'd be all over this!!

Avatar image for dantron
Posted By dantron

sweet!!  I like saving money on games I want to buy.
Avatar image for darkslayer16
Posted By Darkslayer16

Wish I could buy it for$10 but I don't have access to my 360 currently. Tempting to buy it on but I'll probably just wait and pay $15.

Avatar image for coombs
Posted By Coombs

Oh god the wait is killing me, 
I don't think I have ever been this stoked for a XBLA game

Avatar image for teaspoon83
Posted By Teaspoon83

Man, this and Costume Quest should be enough till my wife steals the Xbox to play Fable 3. Always glad when I can save a buck or two.

Avatar image for none
Posted By None

For 800 points, I have to get this game, even though it will likely cost me my sanity as well.

Avatar image for coombs
Posted By Coombs

I thought the update was supposed to come out by now? 

Avatar image for diamond
Posted By Diamond
@Coombs:  Not for another 1/2 hour at the very earliest.  Then it's a matter of waiting for MS to update individual regional servers.
Avatar image for shadowvirus
Posted By ShadowVirus

I was gonna get it anyway, this just sweetens the deal. :)

Avatar image for norsedudetr
Posted By NorseDudeTR

This game makes me equal parts happy/bummed out that I don't have a 360.

Avatar image for teh_destroyer
Posted By teh_destroyer

I am buying this later on for tonight's entertainment after Zombieland.

Avatar image for deactivated-5865c6a5c9438
Posted By deactivated-5865c6a5c9438

Just bought it. Thanks for the heads up.