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Hey, The DSi and DSi XL Will Be Cheaper September 12

Save $20 off of each DS model... except the DS Lite.

Do you own a DS yet? Looking to upgrade from a Lite or Phat model to the newer DS with that great camera and all those totally sweet download games? Then Nintendo has good news for you! The company has announced today that come September 12, both the DSi and the DSi XL are receiving a price drop. 
The new MSRP of the DSi XL, the newest model in the family, is now $169.99, down from its current $189.99 price. The regular DSi--not quite as big, but it still has all those sweet DSiware games--will retail for $149.99, down from its $169.99 former price. That's a $20 savings on every DS... except for the DS Lite, which will retain its $129.99 price tag, if only to further nudge consumers into convincing themselves, "Well, the DSi is only $20 more, and it plays all of these radical downloadable games!"

 Get that weak mess outta here!
 Get that weak mess outta here!
So, yeah, the DS models are getting cheaper. That's all fine and good if you're just getting into the current generation of handheld systems, but what's more interesting about these price drops is that they further suggest that the 3DS is coming out soon. As anyone who has followed console pricing knows, manufacturers need to blow out their older model of hardware before the new hardware comes out. If they don't get rid of the old hardware, then the manufactures will never get rid of it, as consumers will seek out the newer model in lieu of the old stuff.
So Nintendo's current desire to try and cut DS prices in order to get them off of shelves is a good indicator that they're preparing for the launch of the 3DS. So, yes, you could technically wait for the 3DS to ship before you get into handheld upgrading. But you'll miss all of those rude DSiWare games.