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Hey, Who Wants To Win A Copy Of Stacking?

If you've got skill with Photoshop and a keen sense of humor, you do!

Double Fine's latest, greatest downloadable endeavor Stacking is live and kicking on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, and guess what--time for you to win a copy! Well, "copy" sounds like a weird way to refer to something that doesn't tangibly exist, but you get the point.  
Anyway, the game is unique, silly, and endearing as hell. Here's why!
OK, we've got five vouchers to give away for each platform, and the rules are thus: 
  1. Photoshop an image that includes stacking dolls and something video game-related. I know that's pretty loose, so get creative. There's plenty of source material for you to work with.
  2. Post it in the comments along with your desired platform (X360 or PS3).
  3. The 10 images that make me laugh the hardest will be selected and their authors sent a code via PM.
I'll give you the full weekend to crank on these things, so I'll check back on Monday to select the winners. Now sally forth and manipulate some images!
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