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Hurricane Seaserpent

To thank you for your patience we're extending all current paid memberships out an extra two weeks.

Time to get back up to Level 3.

Well, that wasn't much fun. We'll likely do a nice video post-mortem in a couple weeks, but the relaunch of Giant Bomb has obviously been a little rocky. I can make statements along the lines of "well, it's hard to test this stuff in a production environment" but at the end of the day some of the issues we've had are because we just didn't prepare properly. As such, on Tuesday we'll be issuing a two week extension to all subscription memberships on the site. In short, you shouldn't be paying to watch us scramble. That extension should cover our rocky stability first week, and the upcoming next week as we bug fix login issues, Premium RSS feeds, and the downtime of the API which directly is keeping our Boxee, Roku and community apps from running. There's nothing you'll need to do to receive the extension, your next billing date will automatically move out an extra two weeks on Tuesday.

To those of you with actual login issues, it's our number one priority and we should have a fix on the way shortly. Don't worry if you haven't gotten an email response from me yet, it's not that I haven't received them, it's just that I'm waiting for a code hot-fix before I send out instructions. I appreciate all the patience the community has shown over the past couple days and the positive response we've gotten to the redesign. We'll get back up to full speed in this next week and start moving forward on all the functionality and design tweaks you've suggested once we get past these larger stability issues. You can find a list of thing's we're working on over on the boards.

I'm looking forward to putting this mess behind us so we can finish off Blade Runner together. I'm pretty sure I'm a replicant, don't tell anyone.

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Posted by kommando208

This is what makes Giant Bomb one of the best sites on the Internet.

Posted by wumbo3000

Thanks Dave! Site's looking awesome.

Posted by vikingdeath1

keep up the hard work guys

Posted by UrbanGt

You guys are awesome

Posted by mcmax3000

I don't feel like you guys owe me anything, but I certainly won't say no to an extra two weeks.

Glad to see the RSS feeds mentioned, because that's where I get a lot of my video content from.

Posted by Flameinc

Thanks duders! Keep up the good work!

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

You guys have done great. Enjoy your weekend.

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That's an awesome gesture Dave. Personally i don't think it's been that bad, but this sort of thing is what makes you guys the best.

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Posted by Vexxan

I couldn't visit the site for only a few hours which didn't matter that much to me so this is very generous of you guys. Keep on rocking!

Posted by BNB82

Thank you!

Posted by MistaSparkle

Woohoo! Thanks! :D

Posted by Lava

Thanks for the update Dave, keep up the AMAZING work! The redesign is great!

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Very cool. It's been rocky using the site for videos on iOS, and the API stuff is a lot more crucial than I thought it was, so this is a great gesture on you guys' behalf. We'll push through, just keep the site stable and we'll be besties, Dave. (You too, Alexis and team.)

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You never need to apologize, Dave, because YOU DA MAN. Alexis is also da man too.

Posted by aznmike123

Thanks! Still love you guys!

Posted by BAIThero

Man... So professional! Thank you for all the hard work guys!

Posted by MjHealy

Amazing work Dave, and thanks for the extra free business.

Posted by Eojay


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I'm eating nothing but rice and chicken because my paychecks are being held for 2 months and had to cancel my premium account temporarily, so this is fantastic news. 2 More weeks of the fantastic Unprofessional Fridays, fuck yeah. Thank you!

Posted by Cold_Wolven

That's what I love about Giant Bomb, we are always catered for which makes me feel special.

Posted by Nights

Well, isn't that a daisy.

Posted by MeatSim

Can't wait for some more Blade Runner once the site's been fixed.

Posted by porr


Posted by TheVideoHustler

You guys totally didn't have to do that. But I really appreciate that you did <333333

Posted by NoobSauceG7

That's pretty cool! Thanks Dave!

Posted by Noogy

Rock on Giant Bomb, thanks for the update! A few moments of downtime are totally acceptable considering the revamp.

Posted by mpgeist

Top Men.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Cool. I will have to resub during April, but now instead of doing it on the 5th, I'll do it two weeks later :D

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Aw shucks! You shouldn't have.

Posted by big_jon

Dave, sites up.

Posted by extragingerbrew

You sir are a class act. Proud to be a paid subscriber. Love Giant Bomb!

Posted by Sgtpierceface

I absolutely cannot wait until Bladerunner part 3. You better do it soon Dave!

Posted by ReCkLeSs_X

I just wanted to thank you, Dave, and the rest on the staff for reacting to this both casually and professionally!

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An extra two weeks is great, but knowing you're returning to Blade Runner is even better news!

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Righteous. You guys totally didn't need to do that.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

I was one of the folks having login issues, so big thanks to @snide and the rest of the crew for busting their asses to get this stuff fixed. You can tell me the truth Dave, it was my underscore the site didn't like, isn't it? *sniff* Well I can't help that!

Posted by TechDJ

The redesigned website is awesome. Even with the turbulence the launch had encountered it still didn't bother me. Building from scratch is no easy task. Dave, Alex and the rest of the web devs, I give you a standing ovation for the work you guys put into building this site. Giantbomb is always the first website that I visit each day for articles and video content. Cannot wait for the next episode in Blade Runner. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Phatmac

Thanks Dave and the rest of the engineering team. Can't wait for more Bladerunner.

Posted by Unequivocable

I thought one of the main things I was paying for was to watch you guys scramble...

Thanks a bunch for the great support and work you've put in on this! You can't always control what happens, but sure can control how you react to it and so far it's been a class act the whole way!

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Good on ya, GB!

Posted by skrutop

Good on ya, GB!

Posted by Bishna

Thanks Dave, didn't really need this, but cool.

Also an added question, do Wiki entries automatically have blank space removed from them? I edited some formatting recently to make a page look pretty, but when the submission went live, it looked worse than before.

Posted by _Horde

Class act!

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God I fucking love this site, in all honesty I was expecting it to be even more funky at launch, great job engineering team, you all rock and the extra two weeks on membership is a brilliant and unexpected surprise.

@mister_v said:

That's an awesome gesture Dave. Personally i don't think it's been that bad, but this sort of thing is what makes you guys the best.


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~CBS Cares~

Posted by SternOne

Totally unnecessary. Not unwelcome. Keep up the great work.

Posted by bassman2112

You guys are great. Thank you, Dave, you really didn't have to do that. I can only speak for myself, but it was a bump you guys had to go through, and I have no problem supporting you guys through any situation - even if that involves downtime.

New site is great <3

Posted by RoboRobb

Thanks Dave, love your work!