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Ice-T Has Played Too Human

An interview with Ice-T turns from tired to super-excited as soon as gaming is brought up.

I love Ice-T. Actually, I think I like the idea of Ice-T more than Ice-T's music these days. Though he's certainly great on SVU. And his appearance in Pimps Up, Hoes Down is a pivotal moment that taught me everything I need to know about running a business, provided that business is the sale of hand grenades.

And now there's one more reason to love Ice-T--dude is pro-Prestige. In an interview with In the Box, Ice-T lays down what music he's currently into and stakes his claim as a serious Call of Duty 4 player. He even gives out his gamertag, LORD 187X. Which is a great name.

But first, here's the video. If you aren't interested in seeing Ice-T's views on music and how he "keeps it one-hundred," skip ahead to around 2:40.


There is cursing in this video, by the way. Maybe I should have said that before. Ice and I share the same world view when it comes to the COD4 prestige system. On the topic, he says "All you pussies who won't hit the prestige button, eat a dick." Truer words have never been spoken, sir.

Someone get this man in a studio and make him record the end credits to IW4/COD6 already!

Taking a look at the man's Xbox 360 profile gives a revealing look at Ice-T's gaming habits. Here are some helpful Ice-T facts!

  • Ice-T appeared as an unlockable character in UFC: Tapout.
  • Ice-T has played Too Human (only one acheivement, though).
  • Ice-T has defeated Razor Callahan, as he has the full thousand in Need For Speed Most Wanted.
  • Ice-T is the head of the SMG clan. Xzibit is also in the clan. In my mind, Xzibit makes the ghetto bird noise every time someone calls in a helicopter.
  • I spent an entire summer listening to Ice-T's The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say when I was in high school.

I think this obviously leads to another battleground for an Ice-T/Soulja Boy showdown. Perhaps they could go at it in this week's Xbox Live Arcade release, Duke Nukem 3D? It's a first-person shooter (which is right up LORD 187X's alley) and its new time-rewinding feature means that Soulja Boy can continue talking about how he don't never run out of that going back in time potion. The winner of that could go on to whoop Michael Phelps' ass at Call of Duty: World at War.
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Avatar image for fuga
Posted By Fuga

im from the future bitches

Avatar image for outofbounds9000
Posted By OutOfBounds9000

And Too Human was horrible.

Avatar image for imtheonekillinu

Hah.  I just sent him a message on Xbox telling him his gamerscore was sorry.  As for the Soulja boy BS, that dude needs to show some respect.  He's too stupid to know that the doors that are open to him, are only open because of old school rappers like Ice-T, Kool Moe, Grandmaster, Eric B., Rakim, and a host of others.  He needs a good bitch slappin'.  Then again, I'm old and I actually remember when rap was new.

Avatar image for mko619
Posted By MKO619

Greatest piece of footage ever.

Avatar image for keeng
Posted By Keeng

God this was fantastic. I'm also surpised by how much our musical tastes are in sync.

Avatar image for sykosis
Posted By Sykosis

I just want to know if my theory of DMX playing nothing but Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is true.

Avatar image for jakj
Posted By JakJ

That just made my night. I too spent high school listening to Ice T, and to see this video - my god. So awesome. So awesome.

Avatar image for fawk
Posted By Fawk

People care what a washed up piece of crap ex-gangster does?

The definition of pathetic.

What is all this "yo" and "She be fine" nonsense.

I guess there really are just a bunch of kids on here.

Avatar image for sm2099
Posted By SM2099

This is so friggin cool. I got new artists to check out. I just wished whoever upoloaded this would checkbox the 2 channel sound option.  I can only hear it from my left headphone. Other then that DAAAAMMMMN!!

This reminds me of the Anual Play-a Haters Ball skit on The Chapelle Show. Everything Ice T does is fo' realz. No Bullshit !

Avatar image for uncle_andross
Posted By uncle_andross

oh my god, this is the best news i've heard in years

Avatar image for spiritof
Posted By Spiritof
"I spent an entire summer listening to Ice-T's The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say when I was in high school."

And for the record, if you're going to listen to Ice-T make it "Power" or "O.G."

Nobody is making rap like that anymore...sadly.
Avatar image for mrchup0n
Posted By MrCHUP0N

"I really don't think this guy has ever gone to school". Based on...? Is the answer going to be what we think it is but what you probably won't say out loud?

Avatar image for lantus
Posted By lantus

I'm willing to bet I could fucking own his ass in Call of Duty 4.

Avatar image for john
Posted By John

Haha, he is seriously against the people that don't prestige.

Avatar image for spiritof
Posted By Spiritof

So, yeah, ask her some shit.

Avatar image for aurahack
Posted By aurahack

One of her boobs looked bigger than my head.

... and I like to think I have a pretty big head.

Avatar image for mcbradders
Posted By McBradders

This was possibly the best thing I've seen on the internet all week. And there's a lotta awesome out there.

Avatar image for parisrobot
Posted By ParisRobot

Ice T is one cool ass mofo. What other rapper would get that excited about video games and even give out his gamertag?

P.S. Is CoCo his wife? I thought she was his girlfriend or something.

P.S.S. Fuck Soulja Boy
Avatar image for xeno
Posted By Xeno

This is a great opportunity to bring up the greatest film of all time, Surviving the Game. See this movie, I mean, you're getting Ice T and Gary Busey! You can't lose.

Avatar image for nzed_skunk
Posted By nZeD_SkunK

Give me a Ice T, Lupe Fiasco collabaration and watch the rebirth of hip-hop in action!
He be rollin silenced p90 watch his fast reactions he could kill you just wit gas n matches!
You aint a real Soulja you just a  little Halo bitch bring it Call ah duty where ill scratch you like an  itch!!!!!!! Boyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for valentine
Posted By Valentine

I like the guy because at least he is honest, Soulja Boy, holy crap I hate that little moron. If he came to the UK doing all that crap someone would head butt the little streak of poo lol.

Avatar image for grim_fandango
Posted By Grim_Fandango

Ice-T Playing online? Seems so out of context... You don't expect a person like that to be playing online, least I don't, well when I see him, I challenge him to a duel!

Avatar image for derios
Posted By Derios

lol neo, even ice t doesn't know what good rap is these days....

Avatar image for wright
Posted By Wright

dam ice-t speaks the truth about music AND games. XD

Avatar image for fuzzylemon
Posted By FuzzYLemoN

"Ask her some shit!"
lol, great ending.

Avatar image for sparky_buzzsaw
Posted By sparky_buzzsaw

"Yeah, I'm Ice-T and I rap about cop killing."

"Yeah, I'm Ice-T and I'm here to audition for the part of a cop."

Ahhh, good ol' MTV.

Avatar image for lingxor
Posted By Lingxor


Avatar image for burjeffton--defunct
Posted By burjeffton--defunct

Reminds me of Gerstmann packin' heat and talkin' smack.

Avatar image for unsunghero
Posted By UnsungHero
Avatar image for godzillavsjapan
Posted By GodzillaVsJapan

Ice T has a hot wife thats the only thing interesting here

Avatar image for darthzew
Posted By darthzew

Ice-T? Isn't that the dude on Law and Order Special Victims Unit? SWEET!

Avatar image for mrklorox
Posted By MrKlorox

Golden. "But anyway... Obama. Ask her some shit."

Cue Kevin Pereira-esque "Really?!" He expects people to divert enough sensory focus from vision to actually listen to what Koko has to say? That is just silly.

EDIT @jakob187: I call bullshit. However I could totally see George Fisher as a huge WoW dork. If not bullshit, do you play BF:BC on live? I must have your dogtags.

Avatar image for player1
Posted By Player1

Wow that was actually a pretty cool interview. He seems like one of the few true rappers left. Also love his shot at soulja boy. Also loled when he started talking games. Unlike most celebrities though, he gave his gt, and said he could back it up. I wonder what prestige hes on. 

Avatar image for aas
Posted By Aas

Linguistics; not his strong suit.

Avatar image for waltjay
Posted By WaltJay

That was pretty funny. 

He seemed disinterested and kind of bored when they were talking about the music scene, then he got hyped like he took a Red Bull to the taint when asked about COD4.

Avatar image for myslead
Posted By myslead

cool guy ahah

Avatar image for vigorousjammer
Posted By Vigorousjammer

Dude, those tits are sooooo fake!

anyways, Ice-T seems like a cool dude. Haven't heard much of his music lately, but yeah...

Avatar image for floodiastus
Posted By floodiastus

Ice T, that brings back memories from Tank Girl :) 

Avatar image for gizmo
Posted By Gizmo

His girlfriend has huge boobs.

Avatar image for nzed_skunk
Posted By nZeD_SkunK

Yo Jeff Ice has already writen the song for COD6!!!!!!!!!

listen to Aim Niggas Out

He must be pretty serious about his clan he mentions it at the start.
"my silenced P90 sounds like sewing machines" Lol

Avatar image for neonknight
Posted By NeonKnight

I believe I have to go eat a dick now. I'm scared of what will happen if I don't.

I just ain't G enough to press Prestige.

Avatar image for natural_deadhead
Posted By natural_deadhead

I lol'd at that whole vid.

Avatar image for plwolf
Posted By PLWolf

Great interview, and he proves once again he's the best business.
Rollin 60s in his tag. Keep it Real, Cuz!!

Avatar image for rohanspear345
Posted By rohanspear345

lol obama at the end

Avatar image for crono
Posted By Crono

omg I stomped his ass before... this is crazy.  "Anyway Obama.... Ask her some shit!'

Avatar image for kboy
Posted By kboy

Oddly enough, Ice has never played Halo 3. I guess he knows that Soulja Boy's on Halo 3 as one can plainly see in his "BEST REVIEW EVAR!"

Avatar image for albedos_shadow
Posted By albedos_shadow

Ice-T is the only person capable of defeating Razor Callahan.

Avatar image for mawfu
Posted By mawfu

I'm surprised he gave out his tag. Poor guy is going to get message bombed. I think I did play him once and he's alright.

Avatar image for jakob187
Posted By jakob187

1000 points on King Kong...THAT is keepin' it 100.  I'll add him to my Xbox 360 at work later...and then I'll show him some REAL prestige!!!

That's a call-out, Ice-T.  I already beat Phil LaBonte from All That Remains on Halo 3...and I beat Robin Williams on Battlefield 2...and I camped Corpsegrinder on you are next, sir!!!
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