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Jack Tretton No Longer With Sony

The lovable executive has decided to part ways with PlayStation.

It's a time of change at Sony, apparently. The company has just announced Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton will be leaving Sony behind.

"This is a result of a mutual agreement between Mr. Tretton and SCEA not to renew their contractual relationship," the company said in a press release.

Tretton's successor will be Shawn Layden, who is currently exec. VP and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International. He starts the job on April 1.

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Posted by ToTheNines

I always liked that guy

Posted by Reisz

Go out on top.

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If you ask me, he's being pushed out after spilling the truth about The Last Guardian. Follow the money!

Seriously, though, from his statement, it sounds like he's got something else lined up, and he was at SCEA since the very beginning. Good luck to him with whatever he's doing next.

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what didn't that coming.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

It was always great seeing him at E3, but at least he is leaving on a high note

Posted by Daneian

What's going on over at Sony?

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Huh, I wonder what facilitated his decision. He's been at Sony for close to 20 years, which I guess is good enough a reason as any.

Posted by shinjin977

What The Fuck

Posted by Dooley


Posted by Phished0ne

Woah. this is surprising.

Posted by hazyship

Does this mean more Adam Boyes at E3?

Posted by SoundChaser

That's too bad, he was pretty cool from what I've seen.

Posted by malice16

Hmm...I actually enjoyed listening to Jack during the E3 press conferences. Best of luck to you Jack.

Posted by squarewings

He always had this nice 'used car salesman' charm. Best of luck to him!

Posted by 00_amon

What a great day to start.

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Well... Didn't see that coming.

Posted by Slayeric

That picture of Jack next to Chewie is too much.

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I'm actually kind of sad to see him go. He was a great showrunner at all the e3 press conferences. Wish him the best of luck!

Posted by HammondofTexas

WHOA! HUGE! I love Jack Tretton!

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Damn I didn't see that one coming, a few people leaving Sony all of a sudden though for different reasons I suppose.

Posted by Pie

Man that's a bummer. I hope Sony can come together and get some good Shawn Layden memes going

Posted by Clonedzero

Hmmm, interesting. I wonder where he's off to.

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April fools?

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I was all ready to start my "Adam Boyes for president" campaign, then I read the final paragraph. Damn. Maybe after this Shawn fellow resigns.

Posted by crusader8463

Jack always struck me as a nice guy. Will be curious to know where he ends up.

Posted by Timcredible

This is a sad day, maybe he's left to finally become a hard boiled detective?

Posted by splatteredbloodsouls

Well if Iwata could follow his lead then maybe Wii U gamers might not have to see him so directly as he reveals NOTHING!!!!!

All joking aside, this guy is probably just taking early retirement to prestige in TITANFALL as many times as he can.

Posted by Quarters

Too bad, he seemed like a cool dude to be in charge. Wish him well on his future ventures. Wonder how the new guy will do...

Posted by kensei423

Jack Tretton is on his way to Nintendo!!! right?

Posted by Aviar

Definitely didn't see this coming from the Sony camp. When Don Mattrick left Microsoft I could understand. I'm interested to see some further announcements on this and what the reasoning might be.

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Best of wishes to that guy. He seemed like a cool dude.

Posted by alishcra

No more Jack Trettton mic drops,uh today is a sad day.

Posted by D_W

@hazyship: That was the reason why Tretton left.

Posted by Pozo

That's too bad. He was one of the few execs that didn't come off as slimy and full of shit during E3 keynotes. He always seemed knowledgeable and straightforward. Hopefully his successor will take after him.

Posted by MeatSim

He was one of few guy's left who could carry a press conference.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Jacky boy, nooooo! What a year for news and such so far.

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Posted by TheGorilla

Everyone is leaving everything.

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Fuuuuck this, man.

Why are the cool people leaving Sony? You better stay where you are, Boyes.

Posted by cloudymusic

@mattyftm said:

I was all ready to start my "Adam Boyes for president" campaign, then I read the final paragraph. Damn. Maybe after this Shawn fellow resigns.

Going from this to the president of SCEA in under 6 years would be a hell of a career trajectory.

Posted by 49th

Jack no pls :(

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E3 2013 FOREVER!

Posted by Pr1mus

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Jack is great but I imagine having this incredible launch under his belt, there might have been an opportunity to go higher up in a different company. I'll be interested to see where this goes next.

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Damn, who's gonna be the realest motherfucker in video games right now? :(

Posted by mrfluke