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Posted by Jeff
Posted by Sticky_Pennies


Posted by Carlos1408

LOL made me laugh!

Posted by ZombiePie

Stop.... please stop this madness. I have enough April's Fools day shenanigans to deal with.

Posted by MattyFTM

RapeLay party would be awesome.

Posted by Al3xand3r


Posted by TheKing

Everyday should be April Fools day!

Posted by JohnDudebro


Posted by RipTheVeins

fucking rapelay...party

Posted by deathfury

List day! hooray!

Posted by RHCPfan24

Hot Dog Storm Party, lol. And Rapelay Party sounds like a great idea.

Edited by Claude
Posted by chililili

This is funny but its getting overkill

Posted by SinGulaR

Too Human Party?

Posted by MattyFTM

Also, all of these games would be even better if they were called "Totally __________: Totally Party". Just think about it. Totally RapeLay: Totally Party!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by StaticFalconar

rapelay party for everyone

Posted by Jost1

I would play Too Human Party.

Or 2 Human, 2 Party as I like to call it

Posted by gingertastic_10

ive been to a hotdog storm party before..lets just say..things happen

Posted by Snail

Should I contribute to make RapeLay the number one game on GiantBomb?

Oh that's right, the top 10 is gone, thanks to the fucking redesign.

Posted by Kraznor

Punch Out Party actually has a nice ring to it. Alliteration and whatnot.

Posted by Endogene
Posted by McQuinn

The first one is Rapelay.  Jeff you are a nasty pervert.

Posted by Sneaky_Gopher

I feel like im on Games Radar with all these Top 10's.

Posted by MattyFTM
McQuinn said:
"The first one is Rapelay.  Jeff you are a nasty pervert."
Who isn't a nasty pervert?
Posted by punkxblaze

Rapelay party?! Count me in!

I mean rape is bad.

Posted by Returners

Wow. Jeff really likes RapeLay eh.

Posted by Death_Burnout

im down with anything with Party 8 Party on the end.

Posted by Eder

Bible Black Party

Posted by Jost1

Clive Barker's Jericho Party

Posted by ImperiousRix

Mass PARTY Effect.

Posted by JackiJinx

Oh, April. How I love thee. Let me count the ways:

Posted by FCKSNAP

I Have No Mouth And I must Scream Party
Leather Goddesses of Phobos Party
Fat Princess Party

Posted by Scorched

What about game party party?

Edited by FlappyHands
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla Party
  • Silent Hill 4: The Room Party (That one's pretty steamy)
  • Me & My Katamari Party (Nobody showed up)
  • Tom Clancy's Party, or possibly Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy Party - A new action IP from Ubi.
Posted by hyperslug

haha :D

Posted by MrMiyagi

RapeLay Party!

Posted by Tolkienfanatic

RapeLay Party definitely earned it's number one spot.  What about Manhunt Party D:

Posted by Alphazero

I think RapeLay Party and Hot Dog Storm Party are actually the same game.

Posted by xionpunk


Posted by mikemosha90

Manhunt should be on here.

Posted by damswedon

damn you matty i was going to say totally ______: totally party

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Rapelay Party...
I can imagine it alredy

Posted by FlipperDesert
Posted by ocdog45

aprio party 8 party! LOL

Posted by MattyFTM
damswedon said:
"damn you matty i was going to say totally ______: totally party"
Posted by FiestaUnicorn

what about the top 10 games that would be better if they had the word extreme in them.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

There's that Rapelay again...

Crysis Core Party?

Supreme Commander Party?

Posted by Muffin_Hunter
Posted by EyeQueue

This list is Andrew WK approved.

Posted by TriangleHard

I think we all found out something about Jeff.

He is DYING to play Rapelay.

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