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Laid-Back Video of the Week

Relax and enjoy this 20 minute cruise through Sonic the Hedgehog's easy mode.

It's Sunday evening, so if you're like me, you've been slaving over a hot controller all weekend and you need to unwind. You need to stretch out, relax, and restore some manner of smoothness to your hectic world.

For that, I recommend watching this quick cruise through Sonic Jam's Sonic 1 easy mode, courtesy of Doc Future. This dude Matt sent it my way, and it really took the edge off. Maybe you need to take the edge off, as well.


The server this video is on seems to be under some strain, so the player may be slow to load.
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Posted by kist

lmao scared of parappa lol, 'he's a dog with a driver's license, thats pretty scary'.... this dude is jokes... sonic doesnt need to drive he runs real fast

Edited by Foxillusion

No stress. If we get all those emeralds, that's fine. If we don't... that's fine...

What a soothing voice. Love it. After a weekend of saint's row 2 this really mellowed me out proper.

Posted by Classic_Gs

That is freaking awesome.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

Wow. Who needs drugs?

Posted by JackiJinx

I really needed that. Thanks, Johnny Appleseed!

Posted by JamesConsidine

I foolishly decided to watch this before i head out to class. Instead im off to bed :p good night

Posted by Jixashauser

This made me fall asleep :)

Posted by Metamorphic

soothing... silky... smooth...


Posted by RHCPfan24

Now if only Brad can do something like this.

Posted by rk

He's just a dude on the planet Earth.. or maybe Mobious.

Posted by sionweeks

I had a Twitter off someone about a week back with this!

Posted by GonzoGuy

I dig that background music.

What was on that pizza? Magic mushrooms?

Sonic must be from NYC; everyone moves that fast here.

Posted by evrdayblues

This is how games were meant to be played!

Keep them comming    :)

Posted by TripMasterMunky

This is still the best page/post/video on the entire site.

Posted by timelessthee

fast forward to 2011 and the video's broke. damn.