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Latest Nintendo Direct Filled With...Not Much

Nintendo mostly spent a few minutes on release dates, including some delays. You'll have to wait a little bit longer to control some Pikmin.

The Nintendo Direct promotions have proven a reliable source of interesting news from the Japanese company, and their frequency means they don’t have to include bombshells every time. The first one after the launch of your new console, which has largely received a mixed reaction? Bring your A game, man! Nintendo didn’t.

Instead, we have confirmation of games that were probably coming here and are now definitely are, vague new release dates for desired upcoming games that are actually delays, and looks at new features that do little than prompt you to scratch your head and wonder what Nintendo’s thinking (get excited for Google Maps?).

Here are your updated release dates for the next few months:

Wii U


Nothing about The Wonderful 101. Nothing about Bayonetta 2. Nothing about Virtual Console. No updates on the abysmally slow Wii U interface. No news on Nintendo Network coming to 3DS. No clarification on transferring accounts or data between machines in the future. There were a whole lotta opportunities to shore up support amongst people who have bought or will buy a machine, but instead, it felt like business as usual. Pretty strange.

I don’t mean to be so down, since I do really like my Wii U, but this was pretty disappointing.

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Posted by Marokai

I would say it was disappointing, too, if I had high expectations for Nintendo's ability to effectively respond to public concerns. I don't like the creep of cynicism in the enthusiast press either, but it's hard to argue against when it's justified.

Posted by dropabombonit

I think the image header summed up the best part of this Nintendo Direct

Edited by whitespider

When the ports that you have already completed and enjoyed on other platforms are the only exciting thing to you about a wii-u, then perhaps the wii-u is not for you.

That said, it does have mediocre ports of good games. So if's that's specifically what you dream about ("god, I wish I had a mediocre port of a fantastic game") this is pretty much the dream console.

I cannot wait for 21.7fps dishonored. Maybe they might have a minimap on my controller!!! Then I I have to do is look down!! Instead of... Look down...

Revolution is in the hardware! Not the games!

Posted by Ravenlight

I may have a new picture to edit my avatar into.

Posted by Kosayn

So Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing are in localization limbo, I guess.

Fire Emblem's the only reason I have a 3DS - at least that's on track. And a hard game to screw up, really.

Edited by nintendork666

I'll buy a Wii U the second DQX is released stateside. I'm perfectly content holding out for a while otherwise.


Solid release dates...bravo(slow hand clap)!!

Posted by tourgen

well that's a bummer. All I want is a Bayonetta release date.

Posted by ikilledthedj

Nintendo just dropped the ball.. Again

Posted by Gordo789

@MattSchwabby said:

I really hate the cynicism that is taking over a lot of the gaming press.


Posted by wizeguy

for what ive read on this site before and after the wiiu launch is that giant bomb are pretty much against wiiu from the start. ive had no trouble with load times, heck assassins creed 3 on my ps3 takes longer to load levels or dont giant bomb consider running around in a white room of nothingness a loading screen? wiiu isnt perfect but neither was 360 or ps3 but they gave them a chance. what i hate is the jeff this just sucks and you must all agree or ill raise my voice on this podcast till you do bullshit. give the system a chance like you did the others. i like it the social side of wiiu is great, to me it all runs smooth. im not sure if slow loading is a US thing but here in England ive had no trouble, all seems the same as any console, even my update only took 15 mins.

Posted by jasondesante

im tired of these negative headline articles. lead by example show maturity please

Edited by coresnake

Japan's sales are literally carrying the console. It's embarrassing. Once the novelty wears off and people realize how poor the unresponsive tablet and OS is the fad will die, mark my words.