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Latest Nintendo Direct Filled With...Not Much

Nintendo mostly spent a few minutes on release dates, including some delays. You'll have to wait a little bit longer to control some Pikmin.

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The Nintendo Direct promotions have proven a reliable source of interesting news from the Japanese company, and their frequency means they don’t have to include bombshells every time. The first one after the launch of your new console, which has largely received a mixed reaction? Bring your A game, man! Nintendo didn’t.

Instead, we have confirmation of games that were probably coming here and are now definitely are, vague new release dates for desired upcoming games that are actually delays, and looks at new features that do little than prompt you to scratch your head and wonder what Nintendo’s thinking (get excited for Google Maps?).

Here are your updated release dates for the next few months:

Wii U


Nothing about The Wonderful 101. Nothing about Bayonetta 2. Nothing about Virtual Console. No updates on the abysmally slow Wii U interface. No news on Nintendo Network coming to 3DS. No clarification on transferring accounts or data between machines in the future. There were a whole lotta opportunities to shore up support amongst people who have bought or will buy a machine, but instead, it felt like business as usual. Pretty strange.

I don’t mean to be so down, since I do really like my Wii U, but this was pretty disappointing.

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