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Letter from the Editor - 07/02/2014

Hey, hi. Let's talk for a sec, OK?

In the last few days there's been a lot of talk about what Giant Bomb is and isn't. What it stands for and what it won't stand for. A lot of people have made a lot of assumptions about what we do and how we act, and what we tolerate or even condone on our message boards and live chats. Most of this isn't new, but it's well past time to come out and say what this staff and this site stands for.

Giant Bomb is, by design, an inclusionary place. When we originally built the site back in 2008, it was originally thought of as a place where our audience could contribute in meaningful ways. Or, if they like, they can just sit back and enjoy our various productions. When I say "inclusionary," I mean exactly that. No person should be excluded from our site. The fact that some people have been resistant to people based on their gender, religion, race, creed, or anything else like that is not acceptable. Even less acceptable are people who make their exclusionary beliefs known (repeatedly and often aggressively) and then attempt to say that those viewpoints are valid and, thus, must be allowed for us to remain inclusionary. That is bad logic. That is a bullying tactic, and that style of intimidation will not be tolerated.

We moderate our live chats, message boards, and comment threads. And we do it rather viciously. Some things certainly do slip through the cracks and you may see some garbage on our site before we get to it. To those of you who help by reporting things to our moderation team, you have my thanks. We're certainly not perfect. When we launched the site, we launched it with one simple rule: "don't be a dick." This may have gotten by in an age when we were a fraction of our current size. These days, we've grown to a point where small community rules aren't enough. We'll be implementing new moderation policies and adjusting a few things behind-the-scenes to enhance our ability to moderate the boards. We'll have more to say about those policy changes as they come.

We felt the need to come forward and state our position after some individuals decided to speak out about how we're conducting business and were promptly attacked and abused on Twitter and other social media platforms. Whether one agrees with our critics or not, it certainly doesn't warrant the response they've received.

I feel absolutely horrible that people have been harassed for simply expressing their views about what we do.

The people attacking our critics do not represent our views and they never have, whether they're doing it in our name or not. I appreciate that people enjoy our work and that they often care enough about it to criticize it.

I would like to apologize to everyone that has seen any bit of unpleasantness this week, whether it is directly associated with our message boards or not. We will continue to work to make the site a better place for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for using our site. It's been a very bumpy ride over these last couple of years and it just now feels like we're getting our feet underneath us and getting to a point where we can move forward. There's still a very active, wonderful, and beloved community at the core of this site, and their reputation has been tarnished alongside ours. We simply cannot and will not allow negative elements to ruin what we've built together.


Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
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Posted by Choffy

My heart belongs to Giant Bomb.

Posted by Huntera

Right on, Jeff

Posted by JonnyBlunts

You have my sword.

Posted by Snipper138

Well said Jeff.

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Posted by alwaysbebombing

Jeff <3

Posted by stenchlord

What brought this about? I don't regularly post or view the forums so have no idea about what goes on there.

Posted by robin_smith

and my axe!

Posted by EricSmith

It's a shame people that act like assholes in that way still exist.

Posted by screwball69

Its unfortunate that this even has to be said but well said none the less.

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Posted by BuzzCityDude

Right there with you Jeff.

Posted by Mortuss_Zero

@jonnyblunts: And my AXE!

Seriously though, I'm totally with Jeff on this one. We're better than what happened over the last few days. Let's prove it.

Posted by fargg

good post jeff. kick out all the lame harassing nerds

Posted by BestUsernameEver
Posted by Mento

Thanks Jeff.

Posted by hmoney001

Jeff 3:16

Posted by robin_smith

@jonnyblunts: And my AXE!

Seriously though, I'm totally with Jeff on this one. We're better than what happened over the last few days. Let's prove it.

Sorry dude. beat you to it... you're stuck with the elf's line

Posted by johnham

Thank you Jeff!

Posted by colocho225


Posted by Sil3n7

I love Giant Bomb.

Posted by conmulligan

Thanks, Jeff.

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@stenchlord said:

What brought this about? I don't regularly post or view the forums so have no idea about what goes on there.

A few people have expressed disappointment and concerns regarding the new hires (ie they hired known quantities who were straight white males), and other people began harassing and attacking those people. Yesterday, a lot of the staff noted that the criticism was a valid discussion and spoke out against the attackers.

Anyway, props to Jeff, Rorie, and the rest of the staff and moderators for handling this as awesomely as possible. Sure there are a few bad apples in the bunch that is the GB community, but they won't stop me from visiting the site and engaging with other users. GLHB.

Posted by terror_shart

Lets get back to having dumb fun with video games...Cheers Duders

Posted by Chaser324

Thanks, Jeff! The best days of GB and its community are still ahead of us.

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Good to see you speak out about this, Jeff.

Posted by steelknight2000

Thanks for speaking out Jeff, much appreciated by the rest of us non-jerks.

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The only thing I have to say on the subject is that I really hope all this doesn't result in Giant Bomb becoming some awful overly-moderated hugbox.

Posted by l4wd0g

Jeff, you guys are awesome and really appreciate the letter. Keep up the great work. I really wish this wasn't happening at all; especially this week.

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Well, this was very well put, and needed to be said.

Posted by Kain55

Well said Jeff. It's rather depressing that everything came to a point that you had to say it, but good on you for putting it out there. The assholes that have made the community at large look like complete garbage in the last couple of days suck, and hopefully some change for good can be made in the near future.

Giant Bomb is incredibly awesome, and we as a community should do what we can to improve. Hopefully some lessons were learned this week.

Posted by Vuud

Oh boy...

Posted by angus_lafroy

Thanks GB Crew!

Posted by Klarion18

Thanks for this!

Posted by forteexe21

What about the people who put stuff other than cheese and pepperoni in their pizza? Can i still call them insane?

Posted by dsouvannarath

I've loved giantbomb for so long and I'm with Jeff. Let's keep this community strong!

Posted by MrMazz

Well said Jeff.

Posted by Alorithin

You're one of the good ones.

Posted by Mighty_Taco

Well said.

Posted by TheBlue

Thanks Jeff. Well said. As someone who has written something like this before (albeit to a much smaller group of people) I understand the feeling of having to write this.

Keep up the excellent work and don't let those jerks get you guys down, the community has your back 100 percent.

Posted by Gnubberen

This guy said it best. Via the old classic song....

@choffy said:

My heart belongs to Giant Bomb.

Posted by IWAshcroft

It's no longer enough to ignore the hatred that so many people spew. We have to fight them. They're wrong, and they don't get to win just because they shout the loudest.

Posted by Vuud

I kinda hope the lesson learned here is to stay the hell away from twitter if you value your sanity.

Posted by Baltaar

Was going to continue the LOTR puns but decided against it. All I will say is well said and thank you Jeff.

Posted by bmccann42

"Don't be a dick." A nice simple motto to live by.

Thanks Jeff!

Posted by RadZombie

Thank you Jeff and the rest of the GB Crew. I love being a part of such an amazing community!

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

Rock on, Jeff.