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Long Suspected Dragon Age 3 Now Has Subtitle

Sequel is built on DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, ensuring better-looking blood.

Dragon Age II was not received very well by fans, putting even more pressure on Dragon Age 3.

BioWare has been talking up a third Dragon Age game for a while now, but made everything official official today with the announcement of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.

Scheduled for a late 2013 release and (!) built upon DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, one detail we're currently missing is what platforms Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is in development for. PC is a given, but don’t be surprised if BioWare and Electronic Arts are being coy because some platforms aren’t announced yet.

Like last generation, it’s very likely we will have a whole slew of games that come out on the current, established platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), while also getting super sized on the newer ones. Still, that’s just speculation for right now, but given the release timing, it would make a lot of sense.

“We’ve been poring over player feedback from past games and connecting directly with our fans,” said BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn in the release. “They haven’t held back, so we’re not either.”

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition has reportedly been in development for more than two years.

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Posted by smcn

I'm super fucking excited for this. The perceived failures of Dragon Age 2, The Old Republic, and Mass Effect 3 have done nothing but strengthen my resolve as a fan of BioWare.

Posted by Wiseblood

Frostbite 2? The single cave that they'll use over and over again should look really nice then.

Posted by Maitimo

Usually, a game as bad as DA2 would kill a franchise. It'll be interesting to see how they try to pull this one back.

Posted by Sweetz

@Krakn3Dfx said:

Pre-order now for an exclusive plasma cutter, just like the one you'll use in Dead Space 3!

No, no that's not how it's done. You want it so that pre-ordering the one game gets you an item for use in the other. So that way if you want the "complete experience" you need to pre-order both games. I.e. pre-ordering DA3 will give you a Dragon Armor rig in DS3 and pre-ordering DS3 will get you a crossbow in DA3 that looks like a sideways plasma cutter.

Also despite the existence of Origin, somehow you'll still need to pay for DLC in fucking Bioware points.

Posted by Deusoma

I've basically lost all faith in BioWare at this point, I'm waiting for a review. :P

Posted by Draxyle

I have no intention to patron it, but I am highly curious as to what they do with it. After nearly every title of theirs in the last few years being decried as a step backwards for their respective franchises, this is their moment to prove that they can still make a good RPG that isn't suffocated by EA's business practices. I am not optimistic, but I'll keep an eye out.

Posted by RollingZeppelin

The real question is, is this all EA's fault?

Posted by Fredchuckdave

Oddly placed parenthetical exclamation point

Posted by Jedted


I think DA2 was a fairly decent game and people judge it a tad too harshly. The story was intriguing and i liked faster paced combat over DAO. The only major flaw was the recycled areas and the sour note that the story ended on.

I'm not as invested in the Dragon Age story as i was with Mass Effect but i'm interested in seeing what they do with it this time around.

Posted by PenguinDust

If it's like Origins, then I'll be back. Otherwise, I'll skip the next installment and sigh for yet another Bioware franchise gone awry.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Bioware died after ME2. Everything they've ever done since then has varied from barely competent to downright fucking worthless. Just kill them EA. Just let them die.

Posted by satansmagichat

I understand the criticisms, but I liked Dragon Age 2 far more than Origins. Yes, there wasn't as much player choice, but the dialogue was just as well-written, the combat was improved for those of us who didn't play Origins as a turn-based game, and the story's narrowed focus allowed for a closer connection to the primary NPCs.

I think their biggest problem was calling it "Dragon Age 2". Because it's a numbered sequel, people expected it to be leaps and bounds ahead of the previous one and it wasn't (taking steps back, in some cases). If it had been named "Dragon Age: The Adventures of Hawk" and advertised as a side-story, I think people would have forgiven the recycled areas, the story's less epic scale, and the other details players nitpicked (albeit rightfully).

Edited by Floppypants

Dragon Age 3 is going to play like a knee-jerk reaction to the overblown criticism of DA2, that won't please the haters anyway.

Edited by DharmaBum

@Funkydupe: yeah DICE is working on BF4. not sure if it's the next iteration of that engine though.

Posted by Cincaid

As long as there's multiplayer, an online pass, and pre-order items (from multiple sources); you can count on me!

Posted by SmilingPig

I loved Dragon age 1 but Dragon age 2 was so repetitive and poorly done that I could not bring myself to finishing it.

Posted by TheHT


Posted by I_Stay_Puft

Funny been playing the crap out of DA2 this weekend and am 55 hours in, only have the high dragon in the bone pit and the final boss mission left. Hopefully Bioware won't falter on DA3, while Dragon Age 2 fault are apparent hopefully they can find a mixture of what makes 2 and origins great. Bioware for that matter of fact needs to, for the most part their brand of quality, deep, story driven games is faltering with all the backlash they've been getting for their recent releases.

Posted by Adaurin

Make the story better (for the record I think the characters were well done, but the overall story of 2 was weak) and don't f&$!ing reuse environments and I'll be happy.

Posted by RVonE

@Adaurin said:

Make the story better (for the record I think the characters were well done, but the overall story of 2 was weak) and don't f&$!ing reuse environments and I'll be happy.


Posted by captainkeel

If they can synthesize the best parts of DA:O and DA2, we'll have a good game on our hands.

Posted by Hunter5024

Please be good.

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

@captainkeel said:

If they can synthesize the best parts of DA:O and DA2, we'll have a good game on our hands.

They should probably do the mass effect 3 thing where they gave you options, such as if you wanna play for the story here you go Dragon Age 2 or if you want to play like a hardcore iso top rpg here you go dragon age origins.

Posted by Delta_Ass

I hope they're working hard on unique dungeons.

Posted by JZ

I liked da2

Posted by KillyDarko

I really hope they go back to the Warden stuff...

Posted by NotValeriusCato

Yeah DA2 had repetitive environments but I never got the hatred for it. It was a very different type of story and they billed it as such from the beginning. Going in not expecting to be traipsing around the world map I had a really good time and enjoyed the characters and felt a connection to Hawke's family and some of the companions.

Posted by Butano

Loved Origins, and I just remembered I own a copy of DAII that I have yet to play, cause it's on EA's Origin instead of Steam and I rarely open Origin.

But Borderlands 2 comes out tonight......gonna have to wait a little bit longer to play DAII.

Posted by Zohar

Absolutely flat out LOVED DA:O. Couldn't stomach DA2 beyond the demo, despite being super excited for it. Interested in DA3 but highly doubtful they will match the deep, punishing, heavy RPG gameplay of DA:O that I loved. Also loved the player choice and the origin stories of course. I don't doubt that they are technically capable of making another RPG of that quality, it's just a matter of whether or not they will.

I never see the point of developers making a highly acclaimed "niche" game like DA:O, then dumbing them down for mass consumption with crap like DA2. People played and loved DA:O because it was exactly what it was. Why ruin it? (well obviously we all know why. They market on the positive buzz of the original while altering the sequel to be more agreeable to the mass market while alienating the fans that made their franchise successful in the first place.).

Posted by leinad44

Dragon Age 2 actually had a worse ending that ME3, the same thing happens no matter which side you take. I really hope that they capture what made the first Origins so involving and awesome.

Posted by SpartanHoplite

played 30% of the first, tried the demo of second, might be for the best to stay far from this..

Posted by Undeadpool

@captainkeel said:

If they can synthesize the best parts of DA:O and DA2, we'll have a good game on our hands.

I think you take those parts you have the most amazing game of the last two decades.

Edited by Encephalon

It'll be interesting to see how the game is received. The resulting goodwill from Origins gave DA2 pretty good initial sales, until word of mouth killed it; given DA2's mixed reception, DA3 won't have the same advantage.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

I never got around to DAII and I'm not too thrilled to do so since I quite liked Origins for its oldschool CRPG reminiscent style that seemed largely lacking in the follow-up. And if DA3 has significant ties to that sequel/ spin-off/ whatever it is (which seems very likely) I'll have to pass even if it starts resembling the older style a little more again. We'll see, hopefully they realize a kickass demo would be a good idea to create some confidence when the time comes...

Posted by Video_Game_King

I thought it was gonna be "Dragon Age III: Sorry About The Last One".

Posted by tourgen

It wouldn't take much to get me back on board. Really just some polish and more experienced people on the encounter and area designs. And just go batshit crazy with the story. it's not like they have much to lose after the last game.

Posted by Ulong
@captainkeel said:

If they can synthesize the best parts of DA:O and DA2, we'll have a good game on our hands.

I think if they did that, the game you'd have would be called "dragon age: origins".
Posted by Red

Hopefully they can mix the responsiveness of DA2's combat with the epic structure and customization of DA: O.

I sure hope it isn't on next-gen consoles, though. I don't want to be picking a side in the next console war for a few years, and I'm not sure if my laptop could handle such a beast.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

Get your bitch sticks ready. They can't possibly please anyone even if they deserve it. A bit of an over exaggeration but when this game comes out I'm staying off the internet for a month. I loved ME 3 so when I got on the internet it was quite distressing. I was off for two weeks but that wasn't enough.

Posted by Stubee

@RVonE said:

@Adaurin said:

Make the story better (for the record I think the characters were well done, but the overall story of 2 was weak) and don't f&$!ing reuse environments and I'll be happy.


This! The characters were fantastic, except for Anders.

Posted by Rawson

Oh, Bioware. I can't wait to see how badly you fuck this game up. Maybe EA will be kind and put you out of your misery after to squeeze out this turd.

Posted by warmonked

After Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3, I have extreme skepticism.

Posted by MrKlorox

The Frostbyte 2 engine is all about the lighting and radiosity. Not the blood textures. What do you think this is? Rage?

Posted by s10129107

Lets hope they learned something from the reaction to the last one. I've not given up on Bioware yet and I'm hoping for a good one.

Posted by Dagbiker

@JZ said:

I liked da2

I did too. I am also glad they didn't scrap Dragon Age, or put it aside because of one badly received game.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Ooof. I just realized that this will be on Origin, and not Steam like the last 2. (DA2 was there briefly, and is still supported, but no longer purchasable.) That's already going to hurt this game in the PC market.

Posted by NegativeCero

I'm expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.

Posted by Efesell

I enjoyed both Dragon Age games, so I'm thoroughly looking forward to this.

Posted by paulunga

Can't wait for a next-gen/high-end PC Dragon Age!