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Mass Effect 3 Delayed into Early 2012

The ridiculously quick turnaround from Mass Effect 2 was apparently too good to be true.

When BioWare and Electronic Arts revealed Mass Effect 3 would be coming by the holiday season, less than two years after the release of Mass Effect 2, there was much celebrating. You'll have to store the party favors for a few more months, however: Mass Effect 3 has been delayed into early 2012.

"Today we have confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012," said exec. producer Casey Hudson in a statement. "The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations. We'll have more details about specific dates as we get closer to release."

The note appeared on BioWare's message boards and Facebook pages.

Cue the sad trombone. But, hey, more time for Skyrim!   

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Posted by Unna7urallyCanine


Posted by shodan2020

"More time for Skyrim!"  My thoughts exactly, good sirs. :)

Posted by Genjai

*sniff* sad.

Posted by knightlyknave

Good. After what they did by rushing DA2. I'm glad they're going to . . . you know, polish a game.

Posted by StandStrong

Just take your time with it I say - better that rushing it and messing it up. 

Posted by Edwardryu

it's OK. there are so many games coming out this year. so far we have already enough new games within 6 months. we have rage, deux human revolution, duke nukem, the wicther 2, dirt 3, assassin's creed revelation,  battlefield 3, gears of war 3 (for console kiddy), skyrim, and so on. so many games are coming. so ME 3 in first three months in 2012 is a good choice. just need to take a break.  

Posted by Zanthox

I expected this from the second they announced it at the VGA's.

Edited by BigFatSamurai

Totally saw this coming. I have so many games i'm trying to work my way through though right now and so much stuff i'm looking forward to this year that it doesn't really matter. I really need to get a grip on those drunk amazon and XBLM purchases :S

Posted by Beauty
@knightlyknave said:
" Good. After what they did by rushing DA2. I'm glad they're going to . . . you know, polish a game. "
Posted by InternetCrab

I have patience, i can wait. There's so many games we can play while we wait. Duke Nukem and L.A Noire is out soon. We got some Skyrim coming up. Some Elder Scrolls also.
Posted by Dookysharpgun
As long as they spend their time actually crafting extra missions and choices and not shoehorn us into linear storytelling like DA2, I'll be cool with the delay. Otherwise, they're dead to me...but skyrim will ease the pain :D
Posted by puddingface

Certainly not  concupiscible. Prolonging it this much will definitely steal some of the dramatic effect.

Posted by RampageAssassin

Damn it !

Posted by Hia7us

More time for polish, but also for EA's other titles to get love.

Posted by Vaile
@Beauty said:
" @knightlyknave said:
" Good. After what they did by rushing DA2. I'm glad they're going to . . . you know, polish a game. "
This "
Posted by redbliss

This is definitely a good delay. More time to make the game better and more time to play other games.
Posted by ChaosCougar

Not too disappointed, prefer a polished game over a rushed early release one

Posted by Jasta

Ah fuck.