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Merchants of Brooklyn Released, Re-Released on Steam

Apparently someone pushed the wrong version of the game up to Steam yesterday, but that doesn't mean the newly fixed version is totally smooth.

Punching dudes with your metal fist will make them explode into a bloody mess.
Punching dudes with your metal fist will make them explode into a bloody mess.
Though we rarely get to hear about it, it seems like this happens a couple times a year with downloadable games. Somehow, some way, an older, non-final version of a game gets pushed out for sale by mistake. That's what Paleo Entertainment is saying happened with its new first-person shooter, Merchants of Brooklyn. Apparently people who purchased the game on Steam immediately upon its release yesterday received an Alpha version of the game that was way messed up.


According to the developer's official forums, a new version has since been pushed. I redownloaded the game from Steam in hopes of getting a smoother version of the game than the one I tried last night, but it seems the same to me. So I guess this version, with its flickery menus, placeholder-like voicework, and spartan HUD is the right one? Yeah, it's still kind of messed up.

It's too bad that this is the first impression that most are having with the game, because this CryEngine 2-powered shooter has a great, comic-book-like look to it that fits with its retrofuturistic flying-cars-and-Tommy-guns motif really well.

We'll have to wait and see if further improvements are made.

(originally spotted on Shacknews)
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