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Metroid Prime Wii Collection Hits This August

Affordably priced trilogy package on its way to the Wii.

Samus is all, like, "NNOOOOOOWWWWW how much would you pay!!??!?!"
Well here's a pretty good deal. Nintendo has announced that it'll be releasing Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii on August 24. The package will feature the "New Play Control" style of operation in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2. Naturally, it will also include Metroid Prime 3, which was originally released on the Wii. So that one will have Current Play Control.

The games will be collected on one disc, and a new setup for unlockables will open up stuff as objectives across the three games are completed. The compilation will retail for $49.99.
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Posted by Roy42
AgentJ said:
Is this the best deal in gaming since the Orange Box? I cant think of anything since

Wow, that's exactly what I thought, glad to see I wasn't the only one.

I'm not too surprised by them being able to fit the games all on one disc, the technology isn't that far-fetched anymore.


Posted by MrKlorox

I'll be getting this. I never made it through the first Prime due to the annoying control scheme, and haven't tried any others.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

I only own the first game; I have played the second and like it.

I'll probably get this.

Posted by TROWAHC

50 bucks seems decent for 3 games but the ability to play with motion controls on the original two doesn't appeal to me owning all three games already.  For new comers definate bargain, but other than that not worth it.

Posted by jakob187

Dood, that is a crazy sexy deal!!!  I'm psyched about this.

Between this and the Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, I'd say gamers are going to have an AWESOME fall for going back and playing some great games that they might've missed the first time around.  = D
Posted by Shadow

why can't they do Killer 7?  Of all the Gamecube games other than RE4, it would be perfect for this sort of treatment

Posted by Stang

Somebody was asking about GC game sizes....they are all roughly 1.3 gigs.

Posted by Arjuna

I can play the "new" control style?!  WOW!  You mean:  the "new" control style that I was playing last year?!

Posted by Willy105
DukeTogo said:
How about Prime 3 with old style controls?
Why in the world would we want that?
Posted by Willy105
Video_Game_King said:
LordAndrew said: Video_Game_King said: Wait, one disc? How the hell are they gonna do that? GameCube discs hold less data ... [more]
A dual layered DVD is around 9 GB.

Both MP1 and MP2 were 1.5 GB each

MP3 was a single layer disc, which was 4.7 GB

Add them up.
Posted by Linkyshinks

Just another touch of gameplay...


Posted by nixium

Day 1 purchase. I have never played a metroid game (yea I know I suck) but I will make sure I am well versed by the end of this.

Posted by Snail

Sigh.. I'll buy it.

Posted by Willy105
nixium said:
Day 1 purchase. I have never played a metroid game (yea I know I suck) but I will make sure ... [more]
Don't panic. I haven't played a single one either.
Posted by nixium
Willy105 said:
nixium said: Day 1 purchase. I have never played a metroid game (yea I know I suck) but I will ... [more]
I'm trying so hard  not to! I barely remember where I have stored my Wii.
Posted by Media_Master

cool, but I'm only missing Corruption so I won't be getting this

Posted by BODDAH

Nice. I have now been convinced to buy a Wii (after selling mine on eBay (for a profit, mind you) many months ago).

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