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Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming Back Soon (Mostly) Free

You'll get more than a demo for free, but anything past that will cost you.

Before Microsoft became best known in video games for Xbox, the company was well respected for the realistic Microsoft Flight Simulator series. That franchise was put to bed in 2006, but it’s coming back this spring as Microsoft Flight, and it won’t cost you anything to give the game a test run.

Everything about Microsoft Flight isn’t exactly free, though.

The initial no-cost download comes with the “Big Island of Hawaii” environment, complete with missions, challenges and hidden objects. Connecting to your Games for Windows Live account will add the ability to fly the Boeing Stearman, more missions, ability to unlock Achievements and an online profile tracking your progress.

In other words, it’s recommended for most players.

The money part comes in after you’ve experienced all that, letting players “purchase and download additional content that adds new aircraft, regions and customization options."

Sign-ups for the beta are still ongoing, which you can jump into the mix for at this link.

The last major release for the long-running franchise was Microsoft Flight Simulator X, way back in 2006.

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Posted by Thor_Molecules

Apparently, I was just invited to the Beta.

Downloading and installing as I type this, let's see what Microsoft has to offer.

Posted by Qwinn

Kid you not, the day before this was announced I finally decided to purchase Flight Simulator X. Microsoft got my $30 and I find out the next day a better and free version is coming out in a few months time. Ugh. What a difference a day makes. : (

Posted by Ubersmake

I was wondering when a flight sim would latch onto this idea. I mean, it's worked pretty well for trains. Now here's hoping that Microsoft can cultivate a community that will actually create content for this, and not alienate it by taking an unfair cut of the profits. I'm talking about those people and companies that do make money out of making very detailed models and landscapes and scenarios. And hopefully they won't do anything to stop any of the zanier things from showing up, too. As incredible as it is to have a fully modeled P-51, there's something very awesome in seeing a Star Destroyer hovering over San Francisco while you fly around in the dropship from Aliens.

Posted by emergency

I actually just got into the closed beta for this, so I'll have to take a look at it and see how it fairs.

Posted by subyman

Can't wait to try it. I played the other sims when I was a kid, but nothing has been interesting in years. I have my joystick ready.

Posted by ruairi_burns

kind of excited for this... strangely.