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Microsoft Opens Wallet, Buys Gears of War Franchise

The next game will come from newcomer Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver.

We haven't heard much about the future of Gears of War, but that's probably because Epic Games decided it was done with the generation-defining franchise. Microsoft has purchased the property from Epic, and Vancouver-based Black Tusk Studios is handling the next game.

Black Tusk is new, and hasn't released a game yet. Its take on Gears of War will be Black Tusk's debut, but it will have some solid help in Rod Fergusson, the former director of production at Epic Games.

There are no details on the new Gears of War game. We only know there's another one coming, and it certainly wouldn't be surprising to hear it's the start of several new games.

We do know that former designer Cliff Bleszinski will not be involved. Bleszinski blogged about the news earlier today, wishing the new team well.

"My headspace is in the future now, not the past," he said. "I have come to realize that until you give people something new to focus on they will obsess about the past. (good problem to have!) To those of you who love Gears, I love you as well, and I appreciate your support through the years. The fandom, the cosplay, the tattoos, it all means more than any amount of money could ever mean. These recent events have steeled my resolve to make something entirely new."

As for Epic Games, the company continues to work on Fortnite. The studio confirmed today it has several games in development, but was not willing to disclose any details besides that.

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Posted by leejunfan83

VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by iAmJohn

Today in being unable to leave well enough alone. What is the point of this, aside from leveraging a known name? Who actually wants another Gears of War at this point? That universe is done. Just let it die.

Posted by Boss_Kowbel

I wonder if Fortnite will still be the same game the next time we see it. How many years has it been since Fortnite was announced?

Posted by mageemagoo

"The fandom, the cosplay, the tattoos, it all means more than any amount of money could ever mean."

don't pretend cliffy

Posted by Fairbrethees

Cool. The more variety the better. Really enjoyed People Can Fly's take on the franchise with Judgment. It smelt faintly of Bulletstorm which was nice.

Bring it on I say!

Posted by nicknacknob

Black Tusk Studios huh? According to the wiki, other than this, the only thing connected with them is an untitled trailer from last year's E3. Hopefully they will create some good stuff there.

Edited by Colourful_Hippie

As someone who used to get a serious hard on for the Gears games (Judgment made me soft though) I'm curious to see if MS will continue to play it safe with the franchise and just churn out an extremely familiar, but pretty looking Gears game because if that's the case then no thanks, I already played Gears 3

Posted by PXAbstraction

Black Tusk Studios huh? According to the wiki, other than this, the only thing connected with them is an untitled trailer from last year's E3. Hopefully they will create some good stuff there.

I'm really curious what game was being teased in that video, especially since Gears is now going to be their debut title. I wonder if that other game has been shelved/cancelled or if it's going to start up as a two team studio. That's crazy ambitious if so.

Posted by TurboMan

I want a new Gears of War game about as much as I want a new God of War game.

Not at all.

Posted by CuoreAzzurro

I guess this is the best solution for everyone involved. Those that love Gears will get a new Gears of War game, and those that want something new from Epic will get just that.

I enjoyed what I played of the franchise, but I'm really looking for something else out of games at this point. The idea of a new first person or third person shooter doesn't thrill me and is unlikely to motivate me to buy a new console. Though anything is possible and I won't rule out an entire genre just based on the shooter, or more accurately, sequel fatigue that I've acquired over this last generation.

Posted by megalowho

Interested to hear the story behind the original IP Black Tusk was working on that was shelved in favor of Gears of War franchise duties. I get the cold business explanation but seeing as that project is being downplayed as a concept piece and not a real game by some in the press, I wonder how it all went down.

Edited by Zacagawea

Stop, stop, and stop. Gears of War is not the thing, seriously, who cares anymore? Weren't these guys the ones doing a new IP before this? That's lame.

Edited by Vuud

So who will be cast as Marcus Fenix in the upcoming Gears TV series?

I'd go with Danny Bonnaduce.

Posted by SomeJerk

The answer to your many cries of "WHY":

The suits wanted it this way.

Edited by Dooley

@patrickklepek "has purchased" Also typing that word and saying it aloud has made me realize that it is an odd word.

Posted by SpaceInsomniac

Good news for MS, seeing as it's a massive franchise, and will now remain exclusive to Microsoft. Good news for Gears fans, as they know more sweet chainsaw bayonet action will be coming sometime down the road. Good news for developer Black Tusk, as they should have some job security for a while. Good news for Epic, as I'm sure they're ready to move onto something else. And good news for me, because I couldn't care less about the Gears franchise at this point, and don't really care about seeing it available on PS4.

Call me crazy, but I think trilogies should end with the third one. I never did pick up a copy of Judgement.

Edited by TheBookNerd

This is a particularly interesting development given Microsoft's recent move towards moBLLLAAAAAAMMM!!! SHOTTY TO THE FACE, SON! WHAT UP, NOOBY NOOBERSON! CHECK OUT MY LEET SKILLZ. YOU JUST GOT MERCKED BY BLAZIN_SHOTTY_420, KID! YEAH!

Edited by cky4890

I wonder if we see and hd version of the trilogy before we see a new gears game

Edited by Beb

As an XBONE owner, this is a bummer for me. New IP sounds more interesting than more Gears of War.

Edited by thatdutchguy

Gears has been milked dry already, not a smart move.

Posted by mrfluke

curious to see if they are going back to do a prequel trilogy, or they are going to continue from gears 3 and start a new conflict,

they could do something in between, read a lot of the comics for gears, there is some interesting angles they could go storywise.

Posted by tourgen

Super-dark noir murder mystery starring Baird

Posted by Nasar7

People still care about Gears? I really hope MS is investing in new IPs as well. If it's just another generation of Gears and Halo I will sell my xbone no questions asked.

Posted by pyrodactyl

A new gears of war! GREAT! Thought for a second they were going to force me to buy an Xbox one by making a crazy ambitious interesting looking game or locking the exclusive for fallout 4 or something stupid.

Really dodged a bullet on that one...

Posted by VeggiesBro

Not a very good move in my opinion. I got sick of this series after the second, but played the third to see how it ended. Didn't even bother with Judgement, and I doubt i'll give this a go either. Would have rather heard more about their original IP.

Posted by Honkalot

The last main Gears of War was really good, so I don't see why there are so many negative reactions.

I mean it could turn out good. :)

Edited by theanticitizen

I'm up for a next gen Gears. I always liked the campaign and replaying them on mute while listening to Japanese language courses

Edited by cikame

For Epic to sell off a money making franchise is pretty bold, here's hoping Unreal Engine 4 takes off like 3 did and that they find success in their new games.

Posted by TrafalgarLaw

No one asked for this.

Microsoft cancelled their new IP, no way a small team like Black Tusk can dev 2 games simultaneously.

Posted by eccentrix

@cikame said:

For Epic to sell off a money making franchise is pretty bold

Is it a money making franchise? I don't follow the business side of things (it's news to me to Microsoft didn't own it already) but the franchise seems pretty dead to me.

Posted by PanaMusica

They should do something with the Pendulum Wars

Posted by Honkalot

@eccentrix: Sure it is (money-making)! Gears 2 sold the most with 6.6 million, with the two others at roughly 6 million copies.

Judgement sold 1.4 million, though understandably so due to lack of marketing and not being in the main series.

I think the franchise has probably cooled off, but I don't see how they can't whip up a lot sales with a new generation Gears.

Edited by Hunter5024

I'm interested to see how they'll try to make this work.

Edited by BigJeffrey
Edited by Ellboy

I feel like Microsoft has gotten suckered by both Bungie and Epic on these big franchise deals. I was mostly done with Gears after 2, picked up 3 in the bargain bin for $10 and didn't feel burned at that price, but I feel like I've seen what that universe has to show me. Same for Halo. Who knows, maybe it's a savvy business decision, but my gut tells me that the shooter space is going to be dominated by Titanfall and Destiny in the coming years, with plenty of competition from CoD and Battlefield. That's not a very forgiving marketplace to try and peddle Franchise Game, This Year's Sequel by Team B.

Posted by Maurdakar

@boss_kowbel: Announcd in 2011 I believe, and I loved the concept then and still do now. But I have serious doubts, years later that it will be the modern TF2/Minecraft with zombie nights they seemed to so heavily imply earlier.

Posted by sinthe

I would rather have a new IP.

Posted by SuperSonic1305

Cancelling a new ip for another Gears game is such a Microsoft thing to do.

Edited by ToTheNines

Cliffy B <3

Posted by eccentrix

@bigjeffrey said:

@eccentrix said:

@cikame said:

For Epic to sell off a money making franchise is pretty bold

Is it a money making franchise? I don't follow the business side of things (it's news to me to Microsoft didn't own it already) but the franchise seems pretty dead to me.

Over twenty-two million units have been sold across all “Gears of War” titles worldwide, grossing over $1B dollars (US).

I meant is it going to continue to be a money making franchise? Enough to forgo selling it off right now?

Posted by caesius6

What a stupid move by Microsoft, gosh. I don't get why'd they would ever make another game in this series. It won't sell, no one in the world wanted this. But hopefully we get another God of War, and then another God of War collection and another God of War Saga release. I could use a few more of those games, after 7 of them and 3 sagas.

Franchises make lots of money. Gameplay can be and story can be tweaked, altered and engaging, regardless. Does everyone just write everything off that they have no idea about nowadays?

No one even knows what that new IP was, or if it was shaping up to be anything decent. Or even if it hasn't changed developers.

The days of waiting for things to be reality then forming opinions on them are long gone it would seem.

I understand the "Why would they do this?" I don't understand the "This game is/will be shit." Geez y'all are such downers.

Posted by Axel_IX

Makes sense.

Posted by CByrne

Sure, shelf it for 2-3 years, but bring on the new IP's please.

Edited by cthomer5000

Probably a good move for Epic i think. Safe move from MS, but I don't know if the general gamer population is super pumped for another Gears game.

Posted by Raven10

@trafalgarlaw: It's not "small." They were built as a new AAA development studio so they have plenty of employees. Also there have been a handful of closures in Vancouver recently that put a ton of super talented developers out of work, so putting together a second team of highly skilled and experienced developers would actually be pretty easy in that city. It is in the top ten largest game design cities in North America and the third biggest in Canada after Montreal and Toronto. They also have some great game design schools there so there are a ton of fresh young talent itching for a chance to work on a big game.

Posted by KaneRobot

No one wants a new Gears! Except for the fuckton of people who will buy it when it comes out because it's the first Gears game on new hardware.

Some of you guys have a really deluded and insular view of things.

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