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Midnight in LA

Rockstar releases a new trailer for Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Those crazy Kotaku kids ran a trailer for Midnight Club: Los Angeles today that caught my eye. Thought it might be worth sharing with ya, in case you haven't seen it yet. Take a look: does any of that strike you as gameplay? Or just fancy-schmancy pre-rendered business? I actually haven't seen much of the game for myself yet. Seems like Rockstar would have to come up with some kind of hook for the game, since I don't know that just having an open-world, checkpoint-based racing game is enough in this age of... well, this age of Burnout Paradise, I guess. A realistic Los Angeles might do the trick.

Either way, neat-looking cockpit view stuff in the trailer. What do you think?

[UPDATE] Turns out that trailer is from, like, November or something. My November was a little busy, so that's the first time I've seen it. Anyways, here's the new trailer that those Rockstar cats put out a little more recently:


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