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Midway/Warner Deal Approved

Remaining Midway studios have 60 days to get acquired or closed.


If Warner's first move is to do a Sinistar sequel, then this will all have been worth it.
If Warner's first move is to do a Sinistar sequel, then this will all have been worth it.
The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the objections standing in the way of the $33 million sale of Midway assets to Warner Bros. have been resolved, and a judge has approved the sale.

The objections came from companies like Tigon Studios, the Vin Diesel-founded company that's partially responsible for Wheelman. Another objection came from Threshold Entertainment, the company that produced the Mortal Kombat movies, TV shows, and other MK-related properties. The Threshold objection was especially crazy, as it asserted that the company had created the bulk of the Mortal Kombat series' fiction, going so far as to mention that having things like pallette-swapped ninjas meant that the game story was flat or non-existent or something. Do not get me started on the the deep history of strife between Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Back when the first few games were coming out, MK was noted for having significantly more lore than most of its fighting counterparts.

Meanwhile, there are a pair of studios that weren't included in the sale to Warner. Midway's San Diego and Newcastle studios will be open for 60 days, according to a report from Joystiq. Provided that no one comes in to buy them from Midway, they'll close at the end of that period.

Newcastle, you might remember, recently started showing off its latest production, Necessary Force. Midway San Diego was most recently the home of TNA Impact! 2. It also happens to be the home of some of the guys that worked on Midway's other sports games, like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, which may explain why I had a dream last night in which basketball was played while longtime Midway announcer, Tim Kitzrow, provided commentary. My mind's weird sometimes.
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