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Milo (And Kate) Appears at TEDGlobal

Lionhead's mysterious young boy makes his first appearance since 2009.

Milo isn't dead, but the snail the little digital boy splattered this afternoon at the TEDGlobal 2010 conference sure as hell is.

After a mini-PR campaign launched by Microsoft revealed that Lionhead Studios is still developing the Milo project, the Kinect-controlled simulation has now had its first public demonstration since E3 2009

At TED, Peter Molyneux took the stage and allowed a demonstrator to show off the curious title for those in attendance. According to Wired UK's coverage, a few different scenes were shown, one being the inside of a house, where the demonstrator had Milo clean up his bedroom. Another was outside by a pond, where the player was asked to teach the boy how to skip stones. The best one, of course, was outside in an area with snails, where the aforementioned murder of mollusks occurred.

 Kill the bucket, Milo. Kill it.

== TEASER ==Molyneux said no one's Milo will be the same. Mine will certainly be different. I can't wait to teach my Milo how to dispose of bodies, operate by a strict code, and lead a double life in a posh Miami flat. (It all starts with this kind of innocent snail-smashing stuff, you know.)

As Joystiq points out, a more traditional narrative structure for Milo--which is now being called properly Milo and Kate--was also revealed during the demonstration. The game will revolve around a Milo who has just moved and wants to explore his new surroundings. You'll be in charge of assisting him and, if you want, turning his digital boy brain to mush.

Oh, and speaking of Milo's brain? Apparently, it'll be stored in a cloud of some sort. I'm pretty sure this is how Judgment Day starts. Or Mad Max. I forgot which.
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Posted by CaptainFish
I agree. I wonder if anyone there actually gave a shit. I would love to hear molyneux talk about his regular game design philosophies, but this just seems completely uninteresting.
Posted by Brazzle
Charlie Brooker sums up my thoughts pretty succinctly.

Posted by Rowr

you forgot to mention that molyneux mentioned the game gets dark in the later stages.
presumably when he hits the "emo" phase.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Oh look, it our old friend Milo. The virtual boy no one really gives a crap about. 

Posted by metalrader

This is starting to seem like that pikachu game for the n64.  

Posted by BergDK

I want to 'play' with Kate not a little boy.

But seriously i would prefer if they didn't use a human, it just looks weird.

Even hollywood can't create CGI humans that doesn't look freaky/ weird.

Edited by Vorbis

I can't see the benefit to this at all, in theory it's a good idea. But a 12yr old boy or girl? it's just wrong.
Age them both to 21 and turn it into a dating sim, he'd make millions.
Edit: wait Kate's a dog? this just gets more weird.

Posted by gbrading

Normally TED conferences make their way online, so no doubt we will be able to watch this demonstration some time on the near future. I'm still interested in how this can be developed.
Posted by chan05

this stil really looks interesting. hope this somehow will see the light of day

Posted by Cold_Wolven

So is this suppose to be some Kinect version of Tamagotchi? That's the impression I'm getting of being in charge of digital " pet ", wonder if maybe you can give him a gun and have him shoot up the place. Possibilities of evil misdeeds could be endless.
Posted by lilman1101

I dont know, Milo just seems like Pedo's wet dream.

Posted by Vigil80

I'm on board if only for the novelty. Plus, while Molyneux may not always live up to his own hype, he always comes up with something interesting.

Posted by haggis

Given Molyneux's long history of undelivered promises (going all the way back to Black and White), I suspect the thing only looks impressive when the person demoing the game knows exactly what to say and do. I doubt it really functions as a game. Still, it's an interesting idea. But an interesting idea isn't enough. I just remember thinking that Molyneux's ideas for Fable 2 (getting married and having a family, etc) were interesting. But the result was wooing a wife in a few minutes by making fart noises.
Promises mean nothing. I need to see real footage of it being played by someone who hasn't been coached before I believe it's anything but a glorified tech demo.

Posted by dudeglove

Is there a video of the snail genocide anywhere?

Posted by SneakyPenguins

I would like to watch this, but no video?

Posted by PotentChr0nic
@SuperJoe: LOL
Posted by Fealiks

The first video can not not have been scripted. If it wasn't scripted then it means the kid doing Milo's voice has read out each word in a dictionary multiple times (with different intonations). That's next to impossible and would require an IMMENSE budget 

Posted by LucyGlitter

No offence, but I see no reason why I would want to tell a child to clean their room... in a game. I mean, it's a great demo, but a game? A GAME?!

Posted by MrKlorox

Calling it "a Milo" makes it even creepier sounding.

Posted by Seram


Posted by Jimbo

Why the fuck would anybody want to play this?

Posted by Twisted_Scot

Wonder if Milo has sub-consious activation  code words that make hims spy on governments,kill presidents or brick other peoples xbox?  If i wanted to have little kids talking crap on my Xbox i wouldn't  mute everyone on MW2.

Posted by mattysen
@BergDK: My friend, Skittles is by far as or more creepy than Milo
Posted by Meowayne

Skittles, where aare youu?

Posted by puchuupuncher

my seaman hated me..... i can't wait to see how this turns out....

Posted by sins_of_mosin

I'd rather play with the chick.

Posted by Jerr

Add a virtual version of Molyneux himself and I'm sold.