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Netflix Streaming Coming To PS3 This Year

Netflix starts taking reservations for free disc-based streaming solution for PS3.

This lady is looking at discs.
Sony and Netflix have announced plans to deliver Netflix's instant streaming service, which allows users to watch a gang of TV and movies over the Internet, to the PlayStation 3. The PS3 will gain support for the feature later this year, and in addition to a Netflix subscription, it will also require the use of disc-based software, which will launch the Netflix interface. Or, at least, it will "initially" require use of a disc, according to the released information, which makes it sound like the feature could be integrated directly into the PlayStation 3 at a later date.

Netflix is making the discs available for free to its members, and those wishing to get on the list for a disc as soon as they're available can do so now at

This levels the playing field a bit more between the PS3 and the Xbox 360, which has had built-in support for Netflix subscribers for quite awhile now. Of course, the key difference is that on the 360, you need a paid Xbox Live Gold account on top of your Netflix subscription, whereas it will be freely available on the PS3 to anyone with a PSN account and, you know, Internet access.

It sort of makes you wonder if Microsoft will blink and decide to move Netflix to the Silver side of the wall. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say naaah. Unless the PS3 absolutely catches fire and continues outselling the 360 month after month, Microsoft probably feels like it's in a fairly safe position. OK, that last sentence makes me feel like some sort of analyst-type guy. Like I'm wearing a suit. I've got to get out of these clothes before I turn into a computer!

Oh, and in a related story, I've spent the last several hours playing Uncharted 2 and DAMNTHATGAMEISGOOD. Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
Posted by Quacktastic

Add one subscription I guess.

Posted by theredace

If I have to use a disc for this, I'll just keep streaming Netflix through PlayOn.  It works plenty fine, just needs the ability to manage your queue directly from the XMB instead of your PC.  I'm surprised how few people actually use PlayOn.  It's cheap as hell and gets my Hulus and Netflixers on my big tubes without any subscriptionaters.

Posted by NAZAR3NE

 As someone who uses Netflix on the 360 to stream Movie and Tv content, this makes me very happy. I primarily use Netflix to watch Tv shows like Lost, Heroes and Dexter among others and more customers (hopefully) means more digital content. Often times (Meaning anytime I'm not watching heroes...) I'll hit a brick wall, run out of a show and have to add it to my DVD Queue on Netflix in order to keep watching it. Which pisses me off so I just move onto another show. Whats really bad is when seasons six and seven of a show like The Shield are added to instant watch without having added THE FIRST SEASON! I've actually been considering a cancellation of my Netflix membership because of these things. So, hearing that Netflix is coming to the PS3 within the month is music to this 360 (soon to be 360/PS3) owners ears. I just hope that Netflix can get their shiz together and start giving their paying customers the goods.

Posted by Jason_Miami

Great news. Maybe I'll have to reactivate my subscription. The press release says the word, "initially" when talking about the disc part so it will only be temporary. Seems like a temp solution to either work out an application or they have to do that to circumvent some kind of contract MS has with Netflix. Good news is that since it's on a disc using BD-Live it probably won't be using PSN so you'll probably get good speeds and it won't bog down all of PSN.

Posted by kwyee

Initial disc == fail.  
I won't use streaming if it requires me to take out my current game. But hopefully, this will all be remedied and I can just start streaming without shift a butt muscle.  

Posted by 02sfraser

makes things much better for Sony. not subscribed to Netflix so not really affected by it. great for Netflix users though

Posted by KinjiroSSD

The disc is a crutch to get it out the door rather than waiting for a software solution. I'm cool with that, its better than nothing.

Posted by zombie2011

Congrats PS3 owners now you can watch the same shitty 80's movies that the 360 owners can. Netflix streaming sucks ass the selection of movies is so old, the only thing worth watching is the Starz playlist.

Posted by cspiffo

What the hell kind of half assed integration is this!  Disc based...Sheesh!  What is this?  The PS2 era!?
Posted by jamBOT

"Netflix coming to the PS3" ----------- oh.  

Edited by Kyle
@Raven_Sword: What? Why would I care if games are on both systems? Boo hoo more people get to play good games? What kind of child do you think I am? Also I have both systems, so who cares?
@get2sammyb: My comment was sincere, I actually want the PS3 to get better. Because I have one. So that would be nice.
Posted by jayjac11
actualy it does have current movies now with starz on demand. 
Posted by TripMasterMunky

Good move for Sony. I don't use Netflix personally, but I'm sure a lot of people will dig it. I like my 360, but I like it even more when it's neck and neck with the PS3. Glad PS3 is adding some more features like this.

Posted by iam3green

cool this is awesome to have. i'm not a neflix user but still cool. i kind of want to see more things like this be added to the ps3.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

On the list for a disc, that aside Jeff your are hilarious.
Posted by tmlim
@Xeiphyer said:
" Itd be great if netflix came to Canada at some point too >_>" "
Posted by BA_Baracus83


Posted by copycatzen
@wibby said:

Sorry, I have both consoles and I have to say epic FAIL!. The new 360 update pushes past what they are doing on disk/stream, instant 1080p on the 360! And having just completed Uncharted 2 On my PS3, Sony should invest more on this side of the console it is brilliant!. The only other disk based game I own for the PS3 is LBP, Sony/Netflix give up, the time for disks/formats has passed and Net flix cannot compare to the instant on 1080p my 360 is pumping into the house right now. 


This is a stupid comment, given that you are assuming that we all have a 360
Posted by Pepsicolaboy
@ThePhenomenal1 said:
" after being a gold subscriber of xbox live for 5 years i'm kinda considering not renewing in december. since i've gotten my ps3 i've been buying more games for it even if they're multiplatform. i've already gotten uncharted 2 and borderlands so far and i'll be getting modern warfare 2 on the ps3 and left 4 dead 2 on the pc. as far as i know i won't need to buy another 360 game till beyonetta and splinter cell are released. kinda depressing really. "
ha yeah same kinda thing happened to me at the end of last year.....after I finished Gears 2....its weird and yeah, kinda not great.
Posted by LiquidPrince

That's cool I guess.

Edited by Media_Master

Good to have. I won't use it because I like to own things but otherwise its a good move.

Posted by joelalfaro

Great news!

Posted by FrEeZe

Shhhhh, don't tell Microsoft about this

Posted by onlineatron

The disk is only a temporary solution. 
It's basically used so Netflix can get the service to PS3 owners ASAP instead of waiting for Sony to create an APP. 
It launches next month after all...

Posted by Ejsponge61

Yay! Now I gotta buy a Netflix account.

Posted by alterseekers


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