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Nintendo Seeks To Trademark Ice Cube Lyrics

This is automatically today's weirdest story, I don't care what else happens today.

CNN is reporting that Nintendo has filed a request with the Patent and Trademark office to protect the phrase "It's on like Donkey Kong."

This also happens to be the first line in the Ice Cube track, "Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha." The request seems pretty well-timed to be used in ads supporting the upcoming release of Donkey Kong Country Returns, and at this point I'll only be satisfied if the song is used in the ads or if Cube appears in the advertising for the game. Anything less is a missed opportunity on the grandest scale!
While I'm making demands, Call of Duty: Black Ops players are now encouraged to force the following exchange whenever shooting another player. 

"You won, G!"

"Won what?"

"The wet T-shirt contest, motherfucker!"


Please act accordingly (and feel free to occasionally shout "don't go to court in Torrance" while playing any Phoenix Wright game). Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
Posted by RinseWashRepeat

Is Ice Cube threatening to 'wet' me?
Consider me confused...

Posted by Kyle

Where does the Drift King fit in to all of this?

Posted by MegaMetaTurtle
I believe Mr Cube is referring to wetting of your body due the blood after shooting you.
Hence why the young gentleman at the beginning of the record 'won the wet t-shirt competition'.
Posted by SBYM

Yay yay!

Posted by Afroman269

They're better be ghettobird inbound lines in the multiplayer.

Posted by DukeTogo

That song starts with him pelting a guy with water balloons, Ice Cube is all about the childrens.

Posted by RinseWashRepeat
@MegaMetaTurtle:  Is participation in this competition mandatory? Because I'm not 'feeling' this 'shit'.
Posted by Chango

Oh man, my love for Ice Cube is probably only matched by Gerstmann.

Posted by MegaMetaTurtle
Well, judging by the mans enthusiasm over having won said competition, I believe he did not know he was a participant. Thus, anyone could be a competitor.
That being said, being a 'mutha f*cka' in a profession requiring a blue uniform seems to improve your chances of 'winning'.
Posted by TwoOneFive

this is so silly

Posted by Vigorousjammer

is there a clean version of this song for them use use in the comemrcial? cause that'd kick ass...
hell it'd kick even more ass if they just said fuck it and used the dirty version, lol

Posted by LovermanOwens

This could be the most interesting thing i have heard out of Nintendo for a while. 
Posted by UberExplodey


Posted by Rek503

This made my day!

Posted by Blackout62

It's on like a dispute between what constitutes the rights of the original content creator, and what kind of artistic liberties can taken with said content by a third party.

Posted by GearDraxon

This article was so deep, it put my ass to sleep. 
Also, I don't hesitate to call Jeff the top gun.

Posted by alternate
@MegaMetaTurtle said:
" @RinseWashRepeat:  I believe Mr Cube is referring to wetting of your body due the blood after shooting you.  Hence why the young gentleman at the beginning of the record 'won the wet t-shirt competition'. "
Ironic seeing as 'cube has bitch tits and would totally win that comp.
Posted by Daveyo520

I am pretty sure the phrase existed before that song. Also it is so fair use now. So Nintendo has no problem with Ice Cube. They own Donkey Kong too.

Posted by jaks

So will Ice Cube have to pay Nintendo royalties every time someone plays that song?

Posted by Ignor

Posted by august

You wanted that fast buck, now I gotta light that ass up.

Posted by Heartagram
@ch13696: I'm sure you're popular at parties.
Posted by TobyD81

Doesn't Ice Cube have anything to say about this?

Posted by MannyMAR

is it weird that I'm wearing a shirt that has this phrase on it while I read this article?

Posted by AlisterCat


"Please act accordingly (and feel free to occasionally shout "don't go to court in Torrance" while playing any  Phoenix Wright game)."

 Well, I know what I'm doing tonight.

Posted by MeatSim

Ice Cube needs to be in more games.

Posted by AngelicRampage
you're only saying that because you know nothing about rap and where it comes from. it started out as something real from people who came from the shit. but nowadays its grown into some mainstream bullshit.
Posted by Claude

They'll have to edit the fuck out of it, but I can see Donkey Kong groovin' to that beat.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Yo, Cube... That mother fucker right there...

Posted by pavakah

From the CNN article: 
"Nintendo claims that the catchphrase 'is an old, popular Nintendo phrase that has a number of possible interpretations depending on how it's used.'" 
Has anyone ever seen Nintendo use this phrase? 

Posted by MeierTheRed
@AllanIceman said:
" now I know where that line comes from. Thanks Jeff! "
Good, i'm not the only one who didn't know.
Posted by KillaMaStA

Fuck Mario
Ice Cube vs Donkey Kong: Wet t-shirt mayhem

Posted by GT-Man

OMG this song ROCKS! I love Icecubs songs or atleast this one please show more! that would be awesome to put this song in Donkey Kong but to inappropriate
Posted by fillmoejoe

At this point in Ice Cube's career I would be disappointed if he wasn't in any promotion for Donkey Kong Country Returns. 
"Today I didn't even have to use my A.K."

Posted by megalowho

this is why i subscribed

Posted by Halberdierv2

now This is humor right there. Nintendo execs need a knock around their heads for this.
Posted by JJWeatherman

Jeff writes the best articles.

Posted by isles


Posted by SuperJoe

It's on like Jeff Gerst-mon.  What rhymes with Donkey Kong Jr. Math?

Posted by DrThePunisher

This could be huge for Nintendo's street cred...
or not.

Posted by BaconGames

Nintendo and Ice Cube in the same article is something I didn't expect so good day so far.

Posted by dudeglove

Nintendo GameCube - Ice Cube? Geddit? GEDDIT?! YEAH YOU DO. Y'all are foolz for not seeing it.

Posted by Glak

LOL, Nintendo and Ice Cube, crazy combo

Posted by TNK1
@ch13696:  u must be listening to that horrible mainstream rap. u should go back to 80s and 90s rap where it was about real shit instead of grills and ice on your neck and u should listen to underground rap.
Posted by auspiciousqueue

Now Nintendo should incorporate songs such as "Fuck Tha Police", Get Off My Dick and Tell Yo' Bitch to Come Here", "Jackin' for Beats", "Doing Dumb Shit", "No Vasoline" "We had to Tear this Motherfucker up", "Cave Bitch",and "Fuck Dying". 
It is still hard to know that he was formerly in N.W.A after watching his "movies" and "TV shows" if you can call them that.

Posted by RagingLion

Hmm.  I've never heard this track before, but I actually kind of like it.  The only rap I've really liked so far is from Abdominal particularly with DJ Format but I could get into something like this...maybe.

Posted by zityz

News headline: Donkey Kong shoots! Makes Wet T-shirts" I'ts On"

Posted by buzz_clik

Wii remotes up yo ass is bad for yo health.

Posted by mosdef

As far as stories go you can do different but you'll never in your life do better.

Posted by RobotHamster

Yay yaaay!!!