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Nintendo Shipping New Wii Soon Without GameCube Support

For $149.99, grab a black Wii, a Motion Plus remote, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and more.

A look at the updated bundle that will start appearing in stores later this month.

As Nintendo begins winding down the Wii and pivoting towards Wii U, the company has at least one more major holiday push.

To help capitalize as the holidays approach, Nintendo will be releasing a tweaked Wii console on October 23 that’s colored black, bundled with some goodies and...without support for GameCube.

Those “goodies” include a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a black Motion Plus remote and accompanying nunchuck, and a Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack CD that won’t be sold separately.

The standard Wii price was dropped to $149.99 with a copy of Mario Kart Wii back in May, but Nintendo’s also releasing this bundle for $149.99, making this an awfully nice deal, even as Wii is on its way out.

Also, this version of the hardware is meant to sit horizontally, not vertically, for unspecified reasons.

Wii’s last gaming hurrah will come this year with Kirby: Return to Dreamland, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the still undated Rhythm Heaven.

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Posted by Scarabus

I can't believe you people are crying over the loss of GC support in an otherwise barren system. The Wii doesn't have any games worth your money, time or attention.

Posted by krabboss

I don't know why I read anything about the Wii on the internet. There's just too many people who dismiss it for no reason. It's even worse when they try to claim they're hardcore games because they don't like the Wii.

The Wii is probably what I play the most, after my PC. Looking forward to the games coming out for it in the next few months.

Posted by dezvous

I thought about getting a Wii just for the GC support because I still have some of those games lying around and it would take up less space. So it'd be nice to pick up an older model for cheap.

Posted by FancySoapsMan

Seems kind of pointless if they're selling for the same price.

Edited by Brackynews

@believer258 said:

Wait, they can't be serious? This would be like Sony removing backwards compatibility from...

Oh, wait...

You're right. This can only mean that GameCube games are coming to the Virtual Console.

In about 4 years.


Posted by gla55jAw

Hmm, looks like I'll finally be picking up a Wii soon. I want one with GameCube support.

Posted by Levio

Wouldn't people rather just wait for the Wii U by this point?

Posted by 1337W422102

Considering I bought a GameCube for $8 last month, I might look into this once it's on liquidation.

Posted by Brendan

@Levio said:

Wouldn't people rather just wait for the Wii U by this point?

Maybe not people like you, but casuals who like to buy games for their small kids when they're cheap might. Gamers who already have other consoles but never wanted to shell out for a second or third console might want to as well, if they think that the price point is cheap enough.

I've played plenty of Wii on other people's machine's though, and aside from the few games I wish I could have played more thoroughly I'm fine with spending my money on the multitude of stuff that comes out for the stuff that I own. Also, I have this weird thing where I like to play Nintendo stuff on handhelds for some reason. Hence me buying a 3DS. Wow, this was kind of a meaninglessly long post, wasn't it?

Posted by ecdm98

To bad they never drop the price for the accessories.

Posted by oasisbeyond

They are obviously doing this so they can put GC games on downloads online for wiiu.... Duh.

Posted by BUCK3TM4N

i like the look

Posted by dagas

Take away the blue LED and it looks like a VCR from 1997. And they should include the Mario Galaxy game, not just a sound track. Mario Galaxy is much more interesting than New Super Mario.

Posted by Vexxan

I know I need a Wii to play Skyward Sword but I really do want the Gamecube support as well so I don't know...

Posted by NekuSakuraba

No Gamecube support? Lame.

Posted by Psykhophear

No Gamecube support? How could Nintendo do that?!

Posted by HatKing

@Dalai said:

If you've been waiting 5 years to buy a Wii just to play your Gamecube games, maybe you should've just bought a Gamecube 5 years ago.

I don't see the big deal since most people who want a Wii already have one and they all support the Gamecube.

The big deal is that you can't use the vastly superior (though still not that great) Gamecube controller for games that supports it. I know between the two bundles I'd much rather the Mario Kart one. They're the same price and one supports Gamecube; why not pick up that one?

Posted by HowDire

Who honestly cares about what form the Wii is sold in now?

Want to play Gamecube games? Buy a Gamecube.

Want to use the Gamecube Controller for Wii games? Buy a pre-owned one... There are plenty about.

Edited by Sogeman

If they took out the game and made it 99€, I'd buy one. Once the Wii reaches 99 I'll buy it for Skyward and the VC.

Especially since is selling the Mario Kart Bundle for 139€. They need to make this cheaper.

There'll also be a Mario&Sonic Bundle with a blue Wii that seems to include the same GC less hardware judging by the picture.

I have a GC so I'm really waiting for them to drop the price of this even further.

Posted by James_ex_machina

I guess I'll start checking clearance bins for the Wii with GC compatibility.

Posted by Hizang

I NEED that soundtrack.

Posted by EverydayOdyssey

I do not think this move will be enough to put Wii at the top of the sales charts this holiday season, PS3 has a good bundle too and the 360 is still pushing hard with Kinect - unlike the Wii, both these systems are still relevant to a larger audience.

Posted by Willy105

Yay for removing features! >___>

Posted by skrutop

Early on, I was considering getting the Wii in order to play the GC games that I never got around to, then start building my Wii library as games were released. Once the Wii was readily available, though, I had lost all interest. Maybe Nintendo shouldn't artificially limit supply for the Wii U so I'll make the impulse buy.

Posted by Katkillad

For everyone complaining about this version of the Wii not having gamecube support....then I don't know... buy the currently available versions that do have gamecube support?

Jesus Christ

Edited by rachelepithet


Posted by MonkeyKing1969

The world will now end. As soon as it is possible to not run a GameCube game on a device that was just two GameCubes duct taped together...the world will surely end.

Posted by Coltsmoke45

@PrioritySeven: Ill pick one up...Great for the kids and a good price!

Posted by MeatSim

Good thing I already have a GamCube and a original Wii.

Posted by SoloSkywalker

As if the Wii wasn't already weak enough.

Posted by Enigma_2099

I don't believe it... Jeebus H. Christ, Nintendo... WHY?!?!?

Posted by JasonR86

This is a dumb idea. The Gamecube support is the primary reason why I still even turn on my Wii anymore. It allows me to play Gamecube games in 480p over component cables (which improve the signal over my Gamecube). Why take that support out? The price isn't even that much lower? Ugh, this is a bad idea.