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Nintendo's Vitality Peripheral Baffles

Dude... a what now?

Yes, I get that it can be used to monitor your heart rate. But, seriously? I'll leave the commentary and speculation to you guys on this one. Dave Snider on Google+
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Posted by snide

Yes, I get that it can be used to monitor your heart rate. But, seriously? I'll leave the commentary and speculation to you guys on this one.
Posted by n8

man...  im relaxed!

Posted by SunKing


Nothing more needs to be said.

Posted by Vendetta

Bring on Lie Detector Wii

Posted by GeekDown

aren't those things used in hospitals?

Posted by Nasar7

The live blog has the commentary that is necessary...ugh.

Posted by JackiJinx

Hi, I'm Nintendo, and I approve of this money...I mean, message.

Posted by Meowayne

Even I find that stupid.

Posted by GregIsRad

I can see all kinds of absurd/dumb ways to use this.

Like an FPS for the Wii, your aim becomes more jerky the higher your heart rate is.

Posted by joslop500

Stupidest thing I've ever seen. All I can say is wow.

Posted by RipTheVeins

ummm...console version of Rapelay?

Posted by HandsomeDead

You die in real life, you die in the game.

Posted by Magresda

Maybe you can plug it into Wii music and try conducting the orchestra by increasing and decreasing your heart rate. While waggling the controller of course. Always, always waggle the controller...

Posted by Guerrilla_Mason

Over/under on how long till someone gets this stuck on their dong?

Posted by kist

next step one for your winkle

Posted by Scarabus

Worst idea for a peripheral ever.

Posted by Aska

The only good thing I can see from this is the next Eternal Darkness, your pulse measures your sanity or something.  But keeping you're finger inside that the whole time?  Blehh....

Posted by Azteck

What is the purpose for it? Is it really THAT interesting to know how fast your heart beats that you have to purchase something and display it on your TV?

Posted by Swish

Its so you can measure your excitment of playing Women's detective club and style savvy

Edited by Endogene

Perhaps a game with gameplay that evolves depending how stressed out you are?

Hard to see what this could mean for traditional games i must say. Surely Nintendo has some plans up theirs sleeves for this and I'm quite curious what it is. Most likely it will not interest or concern most of us here but it is nice to see new ideas hit the market.

What would this E3 have been would Nintendo not have introduced motion controls some years back?

Posted by TheKidNixon

I suspect that this will likely have some sort of medical application, for use to help people with consistent anxiety with relaxing exercises. Surprisingly Japanese, actually, and I could see it doing well there.'ll be a tougher sell.

The strangest part of this whole mess is how Nintendo doesn't usually trot out a new peripheral without a test demo disguised as a game to show its capabilities.

Posted by jakob187
RAPELAY IS COMING TO THE WII?!?!  AWESOME!!!  Checking my heart rate while I'm raping the mother of two underage Japanese girls is SOOOOOO hot!
Posted by Scooper

I would be relaxed if this stupid nonsense wasn't just announced.

Posted by SuperJoe

To prevent senior citizens from having a heart attack while playing Wii Sports Bowling.

Edited by demonbear

This was lame 20 years ago when they got that for stationnary bikes in gyms and it's STILL lame today on a console. Quite a bad idea. Though the console version of Rapelay intrigues me.

Posted by MattyFTM

I could see uses if it was a strap thing you wore while playing wii fit, giving you information on your heart rate as you exercise, but it seems to be a thing that just sits on a desk and you stick your finger in it, which seems pointless to me.

Moderator Online
Posted by Mysterysheep

*poop noises*

Posted by JonathanMoore

Jesus, H, Christ.

Posted by JakJ

It... looks like that finger is pretty comfortable in there...

That's about the only positive thing I can think to say about that... add-on.

Posted by Endogene
@jakob187 said:
RAPELAY IS COMING TO THE WII?!?!  AWESOME!!!  Checking my heart rate while I'm raping the mother of two underage Japanese girls is SOOOOOO hot!
Its a program to make you last longer, when your hearth rate goes up the game will show less skin.

(Something like that does actually exists)

Posted by TheKidNixon

Also, I'm putting money down on a 50/50 chance of this never coming to actual market, if only because developers take one look at it and give a bit 'WTF are we supposed to do with this?'

Posted by Diamond

I can imagine it pretty clearly.  Maybe a challenging game that makes it harder to play as your heart rate goes up.  The challenge will be to play fast while staying calm.

Posted by wait

its a device to be used with the wii fit nonsense to see if ur actually doing the exerises and recording you progress so that the fat or calorie conscious can be satisfied....  or like someone else said its a lie detector which would be awesome

Posted by keyhunter

I already have one of these things.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Sweet now I can check if I'm still alive or not.

Posted by spiceninja

This one gets a facepalm from me. What the fuck Nintendo.

Posted by JJOR64

They just need to make it bigger so I stick my dick in it and play games with it........  Anyways, what the hell is this for?  Playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my heartbeat?  I don't get it.

Posted by captainawesomo

Um. If I die in real life I die in game? Maybe?

Posted by Knives

Why not?

Posted by ShadowDoGG

you guys may be mocking it but watch Nintendo make something out of it :P

Posted by Claude

I see those in the hospital all the time. I don't like hospitals.

Posted by Hairydutchman

It's stupid as hell. Thank god for Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid.

Posted by Video_Game_King

As I said before, innovation for innovation's sake.

Posted by BR4DL3I9H

It's one of those finger traps isn't. I know you stick your finger in, it cuts off the tip and shreds it, now you can no longer play with the xbox 360 and PS3 controllers and have to use the wii for the rest of your life. Nice move Nintendo, kind of a round about way of doing it, but you just tapped into a new demographic.

Posted by Aaox

Either a) It's a Traua Centre thing, and it slowly releases hallucenogenic drugs, or b) It lets you know if you're alive or not. I have trouble figuring that out sometimes.

Posted by AKiSeY

Do you guys remember the time when the NES had all kind of silly Accesories like this? No? Check this video then:

Anyway, Nintendo is doing it again I guess. Ounce Nintendo reaches the top, they start to do all kind of stupid things like this.

Posted by Gearhead

If it took glucose levels than yeah sure, but pulse? Does this help anybody except those who smell bad and live in a home? 

Posted by utamaru

A fps where the more pumped up the more awesome you get. So you need to get PUMPED THE FUCK UP. You have no choice not to get psyched about this game.

Posted by borgmaster

is it supposed to be used in conjunction with Wii Fit?

Posted by natetodamax

Another stupid gimmick to make money. The worst part is that it will sell millions.

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