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No More Heroes Sequel Announced

Here's that reason to go on living that you were searching for.

I intended to get over into the Marvelous Entertainment booth at Tokyo Game Show 2008 tomorrow, and after seeing this new trailer, I just found another reason.


Travis Touchdown, relaxing at home.
Travis Touchdown, relaxing at home.
This is the debut trailer for No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, which is a sequel to No More Heroes, the Wii game developed by Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture. It doesn't sound like any platform details have been announced formally, but 1UP is reporting that the series will remain on the Wii and also that Ubisoft will be handling publishing in the US.

Personally, I would have called it No More Heroes 2: Touchdown From All Angles and had E-40 play a pivotal boss character. But since I'm probably the only person who remembers that Click song, Desperate Struggle is a pretty good name, too. Though since it abbreviates to DS, I might have held that name for a portable side story or something.
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