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Not Broken Version of Dead Island Now Apparently on Steam

Botched launch not unlike what might happen during a real zombie apocalypse. Chaos!

Some game launches go smooth. Some game launches are bumpy. This one was a diaster on PC.
Some game launches go smooth. Some game launches are bumpy. This one was a diaster on PC.

Dead Island went live on Steam last night, as many PC games do. What customers booted up Dead Island, however, they were treated to something...strange. You could tap a button and begin clipping through the environment, there were trace elements in the code about the Xbox 360 version, and all sorts of other nonsense. All of this created suspicion perhaps the wrong version of Dead Island had been uploaded to Steam's servers.

Publisher Deep Silver isn't admitting that's what happened today, but it did just issue a statement that the "correct version" of Dead Island is now being distributed through Steam.

This updated version may break compatibility with saves, however. Deep Silver noted that players will have the option to "Chapter Select" their way back to roughly where they were, though.

"We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to fans who wanted to spend their day crushing some zombie skulls," said the company in a statement. "We are right there with you."

There will be a "make good" moment for fans eventually but in what form remains to be seen.

"Stay tuned in coming days for those details as internal discussions are ongoing on our end," said the company.

If you're still experiencing "The Ripper activation bug," Deep Silver's aware of it. A fix is coming.

What a mess of a launch! Hopefully, these issues let people get to the zombie killin' soon, as Brad seems pretty keen on the game. This one seems to have fallen in the good pile of Techland releases.

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Posted By Yagami

@ShadowSkill11: If not, you should contact the developer.

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Posted By Cincaid

@ShadowSkill11 said:

I screwed myself and broke my game. I was playing in Texas just fine. Then I traveled and connected to Steam in Germany(layover) to Kuwait. Now the game is locked and re-encypted. I just hope it unlocks when I get to Kuwait. Freaking German laws...

Wow, what a fucked up situation! Sorry but I can't help laughing over the fact that it locked you out of playing just because you connected to Steam in Germany, Hope it's sorted out for you. :(

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Posted By Vodun

Thanks America for beta testing our games so Europeans get proper code!

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