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Obsidian Is Making a South Park RPG, Naturally

No, seriously.

On the list of new role-playing games Obsidian Entertainment might just happen to announce today, one based on the long-enduring Comedy Central animated series South Park probably ranked somewhere near the bottom of the list of likely choices, sandwiched somewhere between a tactical, turn-based RPG based on The Rockford Files, and that Andy Griffith Show game Gary Whitta is always on about.

And yet, here we are with a Game Informer cover story exclusively announcing a new South Park RPG, courtesy of Obsidian and publisher THQ. While the core details on the game are locked away within the pages of next month's GI issue, the online story does make a big point to separate this latest game from the cheap, crappy cash-in games Acclaim produced last decade. Instead, this latest foray into South Park video gaming is set to be a "full-scale RPG" for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with Trey Parker and Matt Stone fully on board for writing and voice-acting duties.

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In the game, you'll be playing as a new kid in South Park, who will find themselves tasked with befriending the town's most famous children and defending the population from a variety of threats. What, exactly, those threats might be are as yet unknown, but the complete cover image does include the likes of Satan, a giant dragon, and the feared ManBearPig hovering in the background. Also, I can't imagine Cartman having wizardly abilities is going to bode well for anyone.

South Park: The Game is currently scheduled for a nebulous "2012" release. Expect more details when the latest issue of Game Informer hits, and everyone copies and pastes the text onto the Internet.

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