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Ogle The Final Fantasy XIII Trailer, Repeatedly

You've got at least another year to wait. Might as well put this thing on repeat and grab a brewski.

Those of you who haven't been paying much attention to video game web sites the last 24 hours or so may have missed the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer that came out. So here, please enjoy.


Ryan and I are pretty into this trailer--especially the super frenetic, action-oriented combat footage. I know Square-Enix has talked about creating a more fluid battle experience in this game, but then again, there's a big fat standard combat menu at the bottom there. So I'm not sure how much different it will be in the final analysis. Jeff got angry about all the no-context name-dropping going on in there, arguing that stuff isn't meaningful if you don't know anything about the back story before watching the trailers. But that's just how Final Fantasy likes to roll.

One thing I'm sure of: That's a damn pretty game. And since it's being developed first on the PlayStation 3, I feel like FFXIII is better poised than any other game to highlight differences in graphics quality and performance between the PS3 and Xbox 360. I'm really curious to see how the 360 version looks, next to the PS3 one.

Let's skip the exhaustive analysis of the trailer, since our Final Fantasy XIII wiki has just about all the info that's been released so far. Head over there if you want to know more about the known characters and such.

Lastly, since Square has made no secret that you won't be playing FFXIII in English this year, we put this list together to help you pass the time until it finally does hit shelves in the West.

The Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Trailer Drinking Game

  • When you see feathered hair: Take a drink
  • When the hair is feathered upward: Two drinks
  • Inexplicable use of apostrophes: T'ake 'a drin'k
  • Laws of gravity are defied: Take a drink, upside down
  • When you're unsure who's talking: Drink until you don't care who's talking
  • Something looks like an animal but obviously isn't: Drink, then run around on all fours
  • When you think you're watching a trailer for Killzone 2: Finish your drink
  • When the trailer ends: Continue drinking until the game comes out

So, uh, what are you drinking tonight? And after you've had a few, what do you think of this footage?
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