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Pigs Fly, Sky Falls, New MechWarrior Announced

The guy behind the original giant robot franchise is bringing it back on PC and Xbox 360. Huzzah!

File this one under headlines you never thought you'd see: Jordan Weisman, original founder of FASA and creator of the BattleTech universe--and, by extension, the MechWarrior games--is bringing yesteryear's vaunted big-robot franchise back to life on the Xbox 360 and PC. The game is not a sequel but instead a reboot of the entire series, which Weisman likens to the recent new-ification of franchises like Star Trek and Spider-Man.

I'll spare you the gory business details of how all this came about--which IGN covers in a thoroughly in-depth Q&A--and just show you this sweet-looking launch trailer, which Weisman describes as being indicative of "what the game should be," though note this isn't actually the game itself.

Between the involvement of original MechWarrior dudes and that trailer, I'm tentatively optimistic this might actually turn out like a proper MechWarrior game oughta. Specifically what I'm looking for is a robot that controls like a tank and overheats and makes you eject when you're about to blow up. But given that the game will have to work on a 360 controller, I hope the gameplay isn't dumbed down too much.

What's your past experience with the MechWarrior series, and what would you like to see in a new version? Did you know Dave Snider used to be in a MechWarrior 2 clan? Did you know they even had clans back then?
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